Crazy patient no.1 experimental body

This man was first brought here to do experiments and suffered many inhuman tortures. Now, although he still maintains his human heart, he is no longer a man.
After several people in Yang Ye restored blood blue, Yang Ye took the lead and directly stepped into this weird ward-
[You entered the intensive care unit, which alarmed the sleeping crazy patient No.1. He will attack you. Please be careful! 】
If you come in, you will be alarmed. If you don’t come in, you won’t go to the second floor! I always want you to fight.
Detect that someone has entered the outside, lying in bed, crazy patient No.1 slightly moved his neck and twisted his head to Yang Ye, a team of several people, and let several people in Yang Ye see this crazy patient No.1.
The hair is gone, the scalp is covered with dark black patches, and the skinny and dark cheeks are deeply sunken into the eyes. A circle of eyes breaks, and the eyes seem to burst outward, and the eyes are overflowing with black liquid; His nose was missing, a piece of adhesive tape was put on his face, and his mouth was sewn. It seems that something happened when he was sewing the other half, but he didn’t sew it, and now there are still threads and needles hanging on his face. The neck is even more weird. There is a small line around the Adam’s apple. From the outside, it should be a knife wound. It is probably a scar after the operation. His head is probably broken.
When the eyes rolled and the pupils locked to Yang Ye, several people were sewed in half, and suddenly the mouth was stretched and the line was stretched for a few minutes with a miserable smile …
"Hey hey ….." Something seems to be stuffed in my throat, and something is purring.
Seeing this scene for the first time to hit a few people are a little cold.
"What is lying in the trough feels like killing him!" Wu Di touched his arm and looked like "you are disgusting"
The rest just nodded and looked at it, so they wanted to kill the goods.
"I have special skills to look at the blood volume. Let me wait for you first." Yang Ye stopped and began to work, Li Yanxin said.
"So diao? Where did it come from? Get me that line, too. Look at it quickly. "Li Yanxin was surprised. After playing the game for so long, he didn’t hear of any skills to see the boss’s blood volume. It depends on the monster’s action state, language, appearance and other conditions to judge whether the monster will fall down.
"I don’t know where to get it by accident." Yang Ye smiled and the miner’s hat was indeed an "accident."
Re-focus on the sickbed crazy patient No.1 Yang Ye carefully looked at his attributes. This is a nightmare. The difficulty can’t be careless-
Crazy patient no.1 (golden boss)
Grade 42
Crazy bite those experiments … How cool! Crazy patient No.1 pounces on the target from a long distance, and the target will be bitten by crazy patient No.1 for 6 times, causing a lot of damage and bleeding. The damage caused by each bite will increase by 5%, and the additional damage caused by bleeding will increase by 1%.
I don’t want an injection when throwing heavy objects! ! The violent emotional state makes crazy patient No.1 fall into madness and stimulate his own potential, which can throw all movable objects around him and cause damage. Throwing objects has a chance of causing dizziness, and the higher the volume, the higher the chance of hitting, the highest 1%.
Ha, ha, light! Damn it, the lights are blinding me Crazy patient 1 can skillfully turn off the lights. In the state of no lights, crazy patient 1′ s avoidance rate is as high as 5%, and the hate refresh light will be played again in 7 seconds.
Say that damn doctor. I hate him! Hate him! ! ! What what ….. He won’t continue to torture me …
(Hidden falling light dance bracelet (level 4 gold) and ventilated armor (level 4 silver))
The attribute is weak enough to drop slag, so it is also weak enough to drop slag. The difficulty of a gold level and a silver level nightmare makes this kind of thing really sad.
"The total health is 45w, and the defense is ok. The magic resistance is not high, and your output speed is accelerated." Tao Shen said.
"Got it." Tao Yangyang’s staff, his magic belongs to magic, and he doesn’t even have attributes.
Yang Ye’s side is already solemn and ready, but the boss over there is slowly crawling out of bed, which makes people want to beat him.
Crazy patient No.1 seems to be about to fall off his head and climb from a dirty hospital bed at any time. He is wearing an oversized patient, but he hasn’t changed it for a long time. He is in tatters. His body is thinner than his face, dark and full of bones, and there are many weird twists and turns. It may be a fracture.
However, his right arm is still connected to the bottle rack that fell to the ground through a thin tube, but there is nothing in the bottle, and there is no liquid in it, which has already sent light to his body.
He picked up the bottle rack from the ground and held it in his right hand-obviously this is his weapon.
"I … toy … hey … hey …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Yang Ye, a few people care so much. Now that you can fight, why talk to your boss so much?
"fight!" Yang Ye shouted.

But in the end, when she left, my Lord patted her on the shoulder and then came back, her child almost disappeared.

Is that a warning?
It’s a warning 48. Chapter 48 Perhaps only the Lord of Fengyang Palace.
Princess yee really didn’t understand why when she said that Feng Shao was leaving the organization, the adults were so calm and smiling.
But he was so cruel to her that he refused to let go of a little life.
Fortunately, fortunately, the child was finally saved, otherwise she would regret it for life.
I don’t know what the boss thinks now. The only way is to steal things from the emperor and give them to the adult, and then discuss other things.
At least the adult is safflower, so division hasn’t killed her yet.
The emperor told several times to leave when she was fine.
Princess Yee has no idea to keep her now. If she used to be, maybe she would have tried to persuade the emperor to stay. However, at this moment, besides knowing that the emperor is going to accompany him, the shallow imperial concubine will definitely not stay. On the other hand, she is not in the mood to cater to anyone but to smile.
There are some things that she needs to think about alone.
After leaving Huazhang Palace, the emperor went back to Fengyang Palace and followed him all the way.
General manager Li De is looking for someone to check the "safflower" thing.
At the moment, there are only two people in the dark night, the emperor and the court.
"You did a good job tonight, but you must remember not to let others know or you will lose your head?"
The court immediately guaranteed that "I am white, even if someone takes a tool holder, I will never reveal any wind."
"Give it back."
Courtyard is then respectfully did a ceremony to see the emperor away before leaving.
A heart has been hanging for a long time and cannot be calmed down.
The wat in this palace is indeed deeper than he thought.
There is no one in this palace who is not so deep that people feel afraid and tremble with terror.
So is the emperor and so is the princess.
If the emperor hadn’t given red flowers to Princess Yee, he wouldn’t have thought that the baby in Princess Yee’s womb turned out to be fabricated by taking medicine by himself.
Although it is not unheard of before, after all, this kind of thing happened frequently in the harem of successive dynasties, but there has not been such a thing in the management of the emperor today, so he is really shocked
Now fake pregnancy, will you still get the lie of circle and then frame others for a fake abortion?
That’s terrible
However, Princess Yee’s calculation is no deeper than the emperor’s.
The court suddenly feels that everything in this palace is under the control of the emperor. These small tricks of scheming can’t get into the eyes of the emperor, but in the end, they are manipulated by the emperor to applaud.
The other day, when the emperor asked him to give Princess Yee red flowers, he almost didn’t scare him to death-tiger poison doesn’t eat yet. How can anyone hurt his children?

After struggling with the tide for more than half a day, Ye Shuang’s strength was greatly consumed. An angry tide came and his unstable body was washed away. He no longer reluctantly dragged his tired body back to the shore, but his face was still full of excitement.

"Well, I knew it was such a feeling to practice sword in the sea. I’m afraid I would have come early." Ye Shuang wiped to leave seawater along his forehead, a little regretful.
After sitting on the beach for a while and recovering some physical strength, Ye Shuang went to the sea to catch some fish, then found some firewood and began to roast fish.
After a hearty meal, Ye Shuang began to practice Yijinjing Meridian, and the dragon elephant Prajnaparamita’s power is pure and pure. It is a star-sucking solution that can’t be absorbed. It depends on long-term penance. Ye Shuang never relaxes Yijinjing practice, and at the same time, the dragon elephant Prajnaparamita’s power makes his physical strength bigger, which is of great benefit to epee practice, so that he can persist in the sea for a long time and have stronger physical strength.
From the first day when I arrived at the seaside, Ye Shuang devoted herself to the practice and forgot everything else. Every day, I struggled with the sea and the natural struggle between heaven and earth.
High tide and low tide, rising tide and falling leaves frost are cultivated by the sea day by day, and they go deep into the sea day by day, getting farther and farther from the shore.
The sea has completely submerged his head, and his feet are firmly rooted in the mud at the bottom of the sea. The submarine undercurrent is turbulent and unpredictable. The submarine threat comes from all sides. The speed of the iron epee in the water will inevitably be much slower and it will be more difficult to display. Every time, Ye Shuang is exhausted.
After Ye Shuang came to the seaside for half a month, the first storm was ushered in that night. Several meters high waves were set off by the seaside, and the sea was roaring. Ye Shuang saw what was really overwhelming. The conan the destroyer-like situation made most people feel scared.
However, Ye Shuang was particularly excited when he saw this. Instead of practicing his sword against the raging tide, he carried a black iron epee to display his flying skills and rushed to the sea through the surging sea.
It’s a changeable wave with both feet on the sea, and it may be overturned and swept away by the wave at any time. But the more so, the more excited Ye Shuang is. During this period, he also cultivated flying skills to walk on the sea, but it’s far better than wandering in it when the sea is angry in the storm.
As soon as Ye Shuang went deep into the sea, he had to try his best to avoid being involved in the wave. The whole person was like a butterfly flying in the rain of bullets, avoiding one danger after another. If he was not careful, he might be swept away by the hurricane and the waves would roll over and disappear, which forced him to do his best every time.
In the middle of the storm, the frost is very small, especially in the tornado, which has a great influence on lightness skill. After more than an hour, Ye Shuang feels that she has reached the limit faintly. If she continues, she may not be able to return to the shore and really die at the bottom of the sea.
Sensing the danger, Ye Shuang immediately rushed towards the coast. Fortunately, before rushing to the sea, he deliberately built a sentry post on the shore floor and placed some torches. At this time, he could vaguely see some flames not to get lost.
But even if you want to leave, it’s not so easy. The hurricane is getting stronger and stronger. Ye Shuang’s figure may be blown away by the hurricane at any time. At this moment, a giant * called to see that he was going to avoid Ye Shuang, and his eyes were angry and he shouted at the big waves coming at him.
Try your best to display the lion’s roar, and roar the big waves coming towards you. Most of them are already threatened when they reach him.
When he returned to the coast in great distress, Ye Shuang immediately fell to the beach and didn’t want to move. This was the first time that he tried his best to come back completely after he arrived at the beach. Look at Ye Shuang, who is still roaring at the sea, and he can’t help but feel worried. The forces of nature are really not what he can compete with now.
However, the feeling of wandering in life and death is extremely exciting, which inspires all his potential, especially his flying skill, which is more extreme than his display. Many times ago, I felt that I couldn’t do it. In the face of a life-and-death crisis, I often exceeded my ability and became impossible. Although it is dangerous, Ye Shuang is determined to practice like this.
As time goes by, the skin of the whole person becomes rough and dark, but the momentum is calm, and many swordsmanship, flying skills, fists and lions are growing steadily. He continues to practice selflessly at the seaside.
More than a year passed quickly, and when the storm came again, Ye Shuang stood tall and straight against the tide and waved a epee to meet him. After practicing his sword for a while in the stormy tide, he rushed into the storm again with his epee on his back. At this time, he was much more relaxed than at first, although he couldn’t say that he was walking around, but he wouldn’t always face the test of life and death. All this was greatly improved because of his lightness skill, and even if he couldn’t avoid it, he could resolve the crisis with a lion roar. Some small waves were usually smashed by his roar, showing great power.
On this day, Ye Shuang went to a small town by the sea to buy some life, and he had to eat grilled fish every day for a change. He was already tired of eating it.
In the only pub in the town, Ye Shuang asked for some side dishes and ate slowly with wine.
The pub is not very skillful, and everyone talks clearly and audibly. He was soon attracted by a table of two Chinese words.
"Alas, it would be great if the two of us were unlucky enough to be sent to this remote little place to follow Yue Gong but face the Heaven Meeting."
"Are you fighting skill? Still want to fight against the sky? You are going to die, "another person sneered.
"Can’t I go and see?" This man was obviously annoyed by his companion’s retort. "Besides, what’s wrong with my low martial arts? Didn’t Yao Yingxian already say that? Regardless of good and evil, martial arts strength should resist the day will do a heart. "
"Hey hey, it’s true that I said you want to see Yao Yingxian?" This person teased, "It is also said that Yao Shadow Fairy’s debut has shocked the whole Wulin for more than a year. Several young heroes are fascinated by her. Our Yuegong is attracted, and Yao Shadow Fairy is still alone to resist the invasion of the Central Plains. I don’t know how many young heroes will help her."
Hearing these two people’s words, Ye Shuang’s chopsticks in his hand can’t help but stop, get up and come to the two people’s side. When these two people come suddenly, Ye Shuang feels like he has crushed a mountain. Suddenly, he knows that the person in front of him is extremely superior, and his face immediately shows panic. One of them quickly said, "Hero, forgive me, and I hope that the two of us will show mercy if we are offended."
Ye Shuang naturally won’t argue with two little people. He wants to know the news of the day and asks, "Answer me a few questions truthfully and I will let you go."
"Hero, just ask us if we know enough."
"Has Tianhui begun to March into the Central Plains?" Ye Shuang asked the most heartfelt question.
"Yes, yes," one of them immediately replied, "For more than a month, the day before yesterday, it will suddenly start to March into the Central Plains. Although Yao Yingxian took many fellow Jianghu people to resist, it can’t stop it. Now it is said that Tianhui has attacked near Chang ‘an."
Ye Shuang frowned and said in his heart, "Is Master going out so soon?"
This is a lot more than Ye Shuang wants. Ye Shuang’s fifteen swords won’t be too long when he closes, but it will be normal in three to five years, and his eyes will start to fight in the Central Plains in about two years. This is a bit unexpected for Ye Shuang.
However, since Tianhui has already started to fight in the Central Plains, it is impossible for him to continue to feel at ease and practice here. It is necessary to return to Tianshuang Hall quickly.
After a moment of reflection, Ye Shuang asked the two men again, "Who do you think this Yao Ying is?"
Ye Shuang’s voice fell. Although the two men were afraid of him, they were still a little incredible. Looking at Ye Shuang as if he didn’t know what Yao Ying was, it was unreasonable. Ye Shuang snorted, "I have just been practicing for many years and I don’t know who Yao Ying is."
Looking at these two people’s eyes, Ye Shuang is also quite puzzled to say that he is the deputy director of the Frost Hall, and he is clear about some celebrities in the Jianghu, but he has really never heard of this Yao Shadow.
Hearing Ye Shuang’s explanation, the two talents suddenly realized that one of them couldn’t wait to say, "It’s no wonder that my predecessors have been practicing for many years."
He had just finished, and another man said, "Yao Yingxian, a senior, only appeared in the Jianghu more than a year ago. It is said that she is as beautiful as a fairy, and her martial arts skills are high. Almost no one in the younger generation is her opponent. There are several young masters. She is fascinated that she will enter the Central Plains this day, and she is the first to take people to resist it. Unfortunately, she has not been able to stop those people who will meet in the future."
Ye Shuang raised his eyebrows with a puzzled look on his face and asked, "Do you know which sect she came from and what martial arts she practiced?"
"Yes, I know," nodded a rush. "Yao Shadow Fairy was born with a kind of gentle air and quiet lent, but this generation. Her cultivation is naturally a kind of gentle air and sword. It is said that she and the sky will fly, the clouds will fly, the mainstream clouds will fight, and the sky will be crowded. Yao Shadow Fairy had to take people back, but it made her famous. Now several people are rushing to support her."
Cihang Jingzhai people? Ye Shuang suddenly realized in my heart that’s it.
Cihang Jingzhai has never appeared in the Jianghu for so many years, and people who rarely hear about this sect have never seen it in the Jianghu.
The whole Jianghu crisis appeared.
In the eyes of those decent people, the Jianghu is now in a crisis because of the Heaven Society, and the Heaven Society will surely cause turmoil in the whole Jianghu.
At this time, a savior is needed, and someone needs to come out to save the day.
Ci hang Jing Zhai appeared in line with the weather
The appearance of Ci Hang Jing Zhai people is just right. At this time, it is at the moment when the sky will March into the Central Plains from the western regions. From the beginning, it has established a brilliant and tall image of resisting the ambition of the sky, and once it appears, it shoulders the great responsibility of calming the turmoil in the rivers and lakes. It can be said that it is a mission
At this time, Tianhui is the enemy of all the major sects in the Central Plains Jianghu. Even some of them are prejudiced against Cihang Jingzhai, but at this critical moment, they have to express their support against their will. At this time, all factions in the Jianghu are fragmented. If Cihang Jingzhai starts, it will be a good way to get everyone together to jointly resist Tianhui, so as to save the factions from intrigue and protect their strength.
Now that we know that it is Cihang Jingzhai, so many things are clear. Ye Shuang didn’t ask much about this Yao shadow, and then asked some things about the meeting in the future.
For more than a month, the day before yesterday, the flowing clouds led Feiyuntang to take the lead and officially began to March into the Central Plains. Although some forces in the Central Plains were prepared for this, some small forces along the way were swept clean by the flowing clouds until they met Yao Ying. However, Feiyuntang finally won and continued to advance into the hinterland of the Central Plains.
No matter how many things two people don’t know, Ye Shuang didn’t continue to ask more questions, but it is certain that the sky will be fighting with many forces and masters in the Central Plains in the Western Region anyway. Some people are still far from the Central Plains, but it is different to enter the Central Plains at this time. It is bound to be resisted by all factions in the Central Plains, and the war will be extremely fierce.

Xiao Shi was so cold and arrogant that Feng Tai did such a thing, not only did he not get even with him, but also called his uncle. It was really shocking.

Compared with other people’s thriller, Su Wan laughed, and her mood got better. She turned around and saw one side of Muqian’s eyes stare round and almost didn’t fall out.
Su Wan asked Mu Qianqian humorously, "Is it so exaggerated?"
Muqian nodded "yes"
After she finished, she pinched herself and then said for sure, "Cousin Xiao, is this a ghost?"? Otherwise, he should tear up Feng Tai. "
Su Wan glared at this woman. What do you mean, tearing Feng too hard? Xiao Huang was afraid that I really wanted to tear my uncle, but he couldn’t tear it. It was really because my uncle was very good at martial arts. Besides, he was also her uncle. He couldn’t tear it, so he had to bow his head in the end.
But she remembers him and what she did.
Sue wan satisfied with the light smile and didn’t notice that Xiao Huang had sat down in front of Feng from the night with a face of eagerness and talking with Feng from the night.
However, when others are not paying attention, Xiao Huang said in a low voice, "Don’t how much I like you."
Phoenix chuckled at night. Xiao Huang has a long brain.
"same to you"
After the two men muttered to themselves, they all smiled and talked about things. In the eyes of outsiders, they were two stunning and elegant men who talked freely.
Both of them are from absolute beauty. It’s more attractive than painting. Women admire and look over from time to time, but they neglect Wang Junli.
Wang Junli looked at the two men beside him with dim eyes, chatting and talking, and he was slightly lost in his heart. He was more afraid that Xiao Huang would not let people marry Su Wan, and finally Su Wan would marry him.
What about him? Jun Li thought suddenly and he chuckled. Even if Su Wan didn’t choose him in the end, he would wish her happiness.
Jun Li thought about looking into the dragon finch platform and saw Su Wan talking with Mu Qianqian, so I couldn’t help smiling.
My little girl wants your heart better than me. I am a broken person. I want to bless you for the rest of my life.
Jun Li let go of her mind and stopped turning around when she heard two men talking about choosing a husband in Japan and Su Wan.
Xiao Huang looked at Feng from the night with a gloomy face and said, "Can you cancel my uncle’s election of a monarch’s husband? You know, ladies, she’s my fiancee. Now what’s the name of another monarch’s election?"
Phoenix looked at Xiao Huang from the night and said seriously, "Lonely nature has said it without waste, but I am optimistic about you."
Phoenix reached out from the night and patted Xiao Huang’s shoulder. Xiao Huang’s eyes were surging and he wanted to slap the man’s face.
He called him uncle, soft and low-profile, and he even wanted to give ladies a husband, a dead man and a smelly man.
However, Xiao Huangcong will never turn against Feng at night, because if he conflicts with this man again, ladies will be angry, then he will lose more than he deserves.
Even if he hates this guy, he has to endure it.
Xiao Huang’s heart is not carefree. It happened that someone next to him stabbed him.
"How can the Japanese princess choose her husband? The king still wants to run. But the king is ready. Maybe he will win the beauty in the end."
Xiao Huang turned around and saw Jun Li looking at him with a warm smile, but this smile was extremely bad.
Xiao Huang looked at Jun Li with a smile. He couldn’t do anything to Feng Li at night. Should he be polite to him?
Xiao Huang looked at Jun Li Huerlang and chuckled, "Duanwangdian is not boasting that the world needs a little finger to crush you. Do you think you can stand this small body?"
Chicken from the night to listen to this guy crazy words corners of the mouth take a smoke.
Duan Junli looked at him with a black line. Can you exaggerate a little more? Isn’t he sick? Isn’t it exaggerated to crush him with a little finger?
Jun Li’s face remained unchanged and he said with a light smile, "So Xiao Shiyisi is running for election in Japan?"
Phoenix couldn’t help but chuckle at night and Xiao Huang said faintly, "Things will change day by day, thinking about whether to crush you with a little finger tonight."
Jun Li grinds his teeth and really wants to vomit his face, but many people in Taiwan are rude if he really fights with this guy, and this guy’s eyes are here, right?
Xiao Huang is much more refined than before, and he will never express his disapproval to anyone in front of Su Wan.
If you are dissatisfied with who, you will never be able to kill who you want. You will definitely make a secret move, which will not provoke ladies to be angry but will make you angry.
Xiao Dashi’s stunning double-sided face melted into a shallow halo at the thought of it, which made his whole person look like a pearl jade and stared at many people’s eyes perfectly.
And he looked at the phoenix from the night with a warm smile on his face, so he couldn’t say how kind.
The fact is that Feng Li Ye and Xiao Huang know each other and really hate each other.
But phoenix saw Xiao Huang do this at night, but he also thought highly of him. This guy finally knew that he was pretending. It seems that his mind didn’t move less.
It’s not so surprising that people like him are willing to do this, but it’s not enough to forgive him.
Phoenix leaves the night, squints slightly, and your eyes twinkle.
Just then, there was a eunuch screaming in front of the Dragon Quetai, "Ning Wangdian to Donghai Guotai to Donghai Guoprincess."
They looked into the front of the dragon finch stage and saw several figures coming in front of the tall and gorgeous gate.
There are three people in the first place, one left and one right. There is a woman between the two men.
The tall and handsome man on the left can’t say how noble and domineering he is. As soon as he appears, everyone talks about it.
The East China Sea country is too easy to escape from the clouds, and the money tassels around the clouds should be the princess of the East China Sea country.
On the other side of Princess Xi, it was this time that she was responsible for entertaining the envoy Ning Wang Xiao Ye.
Xiao Ye accompanied the envoys of the East China Sea countries all the way in from the outside of Longque Terrace. As soon as he came in, he was conscious of looking around.

But fight to the death until the last moment, like a man, fighting vigorously with SK and losing vigorously.

This opponent deserves the respect of ZGDYD team.
ZGDYD team all seldom get serious after the game.
Politely shake hands with the SK team and then party all night!
The whole cologne, the whole DOA world in Germany, the whole DOA world, the blood of this game, DOAER is happy at this moment.
Because of the splendid feast and the gorgeous confrontation between Zhai Hao and VIGOS.
PS Onion is also happy to watch everyone vote for the red ticket. It will be even happier to watch everyone add a collection. If there is more ~ Haha ~ Don’t forget to collect some ~)
Ups and downs, pleasure, kindness and hatred
Chapter one hundred and nine The song will come to an end.
S, that is, Mu Xiaofeng didn’t defend in the natural disaster highland, because S was in the ghost, and Kajia had made an insight into the flute.
Will be greatly weakened.
A controlled range of vertigo skills is also unstable.
So Zhai Hao asked Mu Xiaofeng to push the tower.
Encircle Wei to save Zhao!
It’s easier said than done. In case the SK team takes off the tower in the middle of the road, then the SK team will turn around and kill S.
It can be said that Mu Xiaofeng takes no less risks when pushing the line than ZGDYD team defenders.
Time is too important for SK.
Ghosts developed and formed, but Dragon Rider didn’t.
This is SK’s only chance in the headwind situation.
SK seized the opportunity but failed to complete the comeback.
SK plays tough, ZGDYD team plays smarter.
The game has been won, but the skill is high or low.
Some people are always born to win, just like Zhai Hao.
At the top of the podium, which symbolizes the king, this has been heard from DOA for several years. On this dream night in Cologne, the king is holding the European championship trophy in his hand, and it doesn’t feel abrupt at all.
While Zhai Hao was personally interviewed after the game.
What’s in the bag is even more domineering, and the king’s wind shows his legacy.
Zhai Hao’s personal interview equals no interview.
No one has ever been able to interview Zhai Hao. If Zhai Hao doesn’t want to talk about it, then no one in the world and no reporter can pry a word out of Zhai Hao’s mouth.
This sudden comeback Zhai Hao made a simple sentence after the game
But it brought a large-scale earthquake to the whole DOA community
In the bag!
What a simple word. This is EH.
Self-confidence, self-improvement and freedom
Do whatever you want. Zhai Hao wanted to retire then he retired.
If you want anything, go for it. Now ZGDYD will be crowned king when he comes back from the European Invitational Tournament!
After the final of the European Invitational Tournament, Cologne ushered in a night-long carnival in the city.
I forgot how long it was.
Cologne has never been so crazy again
People sleep this night, and they must sleep this night.
ZGDYD, the king of the whole city focus, is completely surrounded by the crowd.
The main members of the Cologne Athletic Committee in Europe have rich experience in hosting the Games, and their experience in European competitions is definitely one of the best.
However, it was also scared by the enthusiasm of the competitive fans who poured into Cologne in the past two days.
Crazy is not enough for the enthusiasm of the spectators in this European invitational tournament.
It’s not madness. It’s madness.

Three feet

A foot
The teenager seems to have seen the girl’s frightened eyes and the wind blowing with regret and sadness, and a kind of abnormal pleasure suddenly rises in her heart.
"Go to hell for me" Feng Yang suddenly explodes and drinks a wind-chasing arrow in one hand, and suddenly cuts like a streamer, with a sharp wind-breaking blaster, and goes out to kill God and chop against Fang Fang’s long knife against time.
At this moment, whether you are sitting or lying down, you hold your breath. Everyone’s heartstrings are suddenly in your throat, and your heart rate is involuntarily accelerated.
Everyone is looking forward to the final result. Will genius doctor and genius doctor shoot the teenager to save Fang Fang first, or will the teenager kill Fang Fang first, but be shot by the wind?
The long sword chasing the wind and arrows is almost a time race.
However, Fang Fang, the party concerned, did not notice that there was no change in his general motionless look.
I’m afraid even the really strong will not be surprised to see this kind of performance in the face of death without emotional fluctuations
However, the long knife in the young hand is only one inch away from Fang Fang’s head. Fang Fang’s forehead hair was blown by the long knife and scattered on both sides. When the young body suddenly flew to one side to kill God, the knife in his hand was also deviated from Fang Fang’s head by his body.
The arrow chasing the wind finally hit the teenager’s body at an alarming speed and saved the crisis in Fang Fang, although Fang Fang was not afraid of this crisis.
The teenager was hit by an arrow chasing the wind and flew out of the side of his body ten feet away. The blood splashed into a blood fog, but a figure quickly penetrated the blood fog and chased him to the side of the boy who fell to the ground.
The boy’s face suddenly showed horror, but the murderous look in his eyes was undisguised in a face with evil spirits and awe-inspiring smile.
In the face of this kind of smile, the heart in the strong body of the young man became fragile, and suddenly a chill seemed to spread from the soles of his feet, making him tremble as if he had fallen into an ice cave
"Fuck you, this is your own death." Sen’s voice is as cold as ice, and when he enters the young ears with a biting chill, the wind has lifted his throat with one hand, which will make it easier.
A strong teenager feels that his throat seems to be caught by a clamp, which suddenly makes him feel suffocated. His face is also rapidly changing from red to white, and his eyeball suddenly bulges out, which is quite tragic.
The teenager opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but his throat was choked by the wind, which made him speechless and he could scream.
All this seems to be frozen at the moment.
The tall young man with his head held high is stronger than that of others. He is still indifferent to the struggle and pain of the people in his hand. He is firm and cruel. Everything makes the spectators not frightened.
The sun is shining, and the leaves are scattered in the strong figure of the young man. All these combinations are like a confusing painting and a novel.
Chapter sixty-two Flag victory
Welcome you to come.
With a look of panic and unwilling to wait for many complicated things, the well-built teenager should draw the knife to the ground and then die and lie quietly with his knife.
Feng Yang rummaged through the entry marks and immediately walked beside his four seriously injured teenagers with a sullen face.
Feng Yang hasn’t spoken yet. The four young people have already handed their entry marks to Feng Yang with trembling hands.
I’ve seen Feng Yang strangle a person abruptly, but even never knit his brow. The last line of defense of four young people’s hearts also collapsed.
They can see that this guy is a murderous beast who eats people without blinking an eye and doesn’t spit bones. Maybe he can get a life by cooperating.
After all, it has long been said in this competition that life and death are determined by fate.
Get five signs of youth competition. Feng Yang’s eyes suddenly fell aside and looked at the three girls.
The three girls saw the wind blowing and the line of sight projected on them, and their hearts trembled involuntarily, and they were suddenly scared to shame.
"You should know how to do it, right?" Fengyang looked at three beautiful girls whose flowers were pale and said that their beauty was not enough. Fengyang gave up fighting for the competition symbol chips.
"You can’t be so cruel. When these men scold you for overreaching, let’s look at this from your side and show some mercy!" She looks cute and petite, but she has a disproportionate body. She is great. Her face is pink and tender, and she is almost in tears. Downing said with a sad face, "Our sisters and they don’t know this generation. We only have a chance to join Feiyun Gate once. If we fail this time, we will never have a chance. Big brother, please be kind."
Downing impressively is the child’s face with a delicate and touching look on her lovely face just now, and it’s also a little pity for me.
"That’s right. Three sisters have always helped you speak, brother. You are so handsome. How can you be cruel and cruel?" Downing’s appearance is also quite beautiful. Liuman is also wearing a top hat for Fengyang, trying to make himself look more delicate and touching. Looking at Fengyang’s expression is like a hungry young woman in insatiability, expecting a macho man to moisten again.
The wind kept his hands on his chest and stared at the three girls thoughtfully.
Seeing that Feng Yang actually installed his own sweet and sour artillery shells with poor offensive, there was still no sign of softhearted performance, which made Tang Ning Liuman cry.
However, another girl is quite calm, with a light look, and occasionally takes a look at Feng Yang and doesn’t know what to think.
"Why don’t you take us with you? We swear we won’t hold you back. We have to be able to enter the top 100 entries and give you all the extra marks." Tang Ning stared at Feng Yang with eyes full of autumn water. If she hadn’t seen Feng Yang’s cruel means, she would have shaken her arms and spoiled her hair.
"Give me a reason." Feng Yang turned and walked to the side of the sword and tied it back again.

Received a fatal blow.

I said, "The primary treatment potion is not working. Let’s get a more advanced treatment for trauma. Well, there are life-saving potions."
Tong immediately said, "A bottle of advanced therapeutic liquid with 100 points can be cured without death."
I immediately spilled it on the wound surface and gave Zhou Jiayu half a bottle, which made him feel better. There was a slight movement.
I’m relieved.
Lin Weiwei said, "I heard you say that the family members of the right door soldiers judged that Zuo Zhanzhi on the left road might be a Shinto. Isn’t it better to pull his clothes at this time to see if it is Shinto?"
That’s right
Just in case, if it is directly killed.
I got him over and looked at nothing. "I don’t think so. Well, stay back. This person must have experienced something. Anyway, I feel that their strength can advance, attack and retreat, but they can’t keep it. There must be something for him to run here alone."
He also said seriously that "it is possible to have something to do with Shinto."
There is always a feeling of being stared at, and Zhou Jiayu is not a religious person. How can he not be suspicious when he is suddenly made like this?
Lin Weiwei sophisticated also nodded, "then take it back."
Watching his wound heal slowly, he picked it up and looked at the distance. He should have come from the direction of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses. If someone wants to kill him, he will definitely come back.
I just looked at it, but there was no one for a long time
Of course, even if someone comes, I’m not afraid of being poor and angry, but I still have Xuanwu shield to clean up one, two and two.
This just took him back to our house.
It’s not shift time yet.
Lin Weiwei asked, "Don’t wake them up, let’s discuss it."
I thought for a moment, "Wait, don’t worry, let them sleep in Zhou Jiayu first. I feel that even if the wound is healed, I have to wake up early and talk about it."
Settled in the corner of the room
They didn’t wake up, so I came out with Lin Weiwei again and said, "Now the gods, players and Qin terracotta warriors and horses are all here. It’s getting more and more chaotic."
Lin Weiwei nodded and hugged my arm. "What do you say in one step? Of course, completion is the key. It’s good to go out and meet Sister Meow."
I didn’t have any idea there. I just walked one step at a time and sighed, "Now I have no idea. I always feel that there is a big net hanging over me, which makes me a little confused."
My appearance is different from that of other awakened people. After living on the earth, so many changes have taken place and Xuanwu has been arrested.
It has become a barrier to Shintoism, a demon cult leader, and Shintoism is even more god-playing.
And if we can really stop the Shinto religion and stop all this, then we will change our lives.
What is it to change one’s fate?
There are still other things. Anyway, it makes me think most of the time.
Lin Weiwei hugged my arm and said, "Then forget it and move on." She knew that I seemed to have something to guide me.
Release Hongli to participate in this vice and so on.
As for me, I said I wouldn’t tell anyone, but it’s understandable that he controls everything and naturally doesn’t want to be known.
It’s better to sigh and see if you’re thinking about what plans he has for me to come.
As time went by, the second group of people came out. It was a fire falling and Pang Bo rubbed his eyes and said, "Little Brother Weiwei, you go to sleep and we will keep it for a while."
I’ve decided not to sleep tonight.
But I feel that there are two people who want to inform me, and suddenly they are a little tired, so they say, "OK, you keep it."
And Lin Weiwei went back to the room and lay down to sleep slowly.
This sleep was not bad, and I recovered a lot of physical strength. When I woke up, it was already over 9 o’clock in the afternoon, that is to say, it was less than ten hours since the deputy really started.
Get up
Everyone knows about Zhou Jiayu, but I don’t know if I’m angry. Anyway, there are some accidents and Zhou Jiayu hasn’t woken up yet.
I said, "You don’t want to prepare for eating and washing, and you can wait until he wakes up and ask." What happened last night?
And it surprised me.
I cann’t believe that the rich and the angry dead haven’t come back yet. I shouted when I shouted, and even if I didn’t hear you clearly, I sent it out in the guild
How can it not come yet?
Maybe something happened to me, too, which made me a little confused, because if something happened to them, it would be quite big. I feel that the net has never shown up to arrest me because I was afraid that my Xuanwu shield was in my hand.
I’m so angry that I’ve taken my arms away.
If I knew this, I would be underestimating my enemy with more people. I don’t know what to do.
Lin Weiwei helped me to get the washing water and said, "Look forward to everything, didn’t we agree? Maybe I will wake up this week after I wash my hands, and I will know the answer then. "
Everything must have something to do with last night.
Just nodded, washed and ate, and the result was done.
He "ugh!" When I woke up, I really woke up suddenly, and when I woke up, I was very excited and shouted, "I will kill you all."
Thanks to the advanced healing potion, the wound has recovered well-almost 50% state "Ah!" "ah!" Yelling really got up.
"I killed him. I killed him."
Make the whole scene confused.
I immediately went to the stop and said, "Calm down, calm down, you’re all right, calm down, calm down."
Others also shouted "Nothing, nothing, don’t touch, don’t touch"
He just blinked and saw all this, and then thought about it. It seemed that he thought of last night and looked at me and said, "You saved me, didn’t you?"
I nodded and said, "Did you run here? Now the player’s deputy hasn’t finished yet, and everyone can be said to be close."
Lin Weiwei said there, "You were badly hurt last night. We used advanced treatment potion to cure other potions. Whether you are lucky or not, we just have it."
How could Zhou Jiayu not know that after he ran out, he made a lot of therapeutic liquid bases, but it was a drop in the bucket. Finally, he came here, and his life was really terrible.
Advanced treatments are hard to come by.
And Lin Weiwei and I said that, and he was very happy, so he nodded, "Thank you for saving me."
Then this just some grin.
Anyway, I broke into the ghost gate and almost died, but I was still injured.
We gathered around and said, "We escaped quickly and early yesterday. What happened? Your right-hand strategist is still quite powerful. How could you escape here alone and almost die?"
"Yes, I remember you were fine when we left at last."
I feel that it may be that I was beaten by Qin terracotta warriors and horses, or there may be someone behind me.
As a result, Zhou Jiayu also said, "We came to the right door this time, and all the deputy people died. Finally, I ran out because the enemy was a player and a group of players were desperate."
This is something we didn’t expect and we are very curious. In that case, there are players who do this kind of thing and we can’t help but ask, "What kind of players are so powerful?"
Zhou Jiayu gritted his teeth and said, "Li Chen combination!"

"Brother, let’s go."

Others have also persuaded that this is a group of people who have no intentions, as if life has abandoned all the noise and cut off all the darkness. The simplicity, kindness and kindness of the people in Xanadu are their purity. They have not. This is because the wind has brought trouble to themselves, but they admit that they have brought trouble to this kind teacher younger brother.
I felt deeply guilty and self-reproached when I heard that the master had been in contact with this group for a long time.
He knew that he might bring trouble to Yunfeng, a group of people, but he didn’t expect it to be so serious. He didn’t expect that the master of Dreadwind Gate in Chaoyang City should be so ruthless in dealing with his martial arts master and brother, just like dealing with the enemies with great hatred.
Heart anger, remorse, guilt and other complex emotions are intertwined and merged into a terrifying murder. His fists clenched his bones and made a crackling sound. His look was firm, "I must save."
"You hurry up and solve it. I’ll go outside and watch it." Hua Sheng Xue left a word and searched out the glowing red spar from a dragon body and walked along the stairs.
The wind Yang threw up the dragon’s blood sword and gently floated in the longitudinal body.
Facing Cao Zhufan, Feng Yang said, "Please be patient, master."
Said to the dragon blood sword suddenly toward the lock Cao Zhufan scapula chain cut in the past.
The metal impact produced a loud noise and echoed in the secret room like a muffled thunder exploding in the ear, which was not only deafening, but also echoed with a buzz for a long time.
However, the chain did not break as expected, but the chain shook violently due to the huge impact force, which affected Cao Zhufan’s body and made his whole body sway like a swing.
The shaking of the chain through Cao Zhufan’s scapula also directly tugged at Cao Zhufan’s wound, which was stronger than the flying dragon’s blood sword, and it was a little stronger to enter Cao Zhufan’s body along the chain, which had already seriously injured Cao Zhufan and shocked him to vomit blood.
Feng Yang hurriedly hugged Cao Zhufan with horror to stabilize his body, and he was also horrified. The dragon blood sword is an elementary magic weapon, and it is not too scary to cut these chains.
"These bastards should lock their stuff with such instruments of torture." Feng Yang’s body is more angry, but his sharpest weapon is the dragon’s blood sword. Although it is horrible, its sharpness is not enough.
Soul-eating blade can shake the chain into powder, but it can cut the chain sharply.
Once the chain is shattered into powder, the destructive power of such terror will directly destroy Cao Zhufan’s internal organs.
"Fuck" fire emit three zhangs wind Yang couldn’t help but burst a swearing, since cutting constantly, then pull it directly.
At the other end of the chain, the wind blows up to Cao Zhufan’s head in the top of the chamber of secrets, and he pulls a chain arm with one hand, and suddenly the chain at the top of the chamber of secrets makes a noise, and the stones at the top also drop some gravel because of great force, but the chain has no tendency to fall.
"Ah, ah," the wind roared, and all his strength was injected into his arms. The arms contained strength, which made the muscles bulge. The arms seemed to be thick and the tall body seemed to be out of harmony.
"Give me a break." The wind blows and drinks melodious and long roar, which explains his anger and remorse. He used his greatest strength to "scoff". Several sleeves and clothes on his chest instantly broke into pieces, while the muscles of his arms were split and splashed out. The blood arrow splashed on Cao Zhufan’s head.
The chain made a "click" sound, and the top of the secret room was constantly hit by rubble.
However, the effect doesn’t seem to be obvious. Although the chain was pulled out, it didn’t fall off
"Silly boy, forget it. This is the Dreadwind Gate to lock the titanium steel gold chain that poses a great threat to the enemy. Even if the strong warrior is locked, it is hard to escape. How can you break it?" Looking up, I saw Feng Yang’s miserable appearance and saw his face. The method concealed stubbornness and insisted that Cao Zhufan had the heart to be earnest.
"If they can lock you up with this titanium steel gold chain, there must be a way to loosen it," said Feng Yang, who never gave up.
Cao Zhufan said, "Yes, they do, but you don’t."
"There must be a way. There must be a way." To land again, the wind raised his hands tightly and paced back and forth in the secret room, frowning and having a high state of tension in his heart.
Cao Zhufan and others are quiet, and they don’t have much strength to talk anymore. They are also nervous about pacing back and forth, but at the moment, their hearts are also very entangled.
On the one hand, it is naturally good to be rescued and killed, but if Mu Yi figures out how to understand this titanium, steel and gold chain and force everyone to break through, he himself will be in danger, which is not what they want to see.
At this time, a hurried step broke the silence in the secret room. Seeing that flowers win snow, I rushed to Feng Yang from the stairs and eagerly said, "Let’s go, someone is coming."
"There must be a way" Feng Yang still repeats this sentence, and his head is running rapidly thinking about the method of unlocking the chain.
But without this knowledge, his mind was blank about the answer to this question.
It suddenly occurred to him that smoked moon, but once Dreadwind door smoked moon spoke, her yuan soul force would inevitably leak out, and then the strong Dreadwind door would surely sense the yuan soul breath, and the consequences would be unimaginable and the wind would rise, so she gave up asking smoked moon.
"If you want to find a way to wait until you leave here, there is no way to forcibly destroy the Dreadwind Gate. They are not afraid that they will not pay people." Hua Sheng Xue Ji Dao looked at the ladder from time to time. Just now, he was keen on the sensory system in his room. He had sensed that a large group of people came in the Feilong Hall.
"If you don’t leave, you can’t come. If you are also controlled, why talk about saving people?"
"Let’s go," said Cao Zhufan with all his might and majesty.
"Little brother, pull him away quickly," said Yang Qin eagerly.
Although Feng Yang was very nervous about the safety of Cao Zhufan and others, he didn’t lose his temper. He knew that the situation was not allowed to take risks by himself and said to Cao Zhufan and others, "Don’t worry, I will come back as soon as possible to save you."
Said, he turned and took the snow away from the chamber of secrets and returned to the room. Two people restored the bed to its original state.
The two glances pushed the door and ran out to kill the gods. However, at the moment when they left the room, more than 20 people dressed in black and covered their faces suddenly appeared at the other end of the corridor. There were also many Dreadwind door masters, and Shen Tianxiao, the elder, and Bai Yanhong, the door owner, actually won.
Feng Yang ran to Bai Yanhong and others with a flurry of panic in his heart. "The main event of the door is not good. We are going in to interrogate Cao Zhufan. They didn’t expect that we were mixed with an outsider. The man followed us into the underground chamber and suddenly tried to kill us. Fortunately, we reacted quickly and escaped for the first time. Now the man is still in the underground chamber in an attempt to save Cao Zhufan and others."
The door owner was shocked to "go" on the avenue.
After saying this, I passed by Feng Yang and Hua Sheng Xue first, and others quickly shuttled past Feng Yang and Hua Sheng Xue. Soon dozens of people rushed to that room.
However, when Feng Yang and Hua Sheng Xue secretly breathed a sigh of relief, the elder Shen Tianxiao suddenly stopped to "stop them" G.
Chapter six hundred and ninety-three Cast a net for manhunt
Bai yanhong’s fighting capacity is Shen tianxiao’s, but he can be the master of the door, but Shen tianxiao is better than Bai yanhong in terms of head. He suddenly thought of the flaw in the other party’s words. Baidu search 56 library is the fastest to update.
Dreadwind Gate is a sect with very strict status and hierarchy, and thirty dragons are not under the control of people except the dragon leader. Where there is a dragon leader and one person has a dragon leader, they will never report anything to others. After all, thirty dragons can be punished for breaking the rules, including the door owner.
At this time, the strong men, such as the door master and the dragon leader, stopped and turned to look at the same stopped, turning their backs on the two of them dressed in dragons.

Just before this idea came into being for a second, Lao Pei warmly catered to his lips and stuck out his tongue to explore his tongue, and what little reason Lin Feng had left became swaying ~

(PS onion looks at the red ticket in front of him, and the little bit of reason left in the onion has become swaying ~ vote for one more vote, handsome guy, don’t stop and keep voting ~ What’s gone? Are you kidding me? Onions give you the essence to make you have a good time ~)
(PS, an old tree, has more than one million words of the classic Xianxia friend "Creation Fairy Road". I like Xianxia friends to watch it ~)
Chapter one hundred and forty-three Dreaming addiction
In the training room of EH headquarters, two closely intertwined bodies constantly adjust their postures, and at the same time, the room temperature keeps rising with time.
Just when the temperature of the whole room is about to reach a critical point that will burn all the senses, an untimely sound rings outside the training room, which makes the original still immersed in sweetness and pleasure, greedy for and careful exchange, and the men and women are equally divided.
"Lao Pei ~ Lin Feng ~ Eat, eat ~ You have a baby in the training room, huh ~?" I don’t guess this is Luo Qi’s signature cry.
When the two men touched each other, I came to look at the delicate and charming face before me. Lao Pei’s face was already red, and I was so excited that I almost wanted to kiss those attractive lips before ~
But winding yee has pulled the training room door at this time.
Come good freehand LaoPei should winding yee a strange not refute winding yee nonsense.
Is to let the winding yee strange along while.
Lao Pei lowered his head and let Liu Hai cover his face and blushed, which also made Luo Qi not find any more abnormalities. Finally, when eating, Lao Pei looked normal again.
From time to time, I look at my eyes and feel a little more tender and sweet.
It was a big meal, but I can’t tell what’s different. After I fed her dinner, I still put myself in front of the desktop in the single dormitory.
Lin Feng doesn’t train tonight. What she wants to do is desktop DIY.
Which is desktop assembly
It was noon when Lao Pei and Lin Feng said that now Lin Feng is at least half a rich man.
When signing the EH contract, Lin Feng has already stepped into the ranks of the rich and officially obtained the certification of competitive professional players.
Actually, Lin Feng will not make a living by himself in this life, because even after he retires, he can’t be promoted to the billion-dollar club like Zhai Hao, so his certified professional certificate can at least ensure that Lin Feng can get a team leader or coach in the semi-professional league.
This business is so eye-catching, but the people who can enter the inner circle are so rare that people are envious.
Come now, all the money is in old Peika.
And LaoPei said let come modified a desktop come naturally obediently obey.
"Actually, this desktop is still when Xiaoqian and I are together …" When Lin Feng hit the desktop chassis and cleaned the dust of a chassis, he suddenly felt that he was pressed by his head and then a force that could not struggle.
Let yourself be handsome enough to kill a group of ants. The little face has a close contact with a layer of dust on the side of the chassis.
"Oh ~ my hand slipped ~" Lao Pei looked at the right side of the front come and smiled and said sorry to the front come.
Come incredibly naive to believe it.
Say come naive because come after what happened to white oneself actually believe such a bad excuse is a thing except two or two.
"What did you say just now? I just saw that you didn’t pay attention to pressing the force ~ You know that my hand strength is sometimes not very good ~" Lao Pei seems to sweep my right face or clean my right face, which makes me feel that I am really making a mountain out of a molehill
Then continue to squat in front of the desktop mainframe case and dismantle the processor and motherboard source line in the mainframe.
"Say it again just now ~ I really didn’t pay much attention to it just now ~" Old Pei said again behind come when she turned to work again.
Lin Feng swore that he didn’t really hear the implication when he heard this sentence, but this is also the prelude to Lin Feng’s second close contact with the chassis panel tonight.
"I said ~ this desktop was saved by Xiao Qian when I was with her as a tutor ~" Come this time, I deliberately slowed down and made it very clear word by word.
Clearly let Lao Pei behind him fully erect every hair on his body, and then press the right face of Lin Feng into the chassis ~
"Pa ~" A carton landed behind Lin Feng and was still in the carton. It was this time that Lao Pei deliberately wandered around the DIY market for a long time before he bought it carefully.
It was the first time I went shopping with Luo Qi, but Lao Pei did a lot of work before.
It is said that it is much more difficult for a woman to study a bunch of production parameters than for them to look at a word day, so that they can find the right parameter collocation suitable for the assembly order in a bunch of words days
It’s almost as maddening as letting a man go to a lady’s bellybutton shop to choose a warm cup.
Lao Pei can make a bunch of desktop configurations that meet Lin Feng’s needs in one day before anyone teaches him.
It’s not magic. It’s magic.
However, this does not affect Lin Feng’s jumping up and getting angry and looking for Lao Pei in front of him.
Come two glittering and translucent eyes flashing in front of winding yee with different thickness of dust on both sides of the face looks funny.
Very cooperate with Lao Pei’ sloped’ and smiled.
This smile looks forward to the appearance, but also makes the anger in front of me just ready to pour out in the chest. Come also forgot to get angry at the moment.
"Do you see if I bought anything from you and Xiaoqian in those days?" This sentence sounds confusing for no reason.
But let come instantaneous white something.
But there’s nothing really white. I feel like I’m talking to myself before.
What is falling to the ground?
Come for a while and can’t remember it, but it’s also uncomfortable to stand there with dust on your face. Shu Come pulls out a piece of tissue in the tissue bag next to it.
It doesn’t seem so embarrassing to change the edge.
Lao Pei didn’t say much about lying in bed with his eyes closed and catnap when he was lazy.
I just swung back and forth in the air without taking off my shoes, as if I were teasing Lin Feng so that Lin Fengbai could forget something.
"What did I say just now? Make her unhappy? " Come to think that Lao Pei is not the kind of girl who is often angry. Is this such a big reaction today?
"I just seemed to be saying,’ This is me and Xiaoqian in those days …’ This sentence was pressed by Lao Pei on the chassis panel." Come to install a pack of things one-way.
And I didn’t look at these accessories carefully
Actually, when I was working in the summer vacation, I also did the installation for people in the brain city. This kind of thing is still handy, although I don’t have much heart, but it will be assembled soon.
After assembling and checking the components such as the source plug, Lin Feng packed the chassis and dried the paper towel to clean up the dust in the chassis.
Just when the equipment such as the chassis and the source are assembled, Lin Feng presses the source key to hear the familiar’ Didi Didi Didi …’ machine sound.
The question that has been lingering in my mind seems to have suddenly been turned on and the source has become clear.
"Oh ~ turned out to be a small qian this thing …"
"This thing is that Lao Pei is jealous ~" Come and look at the big bed in the bedroom behind him. Old Pei Linfeng can’t help but scold himself for being a fool.
Ah … Lin Fengbai is really a little late, but it’s not too late.
Come after all, this layer of white is more than come. After considering it, you must be more concerned about Laopei around you.
Looking at the bed, old Pei Linfeng felt that it seemed more interesting to have another person to accompany him all the way after his life.
Of course, this interesting doesn’t mean that Lin Feng’s face hasn’t been cleaned up yet.
When Lin Feng assembled the brain and was testing the machine, Lao Pei took the clothes and went to take a shower.
Come also heard the water coming from the health room behind the sofa behind the desktop, only to find that Lao Pei, who was still in bed just now, did not know when he had reached the health room behind him.

Su Wan closed his eyes and ignored this guy. When he heard Xiao Huang suddenly, he couldn’t help but open his eyes and said, "My business with them is my business and your business."

Xiao Huang’s eyebrows sank and he said coldly, "The world just doesn’t want you to get hurt. Xiao Qing and Xiao Ye are not simple people, and it is necessary to be involved in the imperial strife. It is safer for you to stay away from them."
"They’re just my friends. I’m not involved in what they did to me."
Xiao Huang felt a little better when he heard that Su Wan treated Xiao Qing and Xiao Ye as ordinary friends. Of course, he didn’t go into his mind at the moment.
"That being said, if you have much contact, how can you not be affected?"
Xiao Huang really doesn’t want Su Wan and Xiao Qing Xiao Ye to get too close to each other. First, they are an eyesore and in a bad mood. Second, those two guys are not idle roles. He is afraid that Su Wan will be in trouble if he gets too close to them.
However, Su Wan was too lazy to pay attention to his words, provoking a slender eyebrow and sneering at him coldly. "Xiao Shi, that’s my business. What do I do like you?"
She stopped suddenly and said, "I found one thing. You seem to hate the royal family. Aren’t you a royal brother? You are a Jing Wangfu, but you are a relative of the royal family. Why do you hate them so much?"
Su Wan’s words fell to a good man, who suddenly stopped all over and gathered the cold charm’s murderous breath. His eyebrows screwed up slightly and passed in his eyes. The light was like two drawn swords, and it was cold and abnormal. Even when he spoke, it was cold and there was no temperature.
"Ladies, have you ever heard a word? The more you don’t know, the faster you will die."
Su Wan first stared at Xiao Huang with an ugly face. "Then get out of here. I don’t want to know anything about you. My name is Su Wan."
Su Wan’s fire, Xiao Huang’s cold and grumpy body slowly dispersed. He picked thick black eyebrows and smiled in his eyes. "This is my exclusive name after I gave it to you. I think this name is better than yours."
Su Wan was directly laughed at by him, pointed at his nose and said, "Who are you? You even gave me a name. Are you my father or my mother?"
After she finished, she thought this sentence was very funny. She looked at Xiao Huang and blinked her eyes. "Xiao Shi, do you say that you are my father or my mother, or should I call you father?"
This time Xiao Huang’s face turned black, and the little witch was asleep, and he told his father to get out.
"Ladies, ladies, what do you think you did to me is worse than an animal? You can call my father a good daughter with the cheek. You call me a try. I’d like to see how animal you are."
Xiao Huang black face grinding his teeth and then faint sneer.
As soon as Su Wan heard about him, he settled down, raised his hand and beat the soft couch around him, hating what he wanted to sleep with, and what he would sleep with.
Xiao Huang also next to faint said, "you don’t know when I was scared, there was such a big woman in this world who stripped people by hand."reads;

He didn’t have to go behind. Su Wan has a black face and thundered, "Shut up and say one more word and I’ll tear your mouth off."
She said that she didn’t give Xiao Huang a chance to face the outside of the carriage and asked, "Why hasn’t the gate arrived yet?"
NieZhiYuan heavy child.when outside "miss the horse will arrive"
On one side of the carriage, Xiao Huang smiled faintly, and his eyebrows could not say that he was happy. It was really cool to win once, but he didn’t dare to over-stimulate the little witch again, for fear that she would fight for a larger foe. Besides, the two of them were a little explicit. Although he was closed, Nie Zhiyuan was very skilled and could not hear anything, so let’s not say anything more.
The carriage drove all the way to the city gate.
There is a sea of people outside the city gate at this time, so there is no excitement, because there is a play going on here, and many people come to watch the excitement.
I don’t know when a wooden stake was erected high outside the city gate, but a naked man was tied up with no clothes on. Of course, this is not the point. The point is that this man’s private parts were destroyed by someone with blood stains. At this time, the man was already in a coma. In the past, his wooden stake was pasted with a blank sheet of paper to write the crime committed by this man. It turned out that the concubine was caught in the act of stealing others, and then he destroyed his body and tied a wooden stake to let everyone see this bitch field.
Because of the crime written in white paper, everyone is talking about it. Most people speculate that this guy must be some big official or concubine, or else he wouldn’t have been put into this mess. Although the man was tied to a stake, no one dared to move at the moment, and the soldiers guarding the city gate didn’t dare to be motivated. I don’t know who was behind this man. I quickly sent someone to inform General Wei Cui Ying.
Cui Ying, the general of Wei, controls and guards the 16th Battalion of Tiger Riding in Beijing. These soldiers are responsible for protecting the public order in Beijing. It is natural to report this to General Wei.
General Wei has not arrived.
Anguo Houfu carriage arrived at the carriage. When Su Wan heard the excitement outside, he gently lifted the curtain and looked out. He saw that the person tied to the stake was the former Xia Jia Xia Nan who rode her body and strangled her predecessor.
This man Su Wan didn’t want to let go, but he has been busy all the time since he crossed over. Besides, this man hasn’t been in Anguo Houfu since the accident that night. She didn’t find a chance. I didn’t expect that now he should be ruined and stripped naked and tied with a stake. What a pity!
Su Wan’s face is full of pity, but her eyes are shining with brilliance. This is the world newspaper. I don’t know how many women have been destroyed with such a villain. Now it’s ruined and ugly.
Su Wan couldn’t help muttering "It’s really ugly"
When she said that Xiao Huang leaned against the carriage, his face was black and his eyes were dark. He wanted to take her to watch the fun, but he forgot that Na Xia Nan was naked and even exposed her private parts. If this could make ladies see it, Xiao Huang leaned over and covered Su Wan’s eyes and dragged her into the carriage.