[Can’t be acting? Didn’t I shoot in the hospital before? I didn’t get sick and asked the doctor to stick such a long needle in the baby’s head. Can sue Ye Feng for abuse]

[I don’t believe how it is possible to play a three-and-a-half-year-old child so seamlessly]
[Then how do you explain that you never talk and jump directly into a flow of words? This progress is faster than riding a roller coaster in an amusement park]
[Can’t really have a pill to cure the specific medicine? Isn’t that an elixir? 】
Some parents of babies with the same neurodegeneration as Unicorn Chan only injected Unicorn Chan because of the similar condition of Unicorn Chan and his own baby.
Is this really an elixir?
These parents are obviously aware of this problem, and they all have similar children at home. They can tell whether Unicorn Chan is acting or not.
When Unicorn Chan was taking pills, the camera caught the name of the medicine bottle.
These parents usually come into contact with such exaggerated nutritional tablets. Although they see them, they are as poor as they are. Parents know that it is false, but they still refuse to give up trying for their children.
Until-Unicorn Chan suddenly began to speak, and the logic was clear and the answer was like a flow.
It’s only been more than an hour since I took nutritional tablets, right?
The medicine bottle is really cured when it says "one pill is cured"?
Is there really an elixir in this world
You have something to say.
Ye Feng, my dream is so beautiful that I really want to drag my wife in and dream together.
Thank you for irrigating a bottle of nutrient solution, Little Angel Yinyu;
Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard! ?
Chapter 11
The program group is about to be blown up by the families of these urgent patients.
The director is also confused.
He had a clear understanding of Ye Feng’s detailed information before inviting Ye Feng to the program.
He also saw Unicorn Chan’s baby state when he visited Ye Feng’s house in advance.
He absolutely doesn’t believe that a three-and-a-half-year-old child can play a patient with aphasia and dementia so perfectly
There is no need.
Ye Feng has long since retired from the entertainment industry to engage in other industries, and he does not need to rely on sick children to sell badly in public.
But Unicorn Chan’s baby is right here in front of the public, okay?
He wouldn’t believe it if it weren’t for the fact that he was the director and he knew it was really live.
What the hell is going on?
Anxious patients’ families are asking about the specific medicine and asking if it is an elixir.
The director thought it was funny, but he couldn’t laugh.
Unicorn Chan’s recovery won’t really be due to eating that little pill with exaggerated curative effect, will it?
The director also tried to contact Ye Feng to ask whether to temporarily suspend the live broadcast to see the baby’s situation
But Ye Feng said that the baby is in excellent condition and will wait until after the broadcast.
Is the baby in good condition? The director is not sure, but he is not in good condition now.
Now some patients come to ask questions, but if the temporary suspension of the live broadcast will definitely lead to more viewers questioning the hotline of the program group, it will really be blown up.
The director arranged for the wiring staff to appease the families of the patients who called the hotline. After this group photo, an exclusive interview with Ye Feng will be held to explain the problems of Unicorn Chan’s baby’s illness and other audience notes one by one.
Ye Feng is still in a trance, and he firmly believes that this is a dream.
When the director’s voice sounded in his headset, he asked if he should stop the live broadcast first and answer some questions about the audience’s heart, such as how Unicorn Chan recovered quickly