Yang Ye and his wife have been confused by Rose-shouldn’t she be angry? At worst, you should be arrogant. What do you say? With you? " Or "joke, I think you just came to die!" " So that you can fight again …

What is this like saying "you are so brave" when an elder praises a child?
Yang Ye and Yi Niancheng are puzzled at each other’s glances. Although Yang Ye has a miner’s hat, he can see something like what np has to say, but he can’t see it at all.
Rose moved a lot. She looked at the half-baked appearance of human beings in front of her. She looked around and asked, "What do you think of this place?"
Here? It probably means that there is some claustrophobic crater here.
The first day here looks like the scenery is quite unique and the scene is quite spectacular, but if Yang Ye is allowed to choose, he will definitely not want to spend a lifetime here, especially after seeing the day outside, which is even more unwilling to stay in a place like this.
Have a feeling of suffocation
And it’s probably the same idea to look at the expression of becoming a demon.
"I think …" Yang Ye heavy eyes swept around "it’s a good place but I don’t like it here" and nodded gently and affirmed his words.
"and?" Rose smiled at Yang Ye.
It’s too small. Yes, it’s too small. Compared with the outside, it’s too small here! And from here, from the "crater", there is a circle in the sky outside, and the roots here are as alive as frogs at the bottom of the well.
But the frog at the bottom of the well has never seen the sky and the earth outside. If it doesn’t feel how crowded the bottom of the well is, it’s like people who haven’t seen the world don’t feel how much they know. But Yang Ye, they have seen it. They came in from the outside world and entered such a closed piece of heaven and earth. How do you think about it?
"So what about you? Is it the same idea? " Rose slightly turned and looked at a thought into a magic.
One thought into a magic meditation and two nodded. "It’s too closed and too small, and I don’t like it."
Their answers are the same. Maybe in Rose’s view, these are all certain answers. She knows them all and asks them again in vain, probably to calm her restless heart. Come on, after all, she once came in from the outside …
"I also want to go out …" Rose suddenly said, "I was sent in by Aaron a long time ago. At that time, I was too weak to grow up and had no resistance … Now I have the strength but I can’t get out anymore."
"Aaron does?" Yang Ye asked.
Rose nodded gently. "He turned this place into a forbidden place, or a magic circle. Anything can come in and go out, but I can only say that it is also a law to go out." Her eyes didn’t look sad or resentful. Everything was calm.
"So you want to go out?" Yang Ye’s asking this question again is probably redundant-
Rose smiled gently, and the delicate and charming yu drops with red lips were more confusing than the surrounding flowers. She didn’t speak and didn’t answer Yang Ye’s question-it was tacit recognition.
Sure enough, she still wants to go out
But …
"Kill us and you can get out?" Yang Ye asked again, this is in line with a game setting, so that players can fight with boss, and players struggle to stop boss from being born, which also has a feeling of saving the world.
"No" Rose shook her head and then she went to the shower by the wall. Her left hand picked up the shower and her right hand held a spatula. "Of course not, otherwise I would have gone out."
Yang Ye two people dazed.
"Besides you, many people have been here. As a result, of course, as you can see, they didn’t kill me, but they were used as fertilizer for flowers on the other side to make those bright red flowers more delicate and charming." Rose said softly, filling the water tank with sprinklers, saying that she went to the nearest red flower and put the sprinklers on one side with a small shovel to weed and kill insects carefully.
Rose white slender fingers appear more beautiful on the black soil background. Probably few women have such beautiful fingers. Lilina probably noticed that she stretched out her hands across a long distance and then looked at her small breasts and suddenly looked discouraged …
These boss always seem to be particularly weak in the face of players. How high their level is? If you want to say stupid, you don’t feel special. B … Yang Ye stared at the rose and tried not to miss the miner’s hat, but locked it tightly to prevent possible attacks.
But Rose seems to be in a good mood, humming a tune and dealing with Mansa Juhua in front of her eyes. Her story is probably not finished yet-
"I used to be a rose." My sister watched Mansa Zhuhua carefully pinch the stamen bug and put it in the soil as fertilizer. Her red lips gently opened and closed. "It’s just a harmful flower … I’m trying to grow and want to bloom my own beauty. I’m eager to be the most clear and gorgeous among all the flowers. I know it’s hard, but I didn’t give up … I remember that it was a rain when the ground was clear. When I was enjoying the rain and struggling to support my petals, Aaron came to me.
Rose stopped, moved her right hand, picked up the shower, lifted it, and gently sprinkled it like silk thread. The water slowly flowed to the petals of bright red flowers to make it more delicate. Maybe it was when I saw this that the rose remembered that "I was picked by Aaron, and he didn’t hurt a part of my body, and I finally found my beauty among thousands of flowers … Ah", and she suddenly laughed a little sadly.
Shaking her head gently, she continued, "He just picked a rose at random, and my other flowers are no different, so he chose me. I was sent to his laboratory. Aaron experimented with me, and there were many plants and animals with me … It was really a dark day. Aaron was crazy. He put animal hearts and limbs on us and put our petals and roots on animals. I have never seen such an experiment. To be honest, I was really scared."
"The experimental results, of course, initially died a lot, really a lot. I remember that the corpse of flowers had been piled up above his experimental height and then he set it on fire …"
Rose said eyes hole up, she seems to say while thinking about Yang Ye, two people are also a little interested in as one pleases didn’t bother-
"In the initial experiment, I succeeded in living and had something different-intelligence. Because Aaron succeeded in experimenting with a human and me instead of an animal accident, he was very happy, but he knew that this success was just an accident. He couldn’t do the same experiment for the second time, but he didn’t give up his research-mixing plants and animals was his ultimate goal."
"He succeeded-successfully created plants and animals, combined with plant characteristics and animal bloodiness, and even created many special things! What can he succeed? Because my blood has been added to all his experiments, it may be inevitable that he will succeed in the experiment. "
Suddenly Rose turned to look at Yang Ye. She interrupted the previous story and asked, "Are you here to take my blood?"
Rose’s words made Yang Ye slightly surprised. Don’t say that he really came to get rose blood, but he used it to save lives, not to do experiments.
"But my original purpose was to get your blood." Yang Ye’s heart flashed a trace of doubt and sank.
Rose stared at Yang Ye with narrow eyes and her mouth slightly raised as if she had met something interesting. "What are you going to do with it?"
"Save" Yang Ye’s heart beat slightly and quickly. He felt that something was wrong …
"Ah …" Rose gave a little cry, as if she were surprised and laughed again. "Don’t you know that my blood can turn people into plants?" to be continued
Chapter 363 Super Rose
Rose blood will turn humans into plants? I haven’t heard of this. Yang Ye wants her blood to save people. Isn’t this equal to hurting people? But it doesn’t make sense that Cole’s father is a powerful magician. I don’t know, or he knows, but he will still give it to Yang Ye.
What is it? He wants to kill his own son? That’s not true …
First of all, Rose’s words are not absolutely true. Before that, she was talking to herself. Yang Ye, they didn’t know the law at all and knew whether it was true or not. It’s not too strange to believe and give up.
Sure enough, it’s better to discuss with Yi Niancheng to see what he thinks. Of course, it’s definitely not good for Rose to speak directly in front of him. Players naturally have wonderful ways for players-
[Team Promise Fight Little Devil] What percentage of what she said do you think is true? I really want her blood to save lives, that’s all. Now she says that her blood will turn people into plants. Do you believe me?
I was just thinking about this problem when I was obsessed with it. He didn’t know what the promise war was all about to do in this flower burial cemetery. It’s not impossible to simply upgrade, but there is nothing else to do after all the hardships. It doesn’t make sense that he is here to do it, and it seems that he has encountered contradictions.
Watching the promise war send a message on the team channel is also a reflection-I need rose blood to save people, but rose says her blood will turn people into plants …
Where did you come from when the team became a demon? Here. Who are you?
] The team promised that the np immortal was quite big, and his son had an accident and was poisoned. When I rescued him and sent him back to his home, he said that he needed the juice of the queen flower to save his son. He is also a powerful magician. I think it is impossible for him not to know the situation of the queen flower and the effect of the rose blood …
[As soon as the team becomes a magical place, who are you entangled in?
Yang Ye turned to stare at a dream and then nodded heavily, which was very obvious. I was just wondering who said it was true, Rose or Cole Torre!
As soon as the team becomes a demon, let’s get the rose blood first, and then it will be completed.
It’s true that the eye has done the same thing when it says yes.
I will look back at Rose Yang Ye and sink my heart. "I need your blood no matter what, whether it will turn people into plants or not!"
Rose’s expression hasn’t changed. It seems that Yang Ye’s answer didn’t make her feel anything unexpected. She said, "Ah, well, it’s not surprising. I’m surprised if you give up directly. By the way, everyone in my blood will be controlled by me. So will Aaron. He tried to make my blood transform itself and failed, but I controlled it."
This just said two sentences of roses and broke a smile that made Yang Ye tremble, which made him even more confused-what if the blood was given to Cole and was controlled by roses? That cole dad can’t kill him …
Anyway, they want it themselves!
"Thank you for waking up. The story is over. Let’s get down to business!" Yang Ye stared at the rose cold way