It’s simple. We fell asleep together …

The sun is just noon when the cotton in the blue sky is like a cloud.
The wind at the top of the mountain weakened slightly, and Zhang’s eyebrows moved. He slowly opened his eyes and fell asleep. Seeing my little girl Zhang smiled and remembered the scenes at night, his heart felt quite happy.
Wu Yu was still asleep, and she curled up with Zhang Yang’s pillow, and his arm was still smiling sweetly, like a charming sleeping beauty.
Zhang didn’t move, but quietly slept. Wu Yu, with her cherry-like attractive red lips, slightly bent her long eyelashes and refined her nose.
In particular, Zhang Yang, a little red face, was tempted to take a bite. "This goblin is simply charming all beings! God is really kind to me and has given me such a lovely and beautiful little girl. "
Stay with Zhang Yang! Stunned! Dementia! Stunned!
"it’s over! The lethality is too great and fierce! No! " Zhang throat micro couldn’t help but swallow a sigh. He quickly told himself that he couldn’t.
But Zhang Yang can’t control his eyes. My little girl is too beautiful, too delicate and too attractive for him to stay!
The faint girl’s fragrance into Zhang Yang’s nose made him feel that this fragrance was much more than the delicate fragrance and wine when he was born. Of course, Zhang Yang knew whether it was psychological or not.
Although Wu Yu is still a little girl’s delicate body, she has already seen her beauty at first sight. The proud bimodal snow is greasy and soft, and Zhang Yang’s chest is slightly deformed, but it shows more natural beauty!
Zhang some just can’t hold his strong chest and feel the soft beauty of Wu Yu’s charming body as if he would melt the mountains.
The lotus root arm is slightly fat, slender, white and sultry.
Navel … Zhang Yang stayed!
His breathing is heavy, his blood gas is surging, his heart rate is fast, and he is like a teleport! A face is red, hot and itchy!
Suddenly, Zhang Yang remembered Wu Yu’s words "It’s a little too fast" when it was dark. He couldn’t help but think of another meaning of this sentence "It’s too fast now, then you can … damn it, calm down!"
Immediately, Zhang Yangxin cursed himself, "Asshole is not such a beautiful and lovely girl. Damn it!"
Scold is scolded. Why does Zhang Yang seem to be cheap and tell?
Zhang Yang tried his best to control his physiological reaction, fearing that his reaction would wake Wu Yu up. Zhang Yang exerted yin and cold yuan to put out the evil fire by abdominal pressure.
Zhang Yang is a child, but how can he feel better if he can suppress it? He is very doubtful whether he will leave sequelae in the future.
Although he felt uncomfortable, he endured "my little girl is only fifteen years old and still doesn’t understand a lot of things, and she doesn’t really like me. I can’t take advantage of others."
Of course, Zhang Yang, who is one year older than Wu Yu, doesn’t necessarily know everything. Li Dabao laughed at Zhang Yang’s words as "pretending to be old."
Zhang tightly closed his eyes and forcibly suppressed his senses. Wu Yu’s body did not dare to look at the person he liked. He was afraid of things that he could not control.
Zhang transferred his thoughts and thought about some things. "Where did Wu Yu’s black flame come from? And how did we end up here? "The Soul-eating Tactics" may not be complete, and the road to practice in the future will still not be calm. "
Zhang was thinking about suddenly feeling as if someone was himself. He slowly opened his eyes and saw Wu Yu still resting on his arm. A pair of beautiful big eyes blinked at himself.
Zhang startled Wu Yu when he opened his eyes! My little girl’s eyes closed instantly and curled up, and Zhang Yang kept trembling.
Wu Yu closed her eyes tightly, her eyelashes kept trembling and her face flushed. At this time, her heart was as confused as a hundred kittens scratching, but it was mostly messy.
She remembered the scenes at night, which were both ashamed and resentful and had a different mood.
Seeing Wu Yu seems to be very scared, and Zhang Yangxin is very guilty. "I must have scared her last night. Damn it!"
Zhang forcibly controlled himself and waited for a while. Wu Yu still closed his eyes and didn’t talk.
Two people are hugging each other. Zhang can feel Wu Yu’s heart beating fast, but also can feel my girl’s body burning.
Zhang Yang first broke the silence by saying, "Thank you. If you hadn’t saved me, I would have died."
"Where is the original pride Wu Yu? What are you afraid of him? He just saved my life. What’s so terrible about him? "Wu Yu’s brain constantly combed his thoughts and encouraged himself.
Her heart once again told herself, "Don’t change, don’t be afraid. He is a liar, a fool and a bad guy. I don’t believe him."
Wu Yu curled up, Zhang Yanghuai’s heart beat faster, and he continued to comb his mood and his atmosphere.
Wu Yulai is a more decisive person. When saving Zhang Yang at night, he was very direct and didn’t think much, but a series of things happened that made this inexperienced girl feel a little confused.
Wu Yu still doesn’t talk, Zhang Yang doesn’t talk well, and he doesn’t know what to do. He has to close his eyes and wait for Chapter 89 to say "Double major".
Chapter 89 said double major?
May be Wu Yu interlinked her eyes suddenly wide open, a pair of beautiful eyes staring at Zhang like a demonstration []
Then Wu Yu pretended to be calm and said, "You saved me and I’ll save your life. You’re a big liar and you’ll fool people. Do you think you’ve had a lot of love? Otherwise, how do you know so many ways to cut off? "
Wu Yu can’t get up. Zhang is naturally more willing to lie and hug the tender and creamy little beauty. His heart is wonderful, of course, and he can’t show it.
He showed nai look. "You said I was fooling people, so it’s not the truth. I’m only sixteen, okay? It’ s just that I’ ve experienced it for more than a dozen times from birth. Do you believe that I am a child? "
"Hum! You deliberately approached me, first hitting me in the foot and then pretending to protect me. So you knew Nangong Qi, and after you colluded, you were able to save me before you said that you were motivated? " Wu Yu jiao man Dao

Jiang Xiuwen, who came from the Ferris wheel, was considerate and sent a driver to pick them up.

Meng Yudong was already sleepy. When she got on the bus, she was already asleep.
Cheng Dongyang looked at his little face in his arms and Cheng Yuyang’s words rang out in his ear. What was he going to do with her? He knew what he was going to do. If he really marries Sitong, he can’t have another woman! Including this one, her!
He closed his eyes and unconsciously held her tighter.
When she got to the building, she slept like a log. He had to hold her upstairs and took the stairs to press the stairs. As soon as he went out, he saw his mother in front of the door.
His mother was waiting for him at the door in a fur coat, and he froze for a long time.
Xu wen hua’s face changed greatly when he appeared with Meng Yudong in his arms, but it was late now. She said calmly, "Open the door!"
Meng Yudong also woke up. As soon as she turned around, she saw xu wen hua find herself busy coming to Cheng Dongyang.
Cheng Dongyang let her go to the front door. xu wen hua gave her a cold look and walked in first. She walked in slowly.
"Dongdong, aren’t you sleepy? Go to sleep first! " Cheng Dongyang said to her
She nodded, and she was also somewhat afraid of xu wen hua and went to sleep in her room.
"Your grandfather waited for you for a long time. It’s not like you to leave the driver at home in Dongyang in the middle of the night." xu wen hua said to the unhappy couple.
Cheng Dongyang looked at his mother coldly and said, "Mom, is there anything we can talk about tomorrow? It’s late now, I’m going to sleep. "
"You go back with me and have breakfast with your grandparents early." Just come to xu wen hua and take away?
Cheng Dongyang’s eyes grew colder and colder. "Mom knows why Xiyang doesn’t want to stay at home for a day and stay in Beijing and don’t want to come back? It is because you always like to control everything that you have manipulated me for 30 years. Should it stop? Chapter 15 Girls should lead an honest and clean life.
"Dongyang, you really changed a Meng Yudong to let you do this to me?" Xu wen hua looked pale and shocked.
Cheng Dongyang is not in a good mood today. It is even more annoying to hear his mother say so. "Mom, can you let me spend a quiet night? I will go back one day. Would you please go back first? "
Xu wen hua is really itchy. That woman is just across the door from her. She can’t argue with her son, but she wants to take him away. She can’t let this woman take him away.
"Dongyang, what you just said really hurts people, do you know?" She walked to the front of the son and said earnestly, "Does Dongyang Mom care if she comes here tonight?"? You said your horse wants it. "
"Mom, don’t push me." Cheng Dongyang was blacker and interrupted his mother to speak. "You go home. Now I want to rest. I believe your driver is waiting for me to take you there."
Xu wen hua nodded and followed the son.
Into the ladder xu wen hua or unwilling to say "do you really want to go with that Meng Yudong so you put the silk tung in the ground? Didn’t you see how sad it was when you said you wouldn’t get married for a while at dinner today? "
Cheng Dongyang said with a cold face, "Mom, I know I will solve it."
"Dongyang’s parents are not forcing you to get married, but you have to think about it. You are the grandparent of Laocheng, and your grandparents are so old. You are thinking about four generations under one roof and you want to hug your great-grandson. Do you think about it?" Xu wen hua earnestly advised the son.
Cheng Dongyang didn’t speak. He doesn’t want to talk about this now. He doesn’t want to talk about it at all. Besides, he doesn’t even care about Dong Dong.
"Break up with her early and listen to mom once?" Xu wen hua son moved to persuade way
At this time, the ladder door opened and he sent his mother to the bus. When she took the driver’s car, he slowly replied, "I will."
Xu wen hua put his heart at ease and smiled at his son. "Will you come back early tomorrow?"
"Be careful, Mom" and he gave her the door to let the driver drive.
Meng Yudong’s room has long been sleepy, and she can hear clearly what is happening outside. She sent her mother to Cheng Dongyang and probably won’t come back. I didn’t expect that she heard the door ring again in a few minutes.
When he came back, her heart was shocked and she quickly closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.
Cheng Dongyang entered the room to see her eyes closed. He smiled. He was sure that this girl was definitely pretending to sleep.
He took off his coat, changed his clothes and got into bed to warm her arms. He put his hands around her neck and rubbed her chest. He didn’t believe that she could still sleep at this time.
Meng Yudong really can’t put it on. His chest hurts. She grabs his wrist. "Didn’t you go back with your mother?"
"I’m not a child. I have to go back as soon as my mother picks me up," Cheng Dongyang said, turning her over and letting her face herself. "What are you pretending to sleep?"
"If your grandparents come, you should go home to accompany them." Meng Yudong’s words are true, as if she wanted to have grandparents!
"Why do you want my mother to take care of my affairs?" Cheng Dongyang some unhappiness, she this is to drive him away?
"No," she’s not qualified. Forget it. She still said how wrong she was. "I’m sleepy. Let’s sleep!"

"It’s almost the same. Don’t play for a while and you’re really angry." Snow advised that once you’re really angry, you’ll be in trouble.

"Well, call them now." Fei nodded. Of course, she also knows that she is fierce.
The sound of "inflammation" can be boring to death.
"How did you just call me? Where have you been? Why hasn’t it arrived yet? " It’s almost time to talk in a hurry.
"Well ~ well, tell me how you are feeling first." At this time, Fei is still in the mood to joke.
"What do you say!" The nangongshan inflammation gnashed her teeth and said that a few people in the distance were still watching.
"Ha ha, you look to your left rear" Fei said while holding back a smile and waved in the direction of Nangong inflammation.
Nangong Yan was very obedient and looked to his left rear. It was good to see Fei swinging at him with one hand and the other, so it was smooth that he set up a crossroads on his forehead and didn’t smash his mobile phone to the ground.
Next to Ouyang Night and Guan Ming, he found that Nangongyan looked back and his expression was not right. Looking down his line of sight, sure enough, the expressions of the two people also changed, and their foreheads hung up the crossroads.
The anthomaniac found that several people’s expressions were wrong, as if three people were angry and they were very angry. Nobody wanted to be cannon fodder.
The three people walked in the direction of the snow, and their expressions were not very good. When they passed by, they all avoided three people. Three people walked unimpeded and came to the early side to see the joke. Three girls stood by and tried to look at them.
The latter looked at them as if all this was not their fault. They were koos.
"When will you arrive?" The nangongshan inflammation looked at the Philippines said
"Well ~ ~ ~ it’s not long, it’s only about ten minutes. We’ve been watching since you were surrounded by the anthomaniac legion, including your outbreak. We also saw it." Fei looked at Nangongyan very koo-koo.

"Sura, you, you talked?" Yang night happily walked over and stretched out his hand to touch it.

Sura was frightened and jumped, staring at Yang Ye’s hand nervously, but his voice became vague and growled again.
Yang night looked at Xi Shi and Zheng Dan and looked at their palms, thinking that this would not have something to do with my ability, would it?
Xi Shi and Zheng Dan were stunned for a while, and suddenly they were in high spirits together. At the same time, they walked over to Sura, clapping and coaxing, but Sura could not say a word anyway. They looked at Yang night with special grievances, as if to say that I didn’t recruit you. Why did you burn me …
Just as Yang night looked at Sura’s grievance and laughed, Qian Bo knocked at the door and entered the room. He looked a little nervous and looked at Xi Shi and Zheng Dan and asked Yang night again.
Yang night shook his head and said with a smile, "Go ahead, Qian Bo said they don’t know what it is."
Xi Shi and Zheng Dan looked at each other inexplicably and saw that Yang Ye and Qian Bo were considerate and pulled Sula into the set.
"Is there news?" Yang Ye asked Qian Bo Qian Bo Yang’s family worked hard for many years, and the real purpose of Yang Ye’s coming to the Jinshi Islands was that he knew that Yang Ye could rest assured and relax for a few days because many things were handled and confessed by Qian Bo.
Qian Bo walked into Yang Ye and whispered, "There’s news from the front desk. The brothers Cold Tianya and Cold Sunset have come."
"Oh?" Yang night glared at one eye "has come? Hehe, don’t say we are here if you don’t talk to the hotel there. "
"It’s already confessed." Qian Bo nodded and saw that Yang Ye’s face was not there. It said that he couldn’t help asking, "What shall we do with the gentleman’s face?"
"What should I do? Hehe, the cold brothers are here to spend money on vacation. Don’t you drive them away? " Yang Ye continued to smile and turned around to ask Qian Bo, "My father told me that the Jinshi Islands are the same as the Yang family’s half-life. So there must be guards or guards on the second and third islands of the mining and experimental stone mines?"
Qian Bo looked at Yang night slightly leng for a while and then gently shook his head "alas ….. gentleman Qian Bo to bothersome a few words again. It’s nothing to do with family affairs before you, especially after the master married Bai Niang …"
"Stop it! Qian Bo, let’s talk about serious ideological and moral education. After class, I’ll ask you to make up for it. "Yang Yexiao Xiao" Well, although it’s nothing, you should still find some reliable and clever students in the hotel to monitor the actions after a cold world and a cold sunset island. "
"Nothing? Young master, you can’t take it lightly. Don’t forget what we are doing in the Jinshi Islands! " Qian Bo a little nasty "you can’t take these seriously! Young’s family can have a present inheritance, but several generations have worked hard to fight for it. You don’t know, gentleman, as early as 160 years ago, the parking stall in front of the Palace Hotel in Daxing Village, Tuen Mun, Zhang Daji’s ancestors and brothers were ambitious. Who knew that Zhang was swept up 13 times a day on average in less than half a month, and six brothers died a year … "
"Good good Qian Bo now is not to say that this time" Yang night quickly to Qian Bo with the wave "you said goodbye to my past, you see I’m not completely changed now! Just tell me if there are any guards and how many people there are. "
Qian Boxiao looked down on the Yang family gentleman as his own child. He was naturally happy when he saw that Yang night was getting better and better. After laughing, he recovered. "Oh, there are guards on the second island and the third island, but I’m not sure about the actual number. There are about six or seven hundred people."
"There are so many people in the two islands?"
"Ha ha master hired these guards to take out any one to be a bodyguard of the head of state." Qian Boxiao smiled. "Master often said that people are more expensive than essence. For example, each of the large group companies in our Yang family flag …"
"Line line" Yang night crazy this Qian Bo bothersome problem eventually didn’t change "Qian Bo you help me to contact the guards on Island 2 and Island 3, and then give me a tool that can contact them at any time"
"Gentleman, what are you …" Qian Bo hesitated.
"Hehe, the brothers Qian Bo Leng are definitely on vacation, but others are not so honest." Yang Ye curled his mouth and looked out of the window. "Do you think the cold food brothers would go out in person if they really had any ideas?"
It’s true that the cold end of the world and the cold sunset have come, and they definitely came with other ideas. Of course, they can’t do anything in person. Because the cold end of the world and the cold sunset have just arrived at Island No.1, they have known that the Young family gentleman and the second young master have also arrived at the island in less than half an hour.
It’s normal that Yang’s family is half-alive, and there is such a large stone archipelago, including this No.1 island resort. How can the Leng family not have people here? How can there be no undercover? Besides, the cold brothers know that they want an island, so their every move will be monitored by the Yang family.
"Brother, why are you so serious? Let’s go on holiday!" Cold sunset sitting luxury suite sofa hands behind the pillow said with a smile
"vacation? Sunset! Have you forgotten what father asked us to do? " Cold Tianya nervous room walked back and forth "we island! Hmm! Coming! What should I do next? What should I do? "
"Are you still nervous?" The cold sunset changed its posture, lying on the sofa with one hand leaning on his head. "If you hadn’t run from Cong to greet Master Yang, we wouldn’t have been in so much trouble."
"Me? What’s wrong with me? Me? I didn’t want the Yang family to be suspicious of us! Sunset, is this your eldest brother’s wisdom? " Lengtianya argued
"Eldest brother! How many times have I told you! Don’t call people how ugly the sunset is. It would be more appropriate to call me Xiaoxi or Xixi. "The cold sunset frowned and complained at the cold horizon."
Cold Tianya glowered at his younger brother, then hung his head. He was used to the cold sunset. I don’t know if he made a mistake at the beginning. This cold sunset was particularly feminine when he was young, and it became more and more serious as he grew up. He not only liked men at home, but also often touched the handsome male servant’s ass. He rolled his eyes at the maid. His father didn’t like it, but the cold sunset was really clever and did things by hook or by crook. In recent years, the cold family has grown up a lot of intrigues, which is in line with his father’s cold personality, and the cold sunset trend
"Eldest brother, don’t worry. I told you everything was arranged." The cold sunset ignored the cold end of the world and glared at the sofa, leaning against the body and playing with my nails.
"Do you have a brain! Haven’t you heard that the young family gentleman and the second young master are also islands? Is it our intention to expose them? " Cold Tianya wouldn’t fight if he saw his brother was not male or female. If his father hadn’t always been partial to this bitch, his brother cold Tianya would have beaten him up.
"I think you are mindless. Hee hee Yang’s brothers are here. It’s better to make them pay attention to the two of us here, so we can steal the bill." Cold sunset said, taking out a tube of anti-cracking lipstick from his pocket, pouting and smearing it carefully, and then sipping his lips. Eldest brother smiled and said, "Besides, eldest brother, you also know that the two young masters and second young masters of Yang’s family, Yang Xugen, are still like children, especially the gentleman who has no IQ after hee hee. Ignore family affairs and have a bad relationship with Master Yang Zhenkui. Didn’t you run away from home for a while? Hehe, those two idiots couldn’t do anything to us even if I told them the plan! "
"Well … you make sense. I’ve seen the gentleman Yang Ye and Nan Rong Magic play together once before. That little guy really didn’t have any brains to play with us!" Lengtianya sneered thoughtfully and then shook his head. "Alas, it’s a pity that that beautiful young lady of Nanrong family got engaged to such an idiot!"
The cold sunset suddenly lifted its neck and dumped a hair. "Hum! What’s so good about women! I hate women the most! " "Don’t you think a man’s strong chest muscles are the most charming?"
Cold Tianya looked at his brother’s mouth slightly cramped and a cold sweat oozed from his forehead.
Jinshi Islands is located in the northwest of Sanyang and Boat-fruited Sterculia, the world’s four seas, with a total area of about 110,000 square kilometers. The smallest place on the No.1 Island of Jinshi Islands was turned into a holiday resort after the stone mine was exhausted due to its excellent geographical environment. However, because it is too close to the No.2 Island and No.3 Island, all vacationers who travel to No.1 holiday island must obtain special approval from the Yang family and pay a considerable amount of deposit to prevent anyone from trespassing on No.2 Island and No.3 Island..
But there are exceptions. For example, the Leng brothers don’t have to pay a deposit for this island holiday because they personally greeted Master Yang Zhenben. Actually, Yang has already given it a gold card for the four families. It is not enough for all the members of the four families to make a 95% discount on the island except for not paying a deposit … Hehe, it is impossible for every island vacationer to turn around without a million.
It is said that anyone who can spend a holiday on Nengdao must treat money like dirt in addition to his distinguished family background. Does that money treat him like a dirt man, Jinshi Islands Resort? I can’t even imagine that it’s a place where people with more money can afford to wipe their ass. There is no doubt that rich people and people without money vomit after drinking too much, but the things they spit out are definitely different. The world that Yang lived in before night is like this, or is it like this? Where is the powerless society? How can there be a great world?
Far away from the Jinshi Islands, except for Island No.1, Island No.2 and Island No.3 are closed to the outside world. Both islands have a group of young people who spend a lot of money to hire guards. Each of these people has extraordinary skills and has ex-military special forces soldiers. There are anti-terrorist elites before switching jobs; There are former film and television star stuntmen; Have a terrorist score before quitting the organization; There is a front teahouse to talk about it; A paparazzi reporter who resigned as a former entertainment publication; Pre-service professional boxing champion, wrestling champion, free fighting champion, fencing champion, synchronized swimming champion, floor exercise champion, yoga champion, Go champion … They formed an elite guard team to be responsible for the safety protection of Island 2 and Island 3.
Yang Yelian, the leader, is the general manager of this guard. This general manager is very strict and meticulous, and records the arrangements made by the Yang family gentleman. In addition to secretly monitoring the Leng brothers and their entourage, we must strengthen the guards on Island No.2 and Island No.3 these days. In addition, Yang Ye also arranged a special island No.2 for this general manager …
In order to avoid the cold brothers, it was found that Yang Ye had been staying in the room with Xi Shi and Zheng Dan, and Sula had been able to say a relatively complete sentence intermittently, which became the only pleasure for these three people to stay in the room.
Real Yang night has been waiting for the news of the little girl. He knows that this girl will never talk about it. Even if she is ready, she will ask Yang night to go to Island No.2, which is straightforward, simple, persistent, … The girl with big breasts is so dead set on liking the Mu family. What nonsense gentleman Mu Mingfeng? This made Yang Yefa restrain his hostility to Mu Mingfeng before he met him.

"ah ah"

The field is close to Miss Qin, and the teenagers immediately cover their eyes and exclaim. This magical sword releases a radiant light, which is very terrible and intimidating. When the eyes touch it, it hurts immediately. Many teenagers immediately retreat behind after screaming.
What kind of sword is this? How can you have such terror and coercion? Many experts are looking at the elders or President Xiao with questions.
The elders of the refining alliance saw the sword in front of Miss Qin. This time, their eyes not only bulged out, but also were full of bloodshot. They really fell off and shivered and could not say a word again.
President Xiao seems to be lost in a dream, and his eyes are fixed on the radiant magic sword, and he is no longer willing to move it. Everyone is not a fool. From the face of all the elders of President Xiao, the sword refined by Miss Qin is no small matter, which definitely exceeds that of Miss Xiao and Ma Yun.
Several young players in the refining alliance stopped refining together, and they all stared at the magic sword in front of Miss Qin. They had never seen such a magic sword before, and today they were an eye-opener.
Ma Yun’s face darkened immediately, although he didn’t know what quality the sword refined by Miss Qin had reached. But he knows that his sword must be much worse?
Miss Xiao stared at Miss Qin’s magic sword, and her face changed greatly. She gasped, her lips trembled for a long time, but there was no sound.
"What the hell is this treasure? How can it shine?"
"It’s like an Excalibur."
"What’s the matter with President Xiao? Has he never seen this kind of sword? "
"God, this is incredible."
Everyone immediately talked about it, and there was a lot of noise in the moment. There is one thing that everyone can’t figure out. Miss Bai Qin has failed three times just now. How can she forge such a magical sword with those wastes? Did she become a fairy?
"It should be ok."
Just as everyone was full of praise for the sword refined by Miss Qin in front of them, I didn’t know what quality it had achieved. When the stadium gave out a charming drink, Liu Liner smiled and kicked off the tripod cover. A radiant golden sword flew out and emerged in front of everyone.
Everyone can’t help but be a little silly. Two swords come out one after another. A magical field is silent for a moment. Chapter three hundred and ninety-one Youth League Match (8)
"oh, my god"
"What is this sword? How to face and spirit fire? "
"It seems that the spirit fire is still a’ spirit fire’. No wonder it gives off light with great lethality."
Immediately after everyone was shocked, everyone chattered. When the elders heard the crowd screaming, their heads were groggy and they didn’t wake up, they turned their eyes to Lu Liner’s side. At the sight of the ever-flowing flashing spirit fire, it was like being stabbed with a knife and gave a shudder. Hold the chair with both hands immediately or I’m afraid I will faint on the spot.
President Xiao is almost the same. When he saw the sword face emerging beside Liu Liner, he even gave me a hint of fear. Fortunately, Xiao Guzhu held him back or I’m afraid I would make a fool of myself.
All the people in the field looked at President Xiao inexplicably. What exactly are the jewels refined by two big beauties? Actually scared President Xiao of the refining alliance?
"this, this"
Miss Xiao stared at the sword in front of Liu Liner and was so scared that she trembled and hesitated for a long time but still could not speak.
At this time, everyone’s eyes were on the sword beside the two beautiful women, and then they turned to President Xiao. Everyone’s eyes were full of expectation, hoping that President Xiao could answer their questions.
Seeing President Xiao like that, the teenagers next to him had already prepared the chair. President Xiao had been sitting on the chair with his hands gently stroking his chest and panting for a few minutes before he woke up a little. All eyes were almost staring at him, and he was a little embarrassed to smile. When he got up, the teenagers next to him immediately held him for fear that he would be unstable.
President Xiao was really a little weak, so he let the teenagers hold the body and cough for a while before looking up at the two beautiful girls. He was very excited and said, "Miss Qin’s refining is a treasure with a level of’ gods’ that is even more terrible than the level of’ power’."
President Xiao is so excited. After all, this kind of "God" jewel, Nanliang State, has lived for more than a hundred years and has never seen it. Now two little girls suddenly appear. Can you imagine the vibration in his heart? He took a few breaths in succession and took a rest. He continued, "The jewel refined by Miss Lu has a deity fire, but it is a jewel with a deity level higher than the deity level."
"oh, my god"
"so horrible"
"Wizards, ghosts and talents"
Hearing President Xiao’s words, there was a scream and applause immediately, and the people outside cheered loudly. After nine days of shock, the whole competition square was boiling, and everyone rushed to the front of the two girls to get a closer look.
Suddenly, there was a lot of excitement, and everyone was whispering.
It was not until the crowd gradually recovered calm that President Xiao explained to everyone with passion that "Miss Qin, although refined, is a treasure, but with her refined’ God’ level, she can jump two steps in a row, which is comparable to an ordinary treasure; Although the jewel refined by Miss Lu is a jewel, it can be compared with an extremely precious jewel. That is to say, this sword refined by Miss Lu has surpassed the jewels refined by her cousin Xiao Ni. "
"What about my sword?"
Before President Xiao’s words were finished, suddenly there was a big drink.
At this time, everyone at the venue gathered their eyes to listen to President Xiao’s explanation. As soon as his face showed surprise, he was startled by a big drink. Some people even shuddered. Everyone was a little angry and immediately turned to stare at the venue and shouted at people.
Unexpectedly, it was the abnormal teenager Tang Jun?
Tang Jun ignored the angry eyes "crash" and kicked the tripod cover. A radiant sword flew out immediately and was thrown in the middle by him directly.

I’ve done everything

Don’t admit it?
Don’t be such a j-dog if you’re not a gentleman, right?
"I don’t know what you’re talking about." Ning Zi Xuan acted like a fool.
Liu Moliang has some doubts.
"You really don’t know?"
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"You really don’t know?"
Look at Liu Mo’s cool appearance.
Ning Zixuan evoked corners of the mouth.
A small margin
Liu Moliang didn’t pay attention.
"She’s my sister. I’m worried if you don’t worry."
Ning Zixuan said nervously
And complain that they don’t go to Ann to find her.
"So …" Liu Mo cool some doubts.
But the eyes can’t find Ann.
Should she not come to Ning Zi Xuan?
Should we go directly to Ann?
My sister lost it.
Even if you are not a relative.
Someone who has a deep relationship with Ann.
Will you be in a hurry?
This is my sister who has lived with her for more than ten years.
"Where did you say you broke up with Ann?" Liu Moliang asked
Let’s ask clearly.
If you don’t ask clearly
My brother asked later.
It’s worse to die by yourself! !
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It’s worse to die by yourself! !
"If I knew to return it?" Ning Zi Xuan smiles.
I don’t know the sample at all
"Where do you go back with her?" Liu Moliang asked more and more confused.
They both go together.
How can you disappear when you leave school?
A living man can’t disappear.
It’s impossible to disappear for no reason
Ning Zi Xuan also won’t feel strange?

-evil guest! Absolutely evil!

How could it be so violent if it wasn’t a bad guest? How can you be so rude if you are not a bad guest? How can you be so reckless if you are not a bad guest? If it weren’t for the evil guests, how could they attack the city and plunder the land like this?
Welcome the evil guest! Welcome evil guests to do it! Britney Spears while snickering and laughing and being happy!
Biddy was not idle, and the waves attacked Britney Spears. At the same time, she pressed Gu Lian on her hip to make Gu Lian’s mouth red. She made a rude move and had a bad attitude. No waves!
Without changing posture, the waves attacked for more than ten minutes in one breath and shouted at Biddy, "Change people!"
Biddy smiled and pushed Gu Lian up. The waves handfuls of Britney Spears pushed the table and put the plump Gu Lian on the table.
This time, the waves put Gu Lian in a different posture. Ao Xue is facing Britney Spears, but she is facing him. This time, Gu Lian is posing sideways, holding one leg high and her other leg on the table. The pike shakes a gun, distracting and stabbing …
This time, the difference is not sad, it is directly joyful singing, because Gu Lian is the last one to be favored, and the water is wet, greasy and slippery, and there is no dry feeling.
Tonight, the waves are enjoying the happiness of the people, and the combination of things and things is self-contained.
Miss Hong Feng Mei’s tall face is proud and cold with a Leng Yan color.
Miss Green has two dimples when she smiles on her cheeks. She is very good at benefiting her own advantages. She always smiles before entering the door and sees the out-of-control situation. Then she looks at the foreign girl Beatty Zhan Yan and laughs. "Why do you two fight with each other and let the Americans watch the game next to you? Isn’t it a fisherman’s gain? "
The waves laughed. "What a clam fight! However, this foreign girl friend is not a fisherman. She is also here to enjoy a clam. Today, we have clams here. No fishermen gossip about undressing! "
Miss green laughed. "Are you really anxious to get to the point without a prelude?"
"I’m afraid to come. No, I want to fuck you first!" The waves actually sang a song. Who can say that he has no interest "until your legs have traces of me …"
The red lady Feng Mei also smiled and said, "Brother Hai is really slutty!" Take off your clothes as you speak.
Miss green is more subtle and slowly undresses. When she dresses beautifully and naturally, it will make people feel relaxed and pleasing to the eye instead of * *.
Two lively and fragrant bodies were soon exposed to the light. After the red lady took off her clothes, she was slim, tall and round. * * Slender waist. jade bone’s ice muscles were very well-proportioned and thin, just right. Miss Green was slightly plump but equally well-proportioned and fat, which did not show plump, greasy and sexy charm.
Tall figure, self-introduction, Aoxue Fengmanshen Village, Gu Lian.
Aoxue was the first to undress and walk lightly to the side of the waves. Although Gu Lian was a step slow, she would please the guests and kneel in front of the waves. take off your coat.
The waves hug left and right, enjoying the happiness of the people. For a moment, the warblers in the room are talking about spring scenery.
Biddy, a foreign girl, also slowly undressed and joined the fray. When she undressed, her tall figure almost eclipsed Aoxue. In addition, she practiced a strong muscle for many years, and her feminine beauty really attracted the envy of three oriental girls.
What Beatty values most is that Britney Spears has reached out and kissed Britney Spears.
Britney Spears also likes Biddy’s bodybuilding muscles, so she regards Biddy as the hero and herself as the heroine, and plays gay with Biddy.
Britney Spears is a high-class prostitute who has also received training in foreign languages, although she can’t have in-depth conversations like "Yu,OK?" "FK rice" and so on will still talk about it. When Beatty pressed her on her hip, Britney Spears looked up for a while and asked Beatty, "Yu,OK?"
“OK! OK!” Biddy was very satisfied and rudely pressed Britney Spears’ head.
The waves are not idle here. Lushan claw first goes out to sea to explore Aoxue, a pair of proud peaks, and then wraps Aoxue with his hands downstream. The whole hip and long fingers go deep into the thigh ditch to explore delicate tender meat and sticky liquid.
A proud snow looked up to the celestial body and tightened his lips, and sent out a groan of * * bone erosion, which aroused men * * waves and fingers to move deeper and more rudely.
Gu Lian’s hands skillfully understand the waves, the belt fades, the trousers fade, and the male glory roared out. Gu Lian’s heart exulted that it was so hard and strong that it was rare for oriental men to support the waves with one hand and gently hold the waves with the other.
Male majestic and rugged, Gu Lian’s slender hands can hardly be held properly, but they can’t hold it. When Gu Lian’s red lips slowly wrap the waves, the waves still can’t help sighing. This has further stimulated his physical strength. * * Fire, hands move more violently, and explore more deeply, and explore into the thigh gap of Ao Xue’s legs …
-It’s already wet!
The male glory of the waves has now reached the level of anger, and Gu Lian’s small mouth can’t be wrapped.
The waves want to feel affection from the gallbladder. From my heart, I suddenly got up and picked up the proud snow body and strode to the table to make room for a hand to sweep away the desk debris and put the proud snow flat on the table.
Now the proud snow body is naked, the skin is fine and smooth, and the white inside is red. The touching heartstrings in the chest are two points of purples, which are even more wonderful. The whole * * graceful curve of the round and high hips is really convex, and the concave is concave and slender. The mysterious black forest and the hidden stream at the end of the legs make the waves spray blood.
The waves are gentle and fierce, and the legs are proud of the snow, like a bully’s hard bow, rough and wild pike, like a dragon, reaching the sea-
Ao Xue uttered a sad and sonorous groan, and a huge tearing pain and penetrating feeling made her tremble, and her skin was beaded with fine sweat like white jade, which seemed more fascinating and beautiful.
Once the waves enter, they will be relentless. Sprint like a storm. Look at the hip beauty and snow. * * I am tossing and turning, trying to express myself. The pleasure of the waves has reached the extreme, and it is even faster. There are definitely ten steps for a swordsman to kill one person, and thousands of miles will not leave pride and murderous look!
Galloping! Do whatever you want! Incisively and vividly!
Ao Xue’s cry startled Zhengchuang and Biddy to play gay Britney Spears. She turned to look at the waves. She was brave and majestic, and she loved and feared to love him. She was strong and hate him. She was fierce and overbearing. If she changed herself at this moment, would she be able to bear it?
Biddy also turned to enjoy the wave performance, smiled and pointed her thumb at Britney Spears and said, "That’s great!"
Britney Spears walked out of bed and slowly came to the battle site to feel the thrill of the war at close range. She felt that the war was bloody and proud. The sad cry of the snow contained great joy, and the fierce and overbearing waves made women feel a sense of stopping.
Britney Spears reached out her hand and gently stroked the waves. The muscles of the waves are strong and strong. The lines are smooth and feel good. The muscles of men are hard. Women feel the same as women’s skin is tender and smooth. Men feel the same.
The domineering expression of the waves while attacking can make men vomit blood but women love him to death!

Responding to her is a man’s gentle and spoiled smile

Feng Shao was slightly embarrassed, cleared his throat and coughed, and then held out his hand to him, pointing his shoulder constantly.
On the other hand, her shoulders are constantly gesticulating with delicate eyebrows. Together, she can see that she is seriously studying and thinking. With a hint of doubt, she constantly asks, "Is this Jun Mo Ying?" It seems that my own side is almost here, but I’m a little unsure. If the acupuncture points are right, just give me a wake-up call, okay? "
She said for a long time that she didn’t see a man’s mouth and focused her eyes on his face in some surprise, and she saw him staring at herself with a smile in his eyes.
"What’s the matter?" She blinked, somewhat dazed.
Jun Moying was asked by her remarks in distress situation. It seems that he has never heard anyone ask such a question.
But it’s also, it’s still his first Muslim thing.
"If you keep staring at the acupuncture points, you won’t … poke crooked, but there is another problem. If you keep staring, you will be discovered. You still have to rely on proficiency to omit those processes. Now you have to find the acupuncture points correctly."
"Well" phoenix shallow nodded "I just find the position is wrong? That’s … here? " As she moved her finger to his shoulder, she asked like a curious baby, "Still here?"
"Stop!" He suddenly startled Feng Shao, smiled happily and said, "Is this it?"
"Yes, here you try."
"good!" Phoenix’s shallow eyes are bright and bright, and the expectation color is shining with the light of the sky.
Raise your hand from his shoulder and aim at the place just now. Feng Shao feels that his eyes are very sour, but he dare not blink for fear that he will find the wrong place soon.
When her finger fell on his shoulder, her heart suddenly hung up and she looked at him nervously.
"Jun … Mo Ying, you … can you move now?"
I asked a word intermittently, and I was so nervous that I kept repeating my swallowing that I stuttered at the end.
Jun Mo Ying’s eyes lightly lifted and glanced at her. At the beginning, she was staring at her nervous face. The corners of her mouth couldn’t help but hook up with a low smile. "It was a stupid thing that told you where it was or couldn’t find it right."
Words fall reached out and dragged her to his leg.
Phoenix shallow just want to move her shoulders, but she was resisted by his angular points. The itchy and painful taste made her shrink a neck and failed to move. The man blew Long Xianxiang’s breath and sprinkled her face.
"Look here." He quickly stopped teasing her, raised his head and pulled her hand over his shoulder. "Would you like to try this place?"
⑧ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ 931
Phoenix’s pale face is reddish, and his eyes are folded, so he points his shoulder again in this posture.
It’s really strong. She was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to hold him because she wasn’t strong enough, so she ordered the man to laugh again.
"Don’t need such a force, you be sure …"
"A little on the left. Are your eyes crooked? How every time is not allowed … "
"Don’t suddenly curl up your fingers when you go …"
Time and time again, it turns out that Feng Shao is not the type that needs to try for three or five hours to kill people, because she finally succeeded once in less than three hours.
She was stunned by her wisdom and smiled happily at him. "Do you think I am smart?"
"I have been learning this for less than half an hour in the dark guard."
Jun Mo Ying picked a eyebrow Gherardini to wind her "Do you think you are very powerful? Chapter 76 Little thing? Are you sure you want this?
Chicken shallow choked a face of smile gradually dispersed pursed mouth mercilessly stared at him "jun ink shadow you didn’t understand the situation? If you don’t say I’m awesome, believe it or not, I don’t understand your acupuncture points? "
The man’s smile suddenly became more profound and more sincere. There was a faint light in the dark eyes, and his thin lips gently lifted, "I didn’t say that you are not bad … about my dark guards are worse."
Phoenix shallow "…"

Just at this time, the lounge door was knocked. At Peng Tian, Peng Tian nodded and went directly to the door. One person said something outside the door. Peng Tian nodded and walked back. He leaned over Mu Mingfeng’s ear and said softly, "The gentleman’s south glory is coming." He also took a look at Yang Ye.

Yang night, of course, know what it is but pretend to be very suspicious.
Mu Mingfeng got up and smiled and held out his hand at Yang Night. "Hehe, Mr. Yang, the so-called gentleman who knows the time, Junjie hopes that we can get along well. I won’t keep you if I have something to do."
Yang Ye gently holds Mu Ming’s wind hand. "Hehe, it’s more appropriate for Mr. Mu to say yes or no, but my father just passed away and I can’t let the Yang family destroy my hand."
"Young Master, don’t say that. I said that the day after tomorrow will be you and me!" Mu mingfeng has a strong grip.
"Well, I’ll go back and sort out what you want and give it to you, but we have to keep things secret so that Zhang Tianyu can’t know." Yang Ye said and looked at Mu Mingfeng suspiciously. "You … didn’t talk to Nan Ronghuan about things?"
"Of course not!" Mu Mingfeng laughed. "Of course, I want to find someone who is strong and intelligent, just like Master Yang!"
"Well, I’ll be leaving now." Yang night nodded and turned away.
Yang night away from time to time, Nanrong Magic has been led to another meeting, waiting for Mu Mingfeng to let Peng Tian send Yang night away from his followers and quickly arrived at Nanrong Magic.
"South rong gentleman! Ha, ha, ha. I didn’t expect you to come so soon. "Muming Feng stretched out his hand as he walked over.
Nan Rong is hallucinating and his expression is straightforward. "Mr. Mu, I want to talk to you alone."
Mumingfeng nodded and waved, and then several people in the hall bowed and went out. At this time, Peng Tian came in and the backhand door came to Mumingfeng’s side, and he nodded to Nanrong Magic.
See the living room is empty. Nanrong Fantasy War made a deep bow at Mu Mingfeng. "Mr. Mu, please leave our Nanrong family alone."
"Ha ha, don’t be like this, Nanrong. You just want to be with me, right?" Mu Mingfeng stretched out his hand to help Nan Ronghuan "Don’t say such a thing since we are close."
Nan Rong looked straight at Mu Mingfeng. "It’s lucky that Mr. Mu offended your hand two days ago."
Mu Mingfeng smiled and said that he had sat on the sofa. Hehe, I’m still curious about why you and Mr. Yang came to my Mu family.
South Magic also sat with a low expression showing fear and said, "Mr. Mu, you know that my father and Yang’s master Yang Zhenkui were seriously ill one after another and Yang Zhenkui died. Yang Ye and I suspected that someone in the five families secretly … visited Mu Family at night."
"Now?" Muming wind asked with a smile
Nan Rong Huan bowed again and said, "Master Mu, stop talking. I want you to let go of the Nanrong family. I can do something!"
"So I let you kill Yang Yexing?" Muming wind meaningfully asked with a smile
"What?" Nan Rong looked up at Mu Mingfeng with a fright. "This, this … I don’t know if I can go."
"Really?" Mu Mingfeng nodded and owed a suit. "But Nanrong Magic took the initiative to call me this afternoon and said that I would let him go. He is willing to destroy your Nanrong family."
"What? Yang night he incredibly …! " Nan Huan looked very surprised, but she cursed Mu Mingfeng in her heart. You are really poisonous. Play this game with me!
Muming wind twist a head Xiang Peng tianyi waved Peng Tian to walk in the previous step and took out a pocket device from his pocket to hold it in front of Nanrong Magic.
"This is a recording of Yang night talking to me," said Mu Mingfeng, who took a look at Peng Tian.
Peng Tian pressed the button on that gadget.
There’s a sound in the device
"Mu Mingfeng, I don’t want to grovel and beg for help. You can do whatever you want to keep Yang’s conditions."
"oh? Whatever? Including asking you to help me destroy your Yang family’s family friend Nanrong family? "
"Of course! At this time, everyone will take the hindmost. "
Mu Mingfeng smiled faintly. "But I left you a letter to get together with you. Do you know anything?"
Nan Rong shook his head in surprise and gratitude.
"Because I choose the right person, of course, I want to find someone with strength and intelligence, just like Master Nan Da!" Mu Mingfeng said with a bright eye.
South glory magic listen together "thank you! Thank you, Master Mu! " Talking with vicious eyes, "I didn’t expect that Yang night to be so cruel!"
"Well, we’re married to Nanrong Gentleman. I’d like to know where you and Yang Ye learned so much."
Nan Rong’s illusion paused and said quickly, "Well, Mr. Mu is a Zhang family. Zhang Wenyu taught us that once Zhang Wenyu, a young family’s Jinshi Islands, asked us if we wanted to learn severe skills, and then gave us a lesson. Yang Ye and I learned this kind of thing now." Said Nan Rong’s illusion, "I wonder why Zhang Wenyu didn’t learn so much skills. He seems to be bent on playing table tennis."
Mumingfeng nodded and looked up. Peng Tian looked at each other and exchanged a lot. There was an epiphany, truth and hatred.
"What’s that called?" Muming wind turned to look at Nan Rong’s magic question

"Coach, why can she enter Group A as soon as she arrives? In this case, we are all very dissatisfied." One of them was indignant and asked the dignified instructor.

"It’s his ability not to be dissatisfied with him going to that group. I will never arrange her casually, but I found this place by myself. If you have any dissatisfaction, you can ask him to challenge Europe. What do you say?" Uncle said angrily, gesturing that his eyes would not be wrong.
I looked at the face and said "so-called"
Face people see me as confident and not easy to question the coach’s opinion, but they don’t say anything after doing it.
"All right, that’s it, Europe. I’ll take you there." When I passed by, two of us said, "I think you should have found out that there are groups according to ability."
I nodded my head. As the name implies, groups are divided into different groups according to their ability. The more the training programs are different, the stricter they are in front, but it also means that the stronger they are, they will be regrouped every month. There is one person in one group, and everyone tries to make progress in the front group.
Chapter 16 Friends?
Chapter 16
Following the coach’s footsteps, some people shot me in the eye and finally came to a place.
The coach went in first, and those people saw that he also called and continued to practice.
I look at the people here. I didn’t see these people just now
"Stop, everyone. He’s Bing. Join your group A from today."
It dawned on me. Oh, it was Group A.
After the introduction, they were also surprised to look at me, maybe because of my appearance or something else.
"Cold, come and take her there to practice."
"good daddy"
I looked ahead, and it turned out that he was his son, and he was not bad looking.
"You are the ice. Come with me." He smiled and said.
I nodded and followed him.
He took out a piece of paper at his desk and said, "This is a training for you today. You can do it now."
So I came to this group A, where everyone worked hard and practiced there.
I haven’t talked to anyone since I came here, but I practiced there quietly.
I want to be strong and find the murderer quickly, so I train as planned every day. Besides, I continue after everyone else has rested.
With the belief that I want to be strong, I have been in the devil’s forest for a week. Because I was good at kung fu before, I can say that the people here are the strongest, but I am still not satisfied with the status quo.
On this day, everyone else went to rest and eat. The sun was about to set, and I was still practicing my gun there.
Because I practiced a lot, I showed up scarred. When the coach called me, I said I would practice for a while, but he didn’t say anything.
When I forgot to practice, suddenly a bullet missed. I shot at the front and bounced. I looked at a so-called sample. This must be another provocation. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.
A lot of people have come to see me this week, and I have turned them down. I think that’s when I was in trouble.
I kept shooting at the front card, but the bearer still didn’t intend to let me go. He still stopped me, but I didn’t succeed this time. I quickly sent another bullet straight into the center hole.
Taking off the blindfold and earmuffs, I turned around and saw three girls. One of them was holding a gun, the other was indifferent, and the other was worried.
I looked at them faintly and didn’t want to argue with them too much. I was about to go to another place when suddenly a bounce fell in front of me.
The girl with the gun said, "Hey, don’t drag us like that. We want to talk to you."
I simply said, "This way?"
"No, it’s not that we saw you practicing. You’ve already had a rest. You seem to be like this these days," said the girl with a worried face
"It’s none of your business"
"Do you have anything to come here? You can’t have no purpose, "said the cool girl.
"revenge" I said these two words quietly, but I was surprised myself how I could tell them what I wanted here.
They were all shocked. The girl with a worried face said, "Are you called an ice bar? I’m Mu Ying, the one with the gun is Bai Xinqi, and the other is Ouyang Xin. We are good friends and want to come here on our own. Our abilities here are very good, but you seem to be better than us. The thing is, we want to be friends with you, okay? "
"I don’t want to" although I said this, I was suddenly surprised to hear them say that they were friends. I once told Xiao Leng when I was naive.
Then I left, but I heard them shouting at me all the time.
Chapter 17 Grouping