Kun Shao was very happy and nodded. "It’s a great pity that the president of Nangong died, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing for Nangong guild and Qingcheng Sect. My fourth younger brother won’t pursue what happened to Nangong guild again, and we will do our best to help when the president of Nangong is in heaven."

Give a polite bow.
As soon as it seems, it’s over.
In the other two, he didn’t take a reason and snorted "Zhang Song, when did you get mixed up with these people? I heard that you entered the Nangong guild after the accident of the Nangong President. I didn’t know that you were with these people."
Few people know that Zhang Song is the name of the owner of the mountain river fan. He smiled and said, "When you go abroad, everyone should help each other together. It is good to be in Tiancheng, but it is not easy to enter. It is also too fierce to have one more person. Besides, the ghost face and the demon woman are good."
It’s those two people inside.
The ability is not bad. At this moment, I got up and said, "Naturally, we can’t get into the eyes of the master brothers of Qingcheng School. If we don’t want to join us, we will find another home."
Zhang Song laughed and said, "Don’t do it together, let’s talk about putting hatred together." He walked over and said, "Ge Changlong and Yao Yuan are both my friends in recent years, so I will sell them together."
Kun is very disdainful of interacting with these people, but he also nodded his head knowing that it is not good to have multiple helpers in his own territory abroad. "I naturally won’t treat a few people badly if I want to concentrate on those crooked ways."
"That’s enough."
One seems to have been negotiated.
Ge Changlong is a ghost face, Yao Yuan is a witch, and both are titles. At this time, he said, "The Italians owe the Nangong Guild a favor because of the second incident. This time, let’s go to the Italians to form an alliance with them, and then when we go to Monte Carlo, we will have the right time, the right place and the right place, and we will enter the city. Naturally, you will be half finished."
This is what Kun Shao wants to nod his head and say, "Time waits for no one to wait for the private jet. I have already set a course to go and talk about other trivial matters."
Highly effective immediately got up and walked out.
The rest of the people looked at them in front of the Qingcheng school. These people naturally got up and went to the airport to go to the first world war. Italy was looking for some allies.
When they arrived at the airport, it was just four or five o’clock in the afternoon, but they saw a lot of acquaintances. The acquaintances in the world were ready to go to Monte Carlo.
Go to the annual opening day of the city.
The Qingcheng Sect is famous and naturally attracts people’s attention, but they are used to making their own private jets.
Someone spat there, "What are you pretending to be forced to be forced to be struck by lightning?" I laughed and laughed a lot.
"You also heard that the good day is coming to an end, and it’s all about waking up and getting a private jet. Isn’t it the same as playing? This time, it must have been struck by lightning. "
"Yes, chop these big idiots to death."
Among them, Yi Xue and his guild are waiting here to come.
One of the men also said, "You should leave a contact in this way. Wait until when?"
Yi Xue said very naively, "Let’s go to dinner first. I must send someone to watch them before they arrive at 12 o’clock in the evening and early in the morning."
Take someone away and leave a girl who is familiar with the situation to wait there.
Time flies, and when it gets dark, people wait for us at ten o’clock.
We ate and drank in the hotel and had some wine. We had experience in flying. Ning Xi said, "It’s easy to lose sleep on the first flight and drink more wine. We went to bed on the plane and woke up the next day."
We’ve been drinking a lot.
I drank all of them with red faces and walked over to the airport. I also saw the girl at a glance, and Yi Xue and others who had been called to come over.
Waving his hand, he said, "Let’s get there as promised."
Yi Xue said with a look of nai, "It’s really a plane. I’m ready to sleep. Come on, let me introduce you. This is our president, Lin Xinheng, and this is the now famous Zeng Xiaofan."
I immediately reached out and said, "I’ve heard a lot about you." I almost burped. I really drank a lot.
Lin Xinheng, a gentleman with good facial features, walked over and said, "I’ve heard a lot about you and I’m famous. It’s better to meet you."
It is better to say that there is Yi Xue on this floor.
And they are still mostly girls, nearly 20 people, 17 first class, I’m afraid it’s not enough, and they all nodded in good faith
Ning Xi said, "It’s time to board the plane."
"okay, okay"
There are still many people who will go to the boarding gate immediately, and many awakened people will inevitably be involved. It is not difficult to see that this Monte Carlo trip is definitely a big gathering of awakened people.