A baron can come up with such an auction venue? This still surprised Feng. After all, baron is the lowest rank, and even the lowest rank has such energy. It is even more unimaginable to be at the higher end.

After about ten minutes, people came in one after another and took their seats.
At this moment, a man dressed in a suit walked to the big stage in front of the auction hall and bowed to everyone. He said, "Thank you for coming today. I am your most loyal friend Terrence, and I will introduce the auction today. I hope everyone will be satisfied."
After Terence finished, there was a clap in the venue.
Terrence made a gentleman’s salute after hearing this. "Thank you for clapping. So today’s auction is official. Please focus on the stage first."
Terence snapped his fingers, and then the huge magic crystal lamp went out. The whole venue suddenly fell into darkness, with a stage and several magic lamps still shining.
"ah! ! ! ! ! ! !”
Just at the moment when the whole venue was in darkness, a panic call broke out in the left corner of the venue.
"What’s the matter? What’s wrong? "
"Who is so rude?"
"That … what is that! ?”
"Wow, what is that strange thing?"
The whole auction hall looked towards the screaming place and saw something that surprised them and kept talking about it.
At this time, the auction place was gathered, and the center of someone’s eyes was Delina. She was just chatting with her good friend, but when the lights went dark, she suddenly cried like a ghost. Just when Delina wanted to ask her what was wrong, she found that everyone around her was staring at her with strange eyes.
"What’s the matter? What are you all looking at me for? " Delina asked strangely
"You … are you really Delina?" The first call female asked carefully.
"What are you talking about, Priscilla? It’s not funny," said Delina angrily.
"You … you have to see your face yourself." Delina said that Priscilla took out a mirror and handed it to Delina.
"My face …?" Delina took the mirror with a strange whisper.
"ah! ! ! ! ! !”
At the moment when Delina looked into the mirror, the scream was more harsh than before. She was horrified and stroked her face and said, "This! What’s going on! " At this time, her whole face gave off a faint green light and looked like a ghost.
"Ha ha ha ha! Delina, I told you to buy those alchemist potions instead of beauty. It seems that you have bought a surprise. Ha ha ha ha! " It’s not far from sitting. Betty saw Delina for the first time. She was shocked, too, but when Delina screamed and made a frightened expression, she couldn’t help smiling.
After hearing Betty’s words, people in the backcourt seemed to have lost sight of what was going on and laughed in succession. After all, the blue face in the dark was so sudden and funny.
"No … I didn’t buy it. I didn’t! ! !” Delina screamed a few words at Betty’s side and then took up her skirt and rushed out toward the auction house.
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to be continued
Chapter one hundred and thirty Local tyrants’ behavior
After watching Delina rush out of the auction house in tears, Betty laughed her head off for a long time before patting Feng on the shoulder and asking, "Is that you, Jay?"
"Is Miss Betty satisfied?" Maple asked with a smile
"Ha, ha, ha, satisfied. I’ll reward you when I get back." Betty smiled again.
"You gain experience points by completing [wonderful farce]"
Ouch ….. experience reward is quite high’ maple regrets a in my mind after hearing the unified display.
That Delina’s face glows green. Of course, it’s maple’s tampering. He bought several "good things" in the mercenary guild store yesterday. One of them is a kind of phosphor that glows green only in the dark, and when there is light, it should be to identify teammates’ positions or track them in the dark. But Maple immediately thought that it would be very useful to trick people, especially those who love beauty. But I learned from Betty that Delina is a girl who loves beauty very much and often buys some alchemists to make high-grade makeup.
Yesterday, after he and Griffin sneaked into Delina’s house, he saw a dresser in Delina’s room with all kinds of small boxes filled with some fragrant powder, so Feng was happy to mix the fluorescent powder into it immediately, which made this scene today.
"After receiving this group of potions, it is called not afraid of the storm. After drinking it, your spirit will become stronger than that of others. Even if you are in a mana storm, you will be afraid of it. How many things you can do when your spirit is strong enough? I believe you are also very white. So the reserve price of 1 gold coin can’t be less than 1 gold coin each time. Please put up a sign," Terence said after knocking on an auction hammer.
"11 gold coins"
"12 gold coins"
"13 gold coins"
Soon, the price was fierce, and it was cold to listen to Feng’s heart. Even if he took out his reserved 6 gold, he could never afford it.
And sitting on the other side, Griffin looked equally excited. After all, it depends on whether his family can live!
"16 gold coins"
Just then Betty suddenly raised her card and shouted
This surprised both Feng and Griffin, and Feng immediately asked, "Miss Betty, do you need this spiritual potion?"
"The man next to me is shaking and falling apart, scaring me to put up a sign." Betty laughed after putting down the sign.
"Are you … are you going to buy it for Griffin?" Maple surprised way
"Otherwise, I think he really wants it." Betty said and raised the card and shouted "1 gold coin."
"Miss Betty, I appreciate your kindness, but I really can’t afford it …" Griffin said sadly.
"I didn’t say I wanted you to pay it back," Betty said unconcerned.
Griffin heard this and said, "No, it’s too expensive. I …"
At this moment, Feng stopped Griffin and said, "Miss Betty’s kindness really touched me, but it’s too expensive. It’s too unreasonable not to pay it back. Well, I’ll take the debt with him, and Griffin and I will adjust it at will before we pay it off."

The scenery of Yuexi Valley is so beautiful and quiet no matter when it comes. This quiet environment greatly affects players. All players here are gentle and not impatient. If you are tired of playing games, it is also a pleasure to visit Yuexi Valley and the moon. More importantly, the girls here are absolutely dazzling and lingering.

But if a man with a "family" in Yang Ye can do this!
Else, walk straight and walk like the wind. Yang Ye glanced at Qin Yan and read it and recorded the coordinates himself-it was not far from a small place in the valley of the moon.
Then what are you waiting for? The speed of drawing weapons is crazy. In an instant, Yang Ye disappears into the crowd like the wind … to be continued.
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Chapter 191 The most beautiful flower
In os, there are many things like vice industry and his life occupation, such as Yang Ye being an enchanter, which is considered as a kind of vice industry, while Qin Yan’s choice of a florist belongs to his life occupation. There are some differences between these two things, but there is no big problem. Although they are different, it is just a little finer.
For life professional players, it is always "leisure", "entertainment", "chatting" and "girls", which is mostly caused by the lack of passion in life career. After all, they will not be involved in pk and explosive equipment, and some of them will not leave the main city!
This seems to have really talked a little.
But it’s not a department, such as "adventurer". The career of adventurer aims at "exploring" and "discovering". This fun often goes in and out of some strange places where ordinary players can’t go. During this period, a lot of hidden things are revealed, and most of them are done by these adventurers.
This kind of professional death is also a common occurrence, and sometimes it is necessary to endure loneliness and terror. They will not meet any players in the places they go deep into, so there are not many female players who choose this kind of game, usually curious men.
A more relaxed and leisurely life, there are more occupations. Fishing, planting flowers and vegetables are no different from ordinary life. Shu Qinyan, a florist, is this kind-planting flowers.
Of course, it doesn’t mean that this kind of occupation doesn’t need to be upgraded. After all, some flowers will not be planted at a low level, and some flowers with bright looks and high prices will be poisoned if they are touched with poison. If the level is not enough, they will be poisoned directly!
How about upgrading the florist?
After changing jobs as a florist, the florist can receive a lot of experience during the growth of each flower and after it is completed. With this florist, the speed of continuous upgrading is not much slower than that of normal combat players, but there is no equipment.
However, good flowers can be sold out, np will buy many players, and sometimes they will buy the gold coins so that they can buy equipment or continue to buy flower seeds.
It’s been a while since Qin Yan changed her job as a florist, but it’s a pity that when she played too few times, the flower planting department withered and withered, which made her feel distressed. Florists are more dangerous than some life professions because they need to plant flowers in the wild after buying them, and they may be killed-strange or people.
Flowers can be planted and grown anywhere in the wild. It’s worth saying that there is almost no fertile land. First, some flowers are aggressive when they grow up. They will take the initiative to attack passers-by. If you accidentally hang up when passing through a flower field, it’s your bad luck-not only the equipment may be directly lost to the florist, but the florist will not bear the responsibility, and the evil value will increase.
Therefore, there have been cases before when florists maliciously planted aggressive flowers to attack passers-by. As a result, this flower field was directly destroyed by angry players! The reverse is also true. If there are flowers in the flower field that attack you, if you are strong enough, you can directly destroy the flower field without punishment.
On the way to find Qin Yan, Yang Ye passed several offensive flowers. There was a small card on the edge of the flower field, which roughly said that there were offensive flowers in this flower field. Please be careful! On the one hand, wake passers-by to pay attention not to enter the flower field, on the other hand, warn malicious people not to make trouble.
When you see this kind of Yang Ye, you choose to take a detour. He is not a troublemaker.
The farther you go to the novice village, the lower the flower level in the flower field. When you reach the junction of Yuexi Valley and novice village, the flower level here has been reduced to level 1, and the professional players who are busy living in the flower field are also about level 10.
Yang Ye saw Qin smoke in a small flower field.
At this time, she wore the most common floral hair suit, a long skirt with colorful flowers and strong color impact, which made people feel a kind of vulgar feeling. The skirt was so long that it almost mopped the floor and covered up the bust, and even the ankle could not be seen. This skirt with light green fabric left after the flowers were decorated wrapped around the collarbone, and two bright lotus flowers bloomed, which made people want to laugh for a while.
Qin Yan’s face hasn’t changed much. It’s still beautiful. She didn’t choose to change when she created it. She wiped it carefully on a delicate petal for fear of hurting it too hard. O, it’s a different kind of tenderness.
Yang Ye quietly looked at the person inside outside the flower field surrounded by a low fence with insufficient calf height.
Flowers are shining around her, and every petal is decorated with water color. In the warm sunshine, it shines with soft luster, and it folds and caresses her face, which is more touching and beautiful against her leisure cheeks.
She is the most beautiful flower in this small flower field.
"Hee hee ….. you wear so strange" Huatianbian Yang Ye and Qin Yan have sat two people talking lightly and seem to be interested in Yang Ye’s weird equipment. Qin Yan Xi Xi said with a smile.
It’s nothing for Yang Ye to look down, but it’s because the equipment of "Giant Bear Spirit" is too glaring and the fire throat suits on both sides are not right.
"Did you just change your equipment and get used to it?" Yang Ye smiled slant head eyes pointed to the flower field behind and then looked at qin smoke.
"It’s fun. In the game, it’s ugly and funny. That bug is so cute that I don’t want to catch them." Qin Yan smiled very much.
"Are you? How cute is it? I also want to see if I can’t grow flowers and teach me, "Yang Ye said.
"Yeah, I’ll give you flowers. My flowers are very expensive. It takes a gold coin to buy the best flower! You should be careful not to plant it badly. "Qin Yan looked at Yang Ye with a narrow mind and smiled at her wrinkled nose." Every flower is a baby. You have to take good care of them! "
"Yes, yes!" Yang Ye rushed to nod.
Yang Ye, a basic "florist", treated these "babies" cruelly and died one after another. No matter how much Yang Ye begged Qin Yan, he didn’t want to give him another seed. Finally, he couldn’t go to another low-level florist not far away to spend a few gold coins and buy some flower seeds.
When the florist saw a weapon shining with strange luster, he couldn’t see it, but he could feel the super-high level players coming to his ten-level flower field. He was speechless for fear that Yang Ye’s sword would upset him and plant flowers.
I bought a kind of Yang Ye and went back to the Qin fireworks field. In her eyes, she planted flowers like a child full of interest. A florist like Yang Ye can successfully plant fewer flowers and less than one hundred species, but it is impossible to succeed in one. A florist can plant one hundred species and can plant one hundred flowers for you! Or a florist?
Thankfully, Yang Ye, a "God-class miner’s hat" with a secret device, finally let him plant a successful bud after pinpointing the tiny time.
When Yang Ye succeeded, it was noon, and Li Yanxin was invited to take Qin Yan and several aunts to have dinner and reconnect.
After Qin Yan carefully watered and exterminated the "Yang Wildflower", Yang Ye took Qin Yan to the rainy city.
Pick up "the first shop" and "the first shop" at the same time!
"Boss, they’re back." In a dark corner of rainy city, a rat-eyed assassin sent such a sentence to his hair.
This single-handedly contributed to the np Hill and the No.2 person in the Huiyao Workshop. This period of time is uncomfortable. There is no other reason. It is the damn Hill np!
Somehow, the old man Hill kept saying that his technology has made great progress recently. Even the fairy equipment can add a very strong resistance effect to the abnormal state of the abyss, and it is necessary to send it to the fairy equipment for a try.
But where is the fairy level when the glory is dim? Even if he did, he wouldn’t be bold enough to experiment on this np. If he doesn’t, he won’t cry to death!
However, since this np says that his technology has grown, the low-level success rate should also be improved. The boss, Shuang Yi, combined, although it is too advanced, they can still make a lot of money even if they fail.
Such a thought is good and feasible!
So the boss gave Hui Yao a few dozen pieces of equipment, many of which have spiritual levels! It’s the first time that so many spiritual equipment are shaking hands. Without saying anything, I immediately sent it to Hill and repeatedly asked Hill to exercise carefully.
A few days later, I was dumbfounded at the sight of Lingzhuang, and there were only a few pieces of gold-grade equipment left, which was also pitiful! In one sentence, the old man needs to be cautious when experimenting with risky investments!
Well, there’s nothing to say about the fading of the glory. I have to report it with the rest of the equipment. Although there’s nothing to say verbally, the eyes are suspecting that he’s fading out of the equipment!
This can’t be done! It’s so wrong!
Just then, the detective reported that the promise war had entered the Hill Lab!
This news made Yao Hui dim and pay attention to it directly. No matter what Yao Shuang thinks of him, tell him directly that the boss over there is also calm and immediately make him stare at the promise war!
There was no news in the next few days, but just this morning, a post appeared in the forum, "The First Shop" selling Abyss Abnormal State Resistance Equipment!
Now, who doesn’t know that his Glory Workshop is the "first" seller who specializes in selling Abyss Abnormal State Resistance Equipment? What does it mean at this time?
However, after going in and out of Hill’s laboratory several times before and after the war, the promise sold the abyss abnormal state resistance equipment, which made the Huiyao workshop faintly feel that something was wrong, but what if the other party took the equipment as they did?
Well, it’s hard to say that there are shops waiting for him to open now
If it’s true, I’m sorry … to be continued.
Chapter 192 Sell!
The news that the "first store" will have a large number of special props and equipment for sale has been known to everyone in just a few hours after Yang Ye’s own post. There is no way that it is really the "first store" to sell things, which is too eye-catching and simply forcibly eye-catching
Without a promise, my friend squatted outside the door of the "first house" and waited for the door without eating lunch; More than a dozen friends with promises are constantly bombarding Yang Ye with news, that is, "Promise you won’t sell me any more, I’m in a hurry with you!" In this case
Yang Ye didn’t leave enough, let alone sell it directly to them and immediately refused to buy it by himself! You know, when this group of guild presidents make a move, the absolute price competition will be more intense, especially when the demand for weapon sharpening agents is calculated.
The presidents were shut out of the door, and Ned sent someone to run outside the "first house" and followed the working masses to squat down and guard the door.
Near noon, the "first house" was already full of people. Compared with the last two days, it was almost a day by day. Now, not only a large number of players gathered here, but also a large number of players from the top ten main cities were attracted. The scene was really lively.

He told Hemenglou to prepare lunch. Chufei directly lay in the lounge chair and prepared to sleep. His spirit and physical strength slowly recovered, but he didn’t return to his peak. He wasn’t going to do anything else. It seemed that she was going to the forest to find some fresh fruits and mushrooms. The glutton hoped that she wouldn’t cause any trouble, but he was awakened before Chufei entered a deep sleep state.

"Ah, ah, ah, Chu, help quickly!" With a scream, Prissy appeared in the sight of Chu enclave, holding a bunch of fruits in her hand and calling Chufei to pat her head with a headache. This little bitch didn’t know to put her hand in the box, but she also led a thorn wood demon to rush over.
There is no doubt that this is a variation of the thorn wood magic, and it should also be a variation of the three evolutionary sledgehammer in the thorn wood magic. A few days ago, it also encountered the strongest variation of the white bones dwarf. It seems that it is necessary to change it now. This guy is the strongest since fighting with the mutant monster.
About five meters in height and two meters in width, this guy is covered with spikes and the density is like scales. His left hand is shaped like a sledgehammer, and there are several sharp fangs on his right hand. On the other hand, there are many branches. Chu Fei watched Bliss flash across one of the branches, and then the branch smashed a stone next to it. I’m afraid this is the second time that the magic species has mutated into a monster. It’s no wonder that Bliss ordered his shadow warrior to release the trap. The defense and damage are too strong.
Aging! Although the Bones Soul Chufei marveled at the powerful mutant monster, it was not necessary to get up and sit up slightly from the recliner to deal with this degree. Chufei immediately released the curse of aging, followed by the Bones Soul, the strongest skill of the necromancer monomer and the ability to attack independently.
"This guy has rebound damage ability and magical resistance attributes, which are freezing and flashing. It’s just that I’m the best at attacking these two elements." Bilaise * got a 60% increase in the speed of Chu Fei’s aura blessing, and the consequence was that he instantly dumped the hammer that was chasing behind him.
"You’re lucky to pick some fruits and you can meet this monster. Forget it. Think of it as a stomach dish today. Attack the steel golem." Chufei stared at Bilaise and first sent the steel golem out to hurt itself, which is a terrible ability for the skeleton soldiers. So he is going to send the steel golem to give it a try first.
The third chapter 57 Suffering weavers
Chufei intends to explore the strength of this second-generation mutant monster at present. He sent a steel golem, who just had the shelter aura. The steel golem obeyed and rushed to the iron fist to directly hit the giant hammer of the mutant thorn wood magic. Previously, it had been continuously hurt by this guy’s shelter aura, but it also gave the devil damage and accurate bonus. Those who changed jobs may be afraid of this mutant thorn wood magic hammer, but the steel golem did not hesitate to directly hit it.
Bang, the mutant thorn wood monster slammed his right hand like a hammer in the center of the steel stone monster’s chest. Its hammer and two fangs blasted into the steel shell of the steel stone monster, causing a big hole, and at the same time, the two fangs also broke in and prepared to tear the steel stone monster’s body. Unfortunately, his opponent was the steel stone monster’s thorn aura, and the melee damage rebounded, which immediately broke its right hand hammer spikes and fangs. Just at this instant, the steel stone monster also filled the life chest hole and responded with a punch, and bombarded the mutant thorn wood monster.
It’s really troublesome. Although the monster is huge in size, its speed is quite fast. It must have a particularly fast attribute after mutation. Just now, it all started to accelerate. Although it was in Bilise, it didn’t receive its own acceleration halo blessing, but its speed was already very shocking. The body is covered with sharp wooden thorns, but the hardness is not at all the same as that of steel attack and defense. Melee professionals pose little threat to it. Remote professionals must carry out Yuto and slow it down.
Look at the mutant thorn wood monster and steel stone monster. You punch me. I’m a little impatient with the bombing of Chufei. If I have this ability alone, then he will be disappointed with the second generation mutant monster. The steel stone monster can slowly grind this guy to death. Oh, it takes a little more time if it is a mutant monster of this degree. Even if he accepts the association of job changers and leaves Bilaisi, they can get along here if it is only this degree! This damn monster, are you Xiaoqiang? Don’t explode until you have one fifth of your life left!
Just as ChuFei was considering whether Beatrice and others could be trained here and was about to make a conclusion, they had been sheltered by the iron and steel monsters. There are three kinds of sustained attacks, namely, iron fist attack and thorn rebound damage. One fifth of the life variation of the thorn wood demon broke out. This has always been as crazy as Berserker and the steel stone demon fought each other. The thorn wood demon first stunned the steel stone demon with one punch, and then immediately retreated and shot a lot of vines from his left hand. The growth speed of these vines seemed to be hundreds of times faster, and then the steel stone demon was surrounded by some strange protrusions on the vines, and hundreds of small wooden thorns were sprayed outside. The damage was so amazing! Chufei immediately waved a tomb staff in one hand and released a recovery spell to replenish the life of the steel stone demon. Because this is not a melee attack, although the root method rebound damage can’t suck blood, the steel stone demon is bound by these vines and attacked by the method. I didn’t expect this mutant thorn wood demon to have such a trick.
"Beatrice will give you three seconds to prepare and then kill this guy." Chufei ordered the ability to mutate the wooden thorn demon. His base has mastered the ability to give birth to the tree vine to trap the enemy and launch a wooden thorn attack. This skill should be that the mutant wooden thorn demon is cornered to make the registration trick limited, and this wooden thorn attack also has a cooling time. Otherwise, two rounds of attacks will be able to hang up the steel stone demon. However, this trick is really insidious. If it is a job-changer attacking it around it, it will be used. When the life consumption is almost the same, suddenly the tree vine will entangle the job-changer, and then there will be a wooden thorn attack. It is estimated that the mage class will be directly hung up. This mutant monster can’t be underestimated.
White Price promised to step on the accelerated aura and rushed out with her shadow master. Two figures rushed over along the iron and steel bound stone magic tree vine, and their claws attacked three times in succession. Three shiny light balls lit up around the body, and the tiger struck to complete the gas gathering skills for three times. A light hit the mutant thorn magic when the second wave of thorns was about to be launched, which instantly turned it into a little sheep. Then Price and her shadow master made the dragon instantly bombard the little sheep in the day.
Beatrice Feilong’s kicking and striking damage increased by 300% in the sky, and the skill of gathering gas and striking tiger for three times at the same time increased by ten times. The combination effect of the two is that the thorn wood magic was instantly exploded. In fact, according to the variation, the thorn wood magic had no life left, and the lion beat rabbits should try their best to fly. This is also to cultivate Beatrice’s fighting spirit. The assassin’s tiger striking skill is really strong. After being kicked to the sky, the little sheep instantly changed back to the thorn wood magic, and its body was full of spikes, and it cried and fell to the ground and scattered green sap
"If you think this mutant monster will be faced if I don’t make moves?" Chufei didn’t rush to pack up and explode the equipment, gold coins and potions, but asked Bilaise and Hemenglow.
"First of all, the master of my shadow will entangle the mutant wood thorn demon and then set traps all the way to delay it. At the same time, I will choose Phoenix to freeze this area for three times to delay its speed. Then Hector and Monroe attacked it. I think it really needs a long-range attack to deal with it." Beatrice’s tactical arrangement is reasonable and feasible in general.
"If Lord Bliss delays, at the same time, I will release the skill bait to create an illusion to fix the thorn wood demon. At the same time, I also have a small amulet given by my master. It is estimated that there will be some people who can do the most damage. Monroe should sacrifice the arrow, and continuous flame damage should be the best solution when freezing it." Hector said while thinking.
"I think we should lead it to the other side of the river first. Although this guy is made of wood, he can’t cross the water because he is deeper than steel and stone monsters. It should be the best way for us to directly benefit the gap in the river to grind it to death." Monroe also said, but what she thought was not that the way of fighting should be closer to tactics.
"Well, you three summed up the experience from three aspects: coping, fighting and tactics. After you encounter this situation again, the three of you must exchange opinions. Although the thinking direction is somewhat one-sided, it will be a good battle plan if it is integrated. Even if I don’t follow you after a while, I will be relieved." Chufei applauded and praised Bilaise, saying that the three of them are all materials that can be carved. The tactics they considered are Chufei, but it seems that it is correct to put them in Lugaoyin for a period of independent fighting.
"What do you mean, master? Is there anything else?" Hector heard ChuFei words meaning immediately asked.
"Don’t worry about it. Chufei seems to be going to implement the headquarters of the Association of Job Changers after a while. He asked me to find two companions to form a team to make up for the shortcomings of the three of us in his absence. I have asked several elders in the family to estimate that they will find it after a while and forget to tell you." Bilaisi said.
"This is a precaution. After all, a director in the Association of Job Changers woke me up once. It is better to have two more companions in this forest, especially when I accept it. You can also train normally when I am away. After all, it is not necessary to delay it for two months and three months." Chufei explained one.
"All right, let’s pack up a piece of equipment and see if there is any good equipment?" Chufei ordered
"My Lord has a bright gold knot stick!" Monroe picked up all the equipment with the ball and then identified the scroll to identify the attributes, but the first two were white boards equipped with such a bright gold staff.
Suffering weavers (knotted sticks)
Hands injury 412
Durability 1745
Level 36 is required
+2 mage skill level
+2% Increases attack speed
Increases cold damage by 1244 points.
7% of life is stolen when hit.
+3 induced flashover
+5% damage to undead

It’s hard to imagine that a busy boss would take time to learn about a game, which shows how much he attaches importance to his daughter’s affairs. After knowing F, he will also know about Ye Qinggong and his daughter’s career.

He finally knows that big honey investment is not an industry with no future. The F professional competition is now very mature. Although the profitability of major teams is not ideal, this thing is just like football, and its advertising effect is very good.
The former Guangzhou Evergrande was just a small and medium-sized real estate company that developed in second-tier cities. However, after investing in football, with the rise of Evergrande football team, Evergrande Group also expanded, and now it has become one of the largest companies, and their real estate projects have also expanded to first-tier cities. This is the advertising effect.
Dami’s father is a man with a business mind. He knows that many young people like to play games now, and these young people are the main consumers. If his flag restaurant can be among these young people, the sound will definitely be much better than before.
He thought about it for a long time and then asked his company’s planning department to come up with a planning case. He was going to spend some money to invest in F team and then advertise in his own restaurant, which might get good results.
He’s going to invest in the F team, of course, his daughter’s team. As the saying goes, he should support his daughter’s career. He hasn’t told Dami because he wants to surprise her. This time, Dami is ill, so he wants to make Dami happy. He told Dami this idea when he was eating.
When Dami heard that her father wanted to support her in the F team, she couldn’t help but run over and hug her father’s face and kiss him. Then she said with great heart, "Dad, thank you. That’s very kind of you. How much are you going to invest?"
"I think your team is not big now, and there should be few places to spend money. Should it be enough for me to invest another two million?" Big honey father with a faint smile way
Ye Qing gasped at the smell speech. Nima, this is the rich man. His mouth is 2 million and his expression is very calm. It seems that he didn’t take 2 million as one thing. It seems that honey has invested less than 2 million in the team training facilities so far. Moreover, the club is well decorated and the players’ lounge is very warm and humanized, which is better than most professional teams.
If Dami’s father invests another two million dollars, Ye Qing is thinking in his mind where the two million dollars should be. It seems that there is no place to spend money, and the team will slowly return to profit after it is on the right track
Big honey immediately cheered when she heard her father’s promise. "Great, with this two million, I can dig people aggressively and I’m not afraid that I can’t afford to pay the liquidated damages. Hahaha … I’m going to dig 7kg and even…… …
Hear big honey Ye Qing finally understand where the money should be spent. Two million to dig two professional players is simply a relaxed pressure. How many professional players in the professional circle can resist two million * * *?
Big honey can be described as a big deal. In her opinion, digging someone is either money hitting the other party’s heart and stopping at the contract. You can breach the contract at any time. It is a big deal to compensate for the liquidated damages. Generally speaking, the liquidated damages of professional players are hundreds of thousands, and most of them are tens of thousands of dollars.
Professional players generally have a low income, with tens of thousands of dollars enough to tie them to death. They can’t afford it, even those superstars are unwilling to breach the contract. Although they can afford the liquidated damages, they still can’t bear the money after all. Of course, it is another matter for someone to help them pay the liquidated damages.
Big honey’s father couldn’t help laughing when he heard big honey’s rhetoric. "Let’s go and do it. Come home and find me if you need my help."
"Dad, I feel a little strange. Why did you suddenly get it today? Before, you always said that I was wasting money. Why did I become so generous today and directly invest 2 million? Honestly, is there any conspiracy? " Big honey suddenly questioned hurriedly asked gravely.
"Ha ha ha ….. dad is such a person? Of course, it is conditional that dad will definitely not invest in your team for no reason! " Big honey father laughed and said
Big honey immediately pursed her mouth and was very upset. "I knew it … how could you be so generous as a profiteer? Tell me what conditions I can promise if I don’t go too far, but one thing I will never agree with is that team management can’t be handed over to you and must be in my hands."
"Silly girl, I want you to team management? I see that you are afraid that I will intervene in the team management and then get rid of your boyfriend for personal gain, right? " Big honey father jokingly asked.
Ye Xie couldn’t help feeling very embarrassed when his face turned red. He didn’t think that he would be shot when he was lying down. Honey’s father would suddenly realize that he was also blushing. I’m very embarrassed to tunnel, "I don’t think so, Dad. You are quick to say that your conditions are less rambling."
"Well, my condition is that your team’s clothes must be printed with the name and logo of our restaurant. Isn’t that too much?" Big honey father said with a smile
Big honey breathed a sigh of relief. "This requirement is simple. Then we will just print the restaurant name and logo in the team. It turns out that Dad, you want to borrow our team to advertise. You are a profiteer!"
"Ha, ha, ha, where is this profiteer points is a business mind? And when Xiaoye becomes famous, I’ll sign him as the spokesperson of our restaurant. Won’t those young people who admire him often go to our restaurant to see if they can meet him? Our business will be very good then! " Big honey father very proud tunnel
Ye Qing felt very funny when he saw that honey’s father had planned everything in the future, but he did have the confidence to make a name for himself. When he came, his fame would spread far and wide and he would worship others. Naturally, honey’s father made him a restaurant spokesperson, which was really a good move to attract many young people to eat.
Big honey also felt that his father’s idea was very good. "Then you have to give our family more endorsements, but you can’t do it without it."
"You this wench leaves your home so soon you get married? But don’t worry, I’m now one of our own, and I know that no matter how much money he has, it won’t be spent on you in the end. If I give him money, I will give you money willingly! " Big honey father smiled and said
"This analysis is really good, so it determines when the money will arrive?" Big honey reached out and asked in front of her father.
"You’re really anxious. When you get back to the club, I’ll ask me to call you secretly, and then you send him an account and he’ll transfer the money to your card with the finance department. Are you satisfied?" Big honey’s father patted her tender palm and was very kind and tunnel
Big honey nodded his head and smiled. "That’s more like it. It’s so heart-warming tonight. After the original leaf came, my illness has been cured by half. But now, dad, you took a dose of strong medicine, and I am cured. I feel very good now. There is nothing wrong with it!"
"That’s good for you to be healthy. Dad can promise you anything." Big honey’s father looked at Big Honey with spoil.
"Then you promise me to associate with Ye Qing? I really like him. Anyway, I will not marry him in my life! " Big honey took the opportunity to ask what her father had just said, and she could never go back on her word. So this middle-aged man with a good business mind was killed, and the army couldn’t help laughing. "Can I stop you even if he doesn’t marry?" Do you want to be a nun for a generation? Come on, you guys go out. I agreed. "
"Ha ha, it’s great. Ye Qing, did you hear that you often come to our house for dinner after my father didn’t object?" Big honey cheered and Ye Qing felt very happy to show her a smile. She immediately looked at her mother and said, "Mom, do you agree?"
Her mother smiled slightly. "Didn’t I say that your father is in charge at home? He has always been uncompromising. Where am I qualified to object and agree?" And lobular this child came back for the first time, I like it very much, whether your father supports it or not, anyway, I support you together. Now those rich second generations are all different, or lobular this child really doesn’t have any bad thoughts. "
Ye Qing was a little embarrassed by Big Honey’s mother, and quickly smiled and lowered her head. Big Honey smiled and said, "Mom still has the same vision as me. Then you won’t object that he often comes to dinner?"
"I welcome everyone to come, but you’d better close the door when you two are alone!" Big honey’s mother smiled mysteriously, and big honey’s face suddenly turned red and said, "I don’t know if I need to wake up specifically!" "
Chapter 547 Harvest a lot
After a meal, Da Mi was full of energy and everything was fine. Ye Qing was officially recognized by her father and mother. This day’s harvest was quite big, and Da Mi was very moved by her determination not to marry.
After dinner, the family sat on the sofa in the living room and chatted for a while. One day, the servant put the cut fruit on the coffee table, and they chatted while eating fruit. They were all household words. Honey spoiled her father and mother from time to time, and the family was happy. Yuzryha was envious.
At this time, honey’s father suddenly asked about Ye Qing’s family situation, which is normal. Generally speaking, the woman’s parents will first know about the man’s family situation. These are all necessary procedures. Ye Qing is not ready to be asked by honey’s father, which is a bit embarrassing because his family is really ordinary and his family background is not prominent enough. Parents are ordinary people, and they are really a little ashamed in front of such giants as honey’s family.
Big honey pricked up her ears when she heard her father’s question. She had known Ye Qing for so long and never asked him about his family. Fortunately, her father was more cautious and helped her ask for two contacts. You have to know the family background of this person, otherwise you have no sense of security.
Ye Qing hesitated for a moment or decided to tell the truth. If Da Mi’s father looked down on their home, he turned his head and left. It’s no big deal. After that, he just struggled on his own and got back. Thought of this, he said to Da Mi’s father, "I am the only child in my family. My mother works as a handyman in a small company. My relatives are also ordinary people who can’t compare with you."
At this point, Dami couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed. She was worried that Ye Qing’s self-esteem would be hurt, so she grabbed Ye Qing’s arm. Ye Qing understood her meaning and smiled at her. Then she continued, "There are too many families like ours in the state. I never feel inferior. After all, rich people are still a few. It seems that rich people seem to be superior. I never feel that I have reached the heights when I associate with Mi Er, because I have never considered her family background. Even if she is a poor child, I will still be with her. Even if we get married, I won’t be
Big honey’s father saw that he was excited and knew that he had asked abruptly, and he also saw his backbone and determination from Ye Qing’s words. He couldn’t help but be moved. He was more fond of Ye Qing, so he was very gentle and tunnel, "Xiaoye, I just want to know about your family situation. After all, now you are dating our honey. I don’t mean anything. Don’t think too much about how you will develop after you get married. It’s hard to say now, and it needs the consent of both parents. When do you want to call your parents out and meet our two families for dinner?"
Ye couldn’t help but calm down after listening to Big Honey’s father’s words. Obviously, Big Honey’s father didn’t look down on their family at all, and he wanted to meet his parents. According to China, meeting both parents meant that he and Big Honey had settled down.
Big honey couldn’t help feeling very geocentric when she heard her father’s words, but she was a little shy at the same time. She stole a look at the leaves and her expression was very serious. It took a long time to say, "Well, I have to go home and discuss with my parents. You don’t know that my father is a stubborn person. To put it bluntly, he taught me not to follow the trend and find a wife. He always thinks that rich girls have bad temper and will make others gossip that I eat soft food."
"I can see from your description that your father is a very important person. You probably didn’t tell him what you are doing now, did you?" Big honey father asked.
"I dare not say that I am afraid that he is worried that I will tell him that I have found a good job after graduating from college. No, he has called me to live. Speaking of which, I haven’t been home for a long time. I will go and have a look this time." Ye tilted his head and said.
Big honey took his arm and leaned her head against him. "Do you want me to go back with you?"
"I still don’t want my dad, who has a bad temper. I’m afraid he’ll give you a hard look and his words are mean. I’m afraid you can’t stand it. I’ll make it clear to him. I’m confident that he can rest assured, and my mother has always been on my side. It’s no problem to have her as my ally." Ye Qing smiled at Da Mi.
"And my dad has stomach trouble and may not be able to eat spicy food. If we have dinner together then, please give him two light dishes to make him unhappy." Ye Qing said apologetically to Da Mi’s father.
Big honey’s father nodded and said, "This is because you are right to wake up, and we care about our appetite and ignore our guests."
"Then it’s a deal. I’ll go home after the Qi Lele Cup competition. If my dad agrees, we’ll book another time to have dinner together. Uncle, do you think this is ok?" Leaf tilting at big honey father way
"ok!" Big honey father is very frank tunnel
Ye Qing saw that this conversation was almost over, so he got up and said to Big Honey’s parents, "Uncle and Aunt, thank you for treating me. It’s time to go back. I’m relieved that Honey is well. I’ll come to see her again later!"
With that, Ye Qing took Big Honey’s hand and said, "Will you see me off?"
Big honey nodded with a smile, and her father stood up with a loud voice. "That’s good, Xiaoye. Don’t say that you can come to our house when you have it. You can open Honey at any time. You can go to the property another day and get an access card so that Xiaoye can go in and out freely."
"It’s still thoughtful of dad!" Big honey praised Ye Qing and thanked him quickly. He felt that Big Honey’s father really regarded him as a family.
He and big honey walked out of the villa, arm in arm, and the greening of the villa area was very good, and the lights were quite bright at night. They were walking in the shadow of the path and were stretched by the street lights.
At this time, the community is very quiet, and the quality of residents in this high-end community is generally relatively high. At this moment, no one is walking the dog in the community, and there is no square dance in it. Occasionally, people can be seen sitting on the roadside bench playing mobile phones or chatting.
Big honey enjoyed the silence, especially with Ye Qing. She didn’t say a word. Ye Qing was thinking about things and didn’t speak until they reached the door. Big honey stopped and looked up at Ye Qing. "Thank you for coming to see me today. I think today is particularly meaningful!"
Ye Qing saw her beautiful face and touched her tender skin. "I think I just had a meaningful life today. I have gained a lot of honey. From today, we are different."
"What’s different?" Big honey asked shyly, Ye Qing laughed. "Before we were together, we were in love, but now we are getting married for the purpose of falling in love. I’m not playing hooligans. Your father approved me and my father approved you. If our two parents can get along well, our foundation will be settled. There will be no more variables."
Big honey can’t help but feel shy and tunnel in a low voice. "Do you think your father can recognize me?"
"Of course such a beautiful daughter-in-law doesn’t recognize it. Isn’t that stupid? Being able to marry you is our old Yejia ancestral grave! " Ye Qing very exaggerated tunnel to make big honey happy.
Big honey laughed for a while, then pulled Ye Qing’s arm and shook his arm very sheepishly, pouting and saying, "Ye Qing, I don’t want to let you go. I’m so reluctant!"
"I hate to part with it, but even if I stay late, I can’t sleep in the same bed with you. Your father will tear me up!" Ye Qing joke tunnel
"I am reluctant to let you go and didn’t say to let you stay and sleep with me. Are you going to die?" Big honey is very language to Chen way

Jiang Yuhan is another sniper. It is really difficult to hide in the enemy’s department. The key is that the other person will never come out and let you be killed. It must be behind the bunker.

Although Jiang Yuhan is an expert in dealing with this kind of endgame, he is one of the best in the world and often reverses the game alone, but now he can’t help but frown. It’s too difficult!
There are three machine guns on the other side, each of which forms a barrage behind the bunker, covering a large area. If he appears in the sight of one of the other machine guns, he will be attacked by three machine guns at the same time, which is unbearable.
The terrain structure of point B is very complicated, and it is difficult for snipers to get a view outside point B unless the other side comes out on its own.
He shot at one of the places, which was a temptation, hoping to arouse the other side to fight back, but the people in the Han Palace obviously wouldn’t take this as an experienced professional player. Who is more stupid than who?
Jiang Yuhan had to push forward a world-class sniper. He feels very helpless now, and he also knows that this mess can’t be handled. It’s a matter of luck to recklessly.
If he is closer, he still has a chance to win, because his blind sniper hit rate is also quite high, and he can only be regarded as the world’s sniper god if he is second to none in the world.
Blind sniper doesn’t need a mirror to shoot at a fairly fast speed, so he can shoot several times in a short time.
Jiang Yuhan’s hand speed is quite fast, and the speed of cutting the gun is naturally amazing. The second gun is extremely short from the first gun, which is extremely severe.
He broke into the other team’s package and killed one of the machine gunners with the first shot blindly, but he was soon retaliated by the other two machine gunners, and the fire was quite fierce.
His posture is quite flexible, but the sniper rifle is heavier than other guns after all, and his posture is not flexible and fast. He still got several shots before he got the second shot. Only then can he get the second shot in this situation. If someone else finishes one shot, he will definitely be swept away. Where is the chance? Even if he gets the second shot, he can’t hit the target. But he hit it!
"wow! That’s awesome! " There was a burst of exclamation in the audience that the sniper could do it at close range. It was really shocking. You know, there are three machine gunners on the other side!
Jiang Yuhan quickly cut the gun and was preparing for the third shot, but the other gunner never gave him a chance to directly blow his head off. After all, Han Gong people are not soft persimmons, so it is impossible for Jiang Yuhan to be killed at close range alone.
The gunner who killed Jiang Yuhan also breathed a sigh of relief. He was under considerable pressure and shouldered the honor of the team. If he was also killed, the Han Palace would lose face. Fortunately, he did not live up to the expectations of his teammates and defended the dignity of the team.
Many people want to kill Jiang Yuhan in the middle of the game, so that they can become famous, but killing him in this situation will not make people feel bad unless it is a one-on-one situation, but it is too difficult not to be killed by him.
Han Palace pulled back a point and the two sides drew one to one, which encouraged the audience and felt that the game should be quite exciting. Although there is a gap between the two sides, the resilience of Han Palace can drag the game on for a longer time, even if the nb team can win, it will definitely not be easy to win.
第1354章 半场领先一分
The machine gunner who was ambushed in the middle of the road obviously knew that he could succeed once, but he would never succeed the second time. If he continued to ambush there, he would definitely be retaliated by the other side. He immediately chose to retreat to point A and stay with his teammates to feel safe.
At this time, the Han Palace Army was at its peak, and five people were all in one bag. Four people’s defense forces were quite sufficient, and they needed to deal with the other two people. This was simply igersoeasy!
Shine and Yu Youhe quickly launched an attack and lost the flash bomb in an attempt to blind the other side’s vision, but obviously not all experienced professional players are quite reasonable and it is difficult to be flashed by the flash.
Although the flash was not big, the two men launched an offensive without hesitation, and the firepower was quite fierce. After all, they were good at marksmanship and the trajectory was straight, and they didn’t dare to be careless about Renye Fang.
The two sides frequently consume by shooting, which is quite unfavorable to nb team. Han Palace people can afford it, but nb team can’t.
Shining consumes the other person, and then he is killed by another person. Yu Youhe has always been the most inconspicuous one among the nb teams, and he is also quite low-key, but he is also a very good marksmanship, but he usually lives in the aura of several superstars without showing the obvious.
After all, he was mixed up in Heilongjiang province, and before he became a professional player, he was able to compete with those professional players who practiced guns in the melee, and even killed more than 7kg in the team competition mode, which shows that his marksmanship is quite good.
But this time, he faced too many enemies, and they were all the top machine gunners. Without a mediocre hand, he couldn’t carry it, and he was killed by the other side without killing one of them.
The two men died quite tragically, but the position of the Han Palace was rock solid.
In this round, the Han Palace won one point ahead of the nb team, which has never happened since the Star Game. No team has ever been ahead of the nb team. Usually, the nb team firmly dominates the wind and always controls whether to crush the opponent or sweep the root three times after the game is unstoppable.
Who would have thought that the Han Palace actually overtook the score on the first map? This is definitely a feat. Even if it lost the game in the end, it was a glorious defeat.
In fact, since the establishment of nb team, there has never been a team leading the score. The precedent says that Han Palace is the first of its kind today, and it is absolutely proud.
In the fourth round, nb team commander Jiang Yuhan finally faced up to his opponent’s tactics, and the tactics were no longer so single. Jiang Yuhan sat alone in the middle of the road, and Yuzryha Qing and Yan Yue went out from point A to point B to shine and Yu Youhe were still defending in the old place.
The purpose of doing this is that Yuzryha leans toward Yanyue and pulls him out to fight. If the other side doesn’t attack point A, then they can outflank point B and attack directly from the rear.
However, Han Gong people unexpectedly broke into the middle road again, or smoke bombs paved the way for Jiang Yuhan’s sniper rifle to play out.
Jiang Yuhan, of course, won’t always wait for the other side to outflank him. When he sees the first smoke bomb, he will know what the other side wants to do. He will immediately call Ye Qing and Yan Yue to outflank the middle road and let point B shine. They will come to the middle road to meet themselves.
Because Ye Qing and Yan Yue attacked as soon as they arrived, the speed was quite fast and they quickly outflanked the middle road.
Han Palace people have rushed into the middle road, but they didn’t go to Jiang Yuhan’s trouble or attack in the direction of point B, but went directly to point A rather cunningly.
Obviously, their command assumed that the people at point A would come to outflank the rear road and decisively took the people to point A, which took a big advantage and directly took a city.
Ye Qing and Yan Yue rushed into the middle road and saw the flash in a hurry. Yu You and the four men looked at each other. Where was the enemy?
Jiang Yuhan responded quickly and immediately shouted "Point A! Quick! "
Four gunners rushed towards point A and Jiang Yuhan followed quickly.
The Han Palace has already arranged the defense at point A, with four machine gunners scattered around and snipers in the bag.
Ye Qing, when they rushed to the periphery, was met by the other four machine gunners. The firepower was quite fierce. Of course, it was to make them unable to attack, so that Han Palace snipers could pack their bags from the ground.
There was a fierce attack and defense between the two sides, and the snipers in the Han Palace still had plenty of time to pack, and finally they installed the bags smoothly.
As soon as I heard that 4 was successfully installed, the nb team offensive became more fierce because they had to fight for unpacking.
Jiang Yuhan showed a leader’s temperament at this time. He hit the other two machine gunners in a row, which led to a drop in the firepower of the Han Palace.
Ye Qing and Yan Yue, two attackers, have no pressure, and immediately go forward to kill and approach each other’s packages.

"Luo Er, besides his face, looks very similar to Ye, and when he grows up, Luo Er’s body shape is also very similar to Ye, and his head is also very higher than the birthmark …"

"No son was born in vain without a birthmark, but … when I was very young, I didn’t know when a little Zhu Shazhi was not very small and half as big as sesame! If you see that face, it’s easy to recognize! Exasperated "
"I will be able to draw a portrait today and send it to the Eleventh Palace for you! If I come back safely, Huei-fang, you are my great benefactor! "
She knelt down again and kowtowed heavily.
Yi Lee wanted to go straight back to the Eleventh Palace after leaving Anping Palace, but he finally went to do something else.
When he returned to the 11th Wangfu, he saw Zhao Yining’s servant girl Zhen ‘er waiting for someone at the entrance of the 11th Wangfu with a beautiful box of primitive simplicity.
Yi Lee saw the box and made sure it wasn’t the one he gave Zhao Yining.
When Zhen-er saw him, she smiled and snorted and walked towards Yi Lee.
"Li Gong is really a busy man. It’s hard to find you!"
She’s been waiting here for a long time, afraid that when she goes in, she’ll just wait outside from time to time.
"What’s the matter?"
Yi Lee indifferently asked a don’t put her cynicism.
Zhener came up to him and proudly lifted the box in Ba’s hand and put it in his arms.
"This is our country to give you a reply! Li Gong, this time, you have annoyed our monarch. Look back and see how Anping Wang will punish you! Don’t insult the princess if you are our princess and see that the man will be the princess in the future! "
Say Zhen son turned and walked.
Yi Lee’s training is somewhat puzzling. He is not sincere enough to send things. Zhao Yining doesn’t like it?
He didn’t insult her casually!
Yi Lee didn’t think much about holding the box and went back to the eleventh Wangfu. When he returned to his residence, he put the box on the table.
I went out to wash my face and looked back at the box on the table and smiled slightly. It was the first time I was given something by a woman!
But he didn’t mean that Zhao Yining gave something back since he didn’t like it.
She doesn’t look like such an educated woman!
Unless Anping Wang ordered?
Yi Lee was curious about what Zhao Yining would send back to him. Since it was given to him, he simply opened the box and felt a stench coming out, so that he immediately held his breath!
Cover your nose with your hands and see that there are several smelly bones in such a simple and beautiful box, and you can even see the meat residue.
The taste is really flattering. He immediately lifted the lid again and took a deep breath. Thanks to him, he just came back with this box all the way.
Yi Lee is also very fond of cleanliness on weekdays. After all, he has dyed a lot of habits with Fengjiang clothes for so many years.
Feeling that there was still a rotten smell in the room, Yi Lee immediately got up and lit the incense and opened the window again.
The cold wind poured in outside, but it blew away a lot of the stench.
In return …
I don’t know. Does Anping Wang know?
But he knew it would never be directed by Anping Wang!
But what are you going to do with these bones?
Yi Lee wanted to think about holding the box and walked towards the outside. When he saw the guards outside, he handed the chest box to one of the guards.
He ordered, "You should clean this box of meat bones, remove the residual meat residue from the bones, and then expose it to the hot sun for a few days without leaving any odor. Remember to bump the bones into this box intact and bring them back!"
Guards see is Yi Lee ordered to nod immediately.
Yi Lee was satisfied. Isn’t it just a box of smelly bones?
No matter what, Zhao Yining is not to be taunted. In case Zhao Yining knows that he threw her back, it’s not serious. It’s better to break her tricks first if he wants to make trouble again!
Chang Xiangsi didn’t directly return to the Eleventh Palace after leaving Xiangfu, but began to look for Xiao Mu. She knew that Qing Mu Gong must still be in the imperial city and Xiao Mu must still be in the imperial city.
Xiao Jin was arrested because Xiao Mu Xiao Mu undertook many things, and because of her clothes, Xiao Jin was arrested and she did nothing about it.
Anyway, it’s more important to find Xiao Jin first. Xiao Jin is only years old and looks like a jade carving. Xiao Mu is quite different because of his age. Xiao Mu has been spoiling Xiao Jin since he was born.
Xiao Mu is not hard to find. After all, in the imperial city, there are prominent people who know others, and it is even more simple to ask.
Before dark, I often missed it. Half an hour ago, Xiao Mu had had dinner in a famous Huang restaurant. According to the directions pointed out by the shopkeeper, I continued to look for it all the way, but I received two messages from Xiao Mu.
It didn’t take long for her to find Xiao Mu, while Xiao Mu was turning out from another street, and the two of them almost got hit.
At this time, it was already dark. When Xiao Mu saw the girl in front of him clearly, he couldn’t help but shine at the moment and feel happy "Acacia!"
Often acacia see is XiaoMu also relieved "finally found you! I heard that your brother Xiao Jin was taken away by Qing Mu Gong. Anyway, I have a lot of reasons for Qing Mu Gong to treat you like this! I will accompany you to find Xiao Yu! "
Xiao Mu didn’t answer, but only after a silence for a while.
"Don’t intervene in the matter of lovesickness. Qing Mu Gong will soon ask you about what happened that day. He is very interested in you and may take you away and imprison you!"
"I already know what you were imprisoned by him in the palace that day, so don’t appear in front of him again! I’ll send you back to the Eleventh Palace. Stay in the Eleventh Palace for a while. I don’t think the Eleventh Palace is as mediocre as everyone sees on weekdays. He has the ability to protect you for weeks! "

"So you still have a way?" Downing asked curiously.

"Of course, there is a way and the effect should be good." Feng Yang smiled mysteriously and looked forward to a few curious eyes. Yang strode across suddenly and put his hands on his mouth and roared, "We are Feiyun’s younger brothers who were ordered to come and invite you to see us."
"Good idea" Xi Yu pulled the corner of his mouth.
The wind Yang yelled for several times without any response.
Luo Linshi couldn’t see it. He walked beside Fengyang and patted Fengyang on the shoulder. "You can’t look at me like this." He suddenly sank and drank. "Feiyun’s younger brother will come out to meet you and meet you."
The sound is vigorous, like a dull thunder, shaking the fields. That wave was like a series of ripples, and it was close to the wind. Xi Yu and others were not stunned by this wave.
Even if the wind blows up Yuan’s soul force, it is stronger than the head, and there is a brief slight shock. Downing, the weakest strength, is even paled by the shock.
The cloud is soft as expected. When Rowling patted the wind and raised her shoulders, she should put her hands over her ears and quit the wave attack range when she retreated sharply.
"Is this wave martial arts?" Feng Yang’s heart was surprised that this wave was extremely strong. Obviously, the order was not low, but a place like Bo Wushu had to be said to be a real talent.
"Hey, hey, don’t admire me too much." Rowling smiled back and was surprised by the admiration and love of Feng Yang and others. He was surprised to scream in his eyes, but he saw the expression of Feng Yang, Downing and others gloating and scheming. Rowling suddenly felt that the situation seemed bad.
"You talked" Tang Ning played with the taste.
"Ah" suddenly echoed around Rowling miserable than sound waves rolling out to kill god than he wave wushu is not weak.
"No, it’s not, it’s not, it’s Wushu, it’s not talking." Rowling was disappointed.
"I kiss. I want to kiss."
However, Luo Linbo’s martial arts is still very effective, and the door will be hit soon. This Han is still an iron bolt. At this time, his face has been covered with anger. "Don’t blame me for not leaving."
"We also mean well and really want to help your group through the difficulties," said Feng Yang calmly.
"Even if our mercenary group has any problems, it won’t be solved by you guys." Tie Shuan’s face didn’t despise disdain. It was because of his strong character that he was so competitive.
"Are you afraid that we will solve the difficulties of the Jimin mercenary group?" * Qin Hao, who has always disdained to talk, suddenly burst out with a word.
"What are you talking about?" The iron bolt immediately became furious and immediately made moves against Qin Hao.
Qin Hao feiyun’s younger brother has no respect for a small-town mercenary group, and he is not afraid to stand up and be tit for tat.
"Iron bolts are not allowed to be polite to Feiyun Gate guests."
Suddenly, a man who looked younger than the iron bolt came over with steady steps and immediately walked beside Feng Yang and others with a friendly smile on his face. "Please come in, several distinguished guests."
This is Wei Cheng, the housekeeper of Jimin mercenary group, who followed shi jun, the head of Jimin mercenary group, for many years.
I took a deep look at the resolute look on my face and followed the housekeeper Wei Cheng into the house.
The mercenary group of Jimin has indeed become more and more depressed. At this time, the garden was full of people who were everywhere, but the people were thin, leaving three ordinary people responsible for washing and cooking. The garden was already overgrown and devastated, and it looked like a sad scene.
On the side are two rows of wing doors, some of which are in tatters.
"Now the people’s mercenary group has already made ends meet. If it weren’t for the kind relief of some villagers in the displaced town, I’m afraid the people’s mercenary group would have already dispersed. I didn’t expect that the original mercenary group, which had been providing relief to the villagers, would have to provide relief to the villagers at the moment. You never know."
When leading Fengyang and others to meet the head of the mercenary group, the housekeeper Wei Cheng felt the vicissitudes of life and the changes of the world.
Soon Wei Cheng, the housekeeper, took Feng Yang and others to a room. At this time, a middle-aged man was strong and looked gaunt by the bed.
Wei Cheng told Feng Yang and others about their origin and purpose, and the man on the bed immediately said to Feng Yang and others, "This is the head of the mercenary group for the benefit of the people."
"I’m shi jun. Please sit down." Shi Junyou said.
"Colonel, can you tell me what happened to the Jimin mercenary group?" The wind Yang just sit asked.
"I said that there will be so many problems if you don’t intervene in the mercenary group." At this moment, the burly iron bolt pushed the door and came in, and if it was thunder, it said.

Everyone understands the current bad situation. And the communication between Xu Qi’s three corpses

Just know the current situation. At this time, Xu Qi was sitting in the corridor of the hospital with his fist. Anger rises in my heart a little …
Xu Qi is burning with anger. And Zheng Wenwen came out from the clinic. A nurse handed the medical records to Zheng Wenwen. Then Wenwen reluctantly went to Xu Qi …
Xu Qi saw Zheng Wenwen walk out of the clinic. Suppress your anger at once. Walk towards Zheng Wenwen with a smile. Asked urgently: "Why? What did the doctor say? "
Zheng Wenwen grabbed Xu Qi’s hand with a smile. Gently put it on her stomach. The voice said, "there is a bad baby in it." What I have suffered these days. It’s all his antics. Really bad. "
A smile appeared on Xu Qi’s face. Gently hold Zheng Wenwen in her arms. Not only is there a feeling of guilt in my heart. Because he is about to leave. And his wife and children will fall into the calculation of others …
Late at night. Xu Qi coaxed Wenwen to sleep. And he left home dressed himself. Into Lei Guang. Instantly arrived at the inner courtyard of Long Zuji. Tuyitang has been waiting in the garden. He got a call from Xu Qi. I feel that things must be extraordinary!
"Mr Xu is difficult to see. And visit in person. I am flattered. " Tu Yitang said with a faint smile.
Xu Qi is lazy and careless with Tuyitang. And I don’t have time or mood. So he came straight to the point and said, "Tu Yi. How much do you know about the catastrophe of heaven? "
Tu Yitang is watching Xu Qi. There was a moment of silence. Said: "I know everything I need to know. I don’t know what I shouldn’t know. "
Tuyitang’s is very vague, but Xu Qi understood. The meaning is obvious. Tuyitang knows everything on the surface. But the deeper things Tu Yitang can’t know. That’s all.
Xu Qi looked TuYi. In a dignified tone. Said: "it is enough to know what you need to know! Are you willing to take a chance? "
"What to pay? What can you fight for? " TuYitang asked concisely.
"My wife is pregnant. But I’m leaving soon. When my baby is born. My wife and children will be set up. Even imprisonment! I want you to be with my wife and children as a servant. Help my wife and children survive in trouble. And give my children wisdom! If you promise. I will be at the time of sealing the gods. I’ll prepare you for the position of a righteous god. And help you sanctify your body! " Xu Qi sink a voice said.
TuYitang complexion is dignified. Asked: "How powerful is the other side?"
"Three worlds and six roads … the most powerful force! Yuan Shi Tian Zun! Maybe there will be other forces! " Xu Qi said.
Tuyitang gasped. The body trembled slightly. I don’t know if I’m scared or excited. After a long time. Tu Yitang said again: "To what extent is the relationship between the two sides?"
"I can only promise not to break my face. Others are hard to estimate. So I can’t guarantee your personal safety. " Xu said openly.
Tu Yitang’s sophisticated brain began to work. Holding up every force of brain cells. If TuYitang promised Xu Qi. Willing to be the servant of Xu Qi’s wife and children. Then he is walking a tightrope. At that time, a pulse of jade Qing will inevitably "persuade" him to defect to jade Qing. But Tu promised or refused. Will be a dead end. If TuYitang take refuge in jade qing. Then Xu Qi will not let him go. And if you don’t take refuge in jade qing. That jade Qing disciple can’t tolerate his nail …
The two sides were silent for a long time. And when the moon is blocked by dark clouds. Tu Yitang said in the dark, "It’s worth a fight! Don’t pay half the fee first! "
Xu Qi smiled on his face. Then he took out a thing from his pocket. Throw it to Tuyitang. You still have six hours to deal with your own affairs. Before eight o’clock tomorrow morning. Come and wait in front of my house! "
When Xu finished speaking. Lei Guang flies into the sky. At this time, the moon broke through the dark clouds. The moonlight shed the sky again. At this time, Tu Yitang was holding a thick book. In the moonlight. The title of the book appears … "Taiqing Jingcan".
Fragments of the Taiqing Classic. It’s a fragment. But in fact, it is all that Xu Qi understands. The Taiqing Classic is abstruse and difficult to understand. Xu Qi can only understand part of it. And because of Xu Qi’s own temperament. It is really inconsistent with Taiqing’s artistic conception of "inaction". So even if Xu Qi wants to give Tu Yitang the entire Taiqing Classic. I can’t do it.
Xu Qi turned into Lei Guang and left. Reach your door in an instant. At this time, there is a Taoist standing in front of Xu Qi’s house. Road flyover is full of immortal bones. The crane is childlike. Wearing gray uniforms. It looks very kind. But there is a superior momentum. And there is a jade wishful hanging above this person’s head. And jade ruyi is shining with glass-like brilliance. And these brilliance enveloped the Taoist priest …
When Xu landed in front of his house. Tao first salutes Xu Xing. Then he said gently, "Jiang Shang, a disciple of Jade Qing. I have seen Xu Daoyou. "

Chapter 37 Treat your body with evil
Qi looked at the Taoist priest in front of him, and his anger exploded in his mind, but he knew that he could be the opponent of this immortal family who had been practicing for thousands of years, so he tried his best to suppress his anger and let his face be as natural as possible …
"I already know what Daoyou came, and let me say goodbye to my wife," said Xu Qi.
Jiang Ziya stepped aside to block the route of the door and said, "Go ahead, Taoist, and I’ll wait here."
Xu Qi didn’t answer, so he walked straight into the house. When he walked into the bedroom, Zheng was still asleep, with a smile on his face, as if dreaming of something funny …
Xu Qi sat on the bed, touching his wife’s cheek, feeling guilty. He originally wanted to wake his wife up and tell her everything, but now he can’t bear to disturb Zheng Wenwen’s sleeping. Xu Qi sat on the bed for a moment, calmed his confused mind, and finally took out paper and pencil and wrote down the cause and effect …
Xu Qi posted the message on the mirror of the dresser, and then he was ready to leave, but then in a flash, he returned to Zheng Wenwen’s side, wiped his left hand on his forehead, and a square seal appeared in his hand, followed by Xu Qi’s right hand playing a round of finger-pointing, and the emperor’s qi emerged in the palm of his right hand. Then Xu Qi merged the emperor’s qi with the square seal, and the emperor’s qi and the square seal turned into streamers, instantly disappearing into Joe Cheng …
Xu Qi took care of everything, got up and walked out of the house, but Jiang Ziya saw Xu Qi go out, and with a wave of his left hand, a big sleeve appeared, and a black fog appeared. He didn’t borrow the instrument of the underworld, but he abruptly opened the gate of hell in the East by his own magic!
Xu Qi didn’t go to the black fog much, but when he reached the edge of the black fog, he suddenly stopped and turned to Jiang Ziya and said, "Don’t Taoist friends come in with me?"
"Being original has cause and effect here, and Xu Daoyou can go by himself." Jiang Ziya said.
"Oh. : That’s true. Then be original and leave. " Xu Qi caters to a cry. Then step into the black fog. And when he stood in the void of the gate of hell. At this time, Xu Qi’s eyes became red, his fists clenched and his body trembled slightly. An evil fire ignited from the bottom of my heart. But a moment later. Xu Qi body pathogens slowly dissipate …
Actually just Xu Qi body scene. It is a precursor to entering the ground that Xu Qi has beheaded the evil corpse. Therefore, the harm of evil spirits to Xu Qi is greatly reduced, and evil spirits have not only failed to enchant Xu Qi. On the contrary, it will make the evil corpse more solid.
Xu Qi stayed in the void of the gate of hell for a long time. After waiting for emotional stability. This just went into the underworld through the gate of hell. And when he reached the grave. The ink is standing at the gate of the East Gate of Hell, and the two men look at each other. Eyes see each other’s heart to worry.
See ink Xu Qi ran a gift first. Later, he said: "I am deeply sorry to be wronged by my friends."
Modu reciprocated. Later, he said: "All glory is lost. If this deity dies. Can I be an only child? At this time, the potential is stronger than people. Everything depends on nature. "
Xu Qi also know at this time is not a woman’s soft nature. Cruel and cruel. The right hand suddenly showed ghost claws. Then a claw hit the head of Medu. Five pierced inks are all put into it. And the ink shape did not move. Close your eyes gradually …
A little bit of black mountain emerged in Medog, and these black mountains poured into the body of Medog along its ghost claws. As the black mountain on Medog’s body gradually poured out, Medog’s body dried up, until it finally turned into ashes and scattered on the ground …
This time, Xu Qi is cross the rubicon, directly killing his own evil corpse, absorbing the cultivation, and returning the "evil corpse idea" to this deity, so that his cultivation and artistic conception are greatly improved, which makes Xu Qi’s cultivation and artistic conception reach an unprecedented height, but as such, it has great damage to the evil corpse ink. Waiting for the next time to cut out the evil corpse, the evil corpse will not only be completely repaired, but also there will be cracks in the artistic conception, trying to make up for this crack.
Moments later, Xu Qi completely absorbed the evil corpse, and the vicissitudes of life that had been honed in the secular world faded to three points, and then a little evil was added, which made people feel that Xu Qi had a rare feeling. At the same time, Xu Qi’s clothes also changed, and the original casual clothes became robes, black and gray robes …
Xu Qi was originally short, but now it has become long. When Xu Qi put his hands together, his fingers were like blades, and his head peeled off one after another. After a while, Xu Qi’s head became short again, while Xu Qi looked at the silk scattered on the ground, his hands for a while, and a black awn jumped on the silk. After a while, the silk gathered together, and the ashes of Xu Qi’s silk mixed with ink condensed a dust, all black dust, which made people feel very evil!
Xu Qi took the dust in his hand, and with a wave of his hand, the virtuous cow appeared in front of him. Xu Qi rode on the virtuous cow and slowly headed for the North Emperor Star …
Meritorious cattle walked slowly, and met many ghosts on the way. These ghosts were busy, and when Xu Qi passed by, the ghosts bowed to Xu Qi one after another, waiting for the halfway.
Now two people stand in the way …
Ge Xuzi and Xing Chi first bowed to Xu Qi, and Ge Xuzi said, "Zhang Jiao, can you take me here?"
"Nothing." Xu Qi light said.
"If that’s the case, if we don’t take risks, the poor monk and the Taoist friend of Ge Xuzi, though of low mana, will try their best to open the channel of the world after hundreds of years of cultivation …" Xing Chi said.

Phoenix shallow by his look very not since slowly withdraw the line of sight "YunLuo don’t say when I have amnesia, such as because I am still in the stage of amnesia and didn’t remember"

She paused and looked up at him again, and her eyes narrowed slightly. "But you call me Xiaoqi-this name was once called by Mo Shaoyuan. Although I don’t know who he recognized me, but … do you know me well?"
Mo Shaoyuan is a wanted man. He knows it very well.
It’s not that he can’t be familiar with Mo Shaoyuan. After all, it’s no big deal that he used to be familiar with the court official. It’s because she asked him in such a tone that it seems that if they are familiar, what’s wrong? Chapter 855 Still feel that they are lying very high?
Yunluo looked at her with a look of expression, and her eyes were too gloomy and complicated, so that Phoenix could explore what he was thinking. After a while, she withdrew her sight and the stagnant atmosphere made her feel a little embarrassed.
"The empress needs to have it now, to have powerful children in pairs, and to spoil you alone. Is there anything that will make the empress feel bad?" Yunluo didn’t respond to her words just now when she suddenly asked that.
Feng’s shallow pupil shrinks slightly. "Maybe it was misdiagnosed?" She smiled. "I don’t know my own body. There is nothing wrong with it. It’s just some fatigue from running back and forth recently."
"Misdiagnosis?" He snorted coldly. "Does the empress look down on the medical skills of the late generals or think she is a liar?"
"Yunluo!" Feng shallow suddenly looked up and stared at him. "The palace is an imperial concubine. What do you mean by talking to the palace like this?"
The figure of the opposite person seems to be stiff.
It took a long time to pull out a smile with a gloomy atmosphere. "It’s natural to be responsible for finding out the root cause of the empress’s depression at the end of the day. If the empress doesn’t want to cooperate, she will directly tell the emperor to let the emperor talk to the empress. There is nothing wrong with it."
Threaten naked naked threat!
Phoenix was so angry that he bit his teeth and said with a cold face, "I touched the assassin with the emperor when I was in southern China."
She looked at Yunluo’s pale face and seemed to listen carefully. She shook her hands. "The assassin caught my child and saved it. I fell off a cliff with the emperor. It was very painful and horrible. I still have a big shadow in my heart. Maybe this is why my heart is not smooth. So is General Yun satisfied?"
Yunluo was silent for a moment. "I know."
"Empress’s prescription will be handed over to the slave of Fengyang Palace later. If there is nothing for him, I will go back first."
Say that finish also ranging from chicken shallow mouth turned straight toward the outside to go out.
When his back disappeared, the footsteps in the temple gradually drifted away, and Feng shallow body softened and fell into bed directly.
Really tired
Yunluo went out and saw Yunguifei waiting for him at the gate of Fengyang Palace.
He glanced at her with a dim look, and walked on without stopping, as if he had not seen the man.
Yun Guifei took a sip of her lips and told the "big brother" behind him. It would take her a long time to step with him. "Feng shallow her … did you regain your memory?"
She still won’t talk to herself, but the man suddenly stopped in front of her and turned to look at her coldly.
"What do you think?"
His face was so gloomy that he seemed to drop water. Although Yun Guifei felt that she had not offended his heartbeat recently, she missed a beat for no reason. "I think …" She barely kept her face unchanged. "It is likely that she has recovered."
"In that case, why do you ask me?"
Yunluo dumped her and turned around again with a cold expression.
Yun Guifei’s heart gave her a hard shock. Her face expression was a rare distortion. "Does the eldest brother think so? Then why … Chapter 856 Because she likes you.
Before she finished asking, she was forgotten by Yunluo’s glance. She continued to be very cold, but her eyes were too deep and deep, which made people feel that he was trying to restrain some emotions from bursting out.
"I don’t know"
For a moment, there was confusion in his eyes. Yun Qian always thought that he said he didn’t know if he was answering her question, but in a second she reacted. He said he didn’t know if Feng Shao had recovered his memory.
For the first time in her life, she saw him like this
Slightly pantothenic acid in my heart or just a calm tone. "Eldest brother, I have always suspected that she will be crazy when she restores her memory after giving birth …"

Kun Shao was very happy and nodded. "It’s a great pity that the president of Nangong died, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing for Nangong guild and Qingcheng Sect. My fourth younger brother won’t pursue what happened to Nangong guild again, and we will do our best to help when the president of Nangong is in heaven."

Give a polite bow.
As soon as it seems, it’s over.
In the other two, he didn’t take a reason and snorted "Zhang Song, when did you get mixed up with these people? I heard that you entered the Nangong guild after the accident of the Nangong President. I didn’t know that you were with these people."
Few people know that Zhang Song is the name of the owner of the mountain river fan. He smiled and said, "When you go abroad, everyone should help each other together. It is good to be in Tiancheng, but it is not easy to enter. It is also too fierce to have one more person. Besides, the ghost face and the demon woman are good."
It’s those two people inside.
The ability is not bad. At this moment, I got up and said, "Naturally, we can’t get into the eyes of the master brothers of Qingcheng School. If we don’t want to join us, we will find another home."
Zhang Song laughed and said, "Don’t do it together, let’s talk about putting hatred together." He walked over and said, "Ge Changlong and Yao Yuan are both my friends in recent years, so I will sell them together."
Kun is very disdainful of interacting with these people, but he also nodded his head knowing that it is not good to have multiple helpers in his own territory abroad. "I naturally won’t treat a few people badly if I want to concentrate on those crooked ways."
"That’s enough."
One seems to have been negotiated.
Ge Changlong is a ghost face, Yao Yuan is a witch, and both are titles. At this time, he said, "The Italians owe the Nangong Guild a favor because of the second incident. This time, let’s go to the Italians to form an alliance with them, and then when we go to Monte Carlo, we will have the right time, the right place and the right place, and we will enter the city. Naturally, you will be half finished."
This is what Kun Shao wants to nod his head and say, "Time waits for no one to wait for the private jet. I have already set a course to go and talk about other trivial matters."
Highly effective immediately got up and walked out.
The rest of the people looked at them in front of the Qingcheng school. These people naturally got up and went to the airport to go to the first world war. Italy was looking for some allies.
When they arrived at the airport, it was just four or five o’clock in the afternoon, but they saw a lot of acquaintances. The acquaintances in the world were ready to go to Monte Carlo.
Go to the annual opening day of the city.
The Qingcheng Sect is famous and naturally attracts people’s attention, but they are used to making their own private jets.
Someone spat there, "What are you pretending to be forced to be forced to be struck by lightning?" I laughed and laughed a lot.
"You also heard that the good day is coming to an end, and it’s all about waking up and getting a private jet. Isn’t it the same as playing? This time, it must have been struck by lightning. "
"Yes, chop these big idiots to death."
Among them, Yi Xue and his guild are waiting here to come.
One of the men also said, "You should leave a contact in this way. Wait until when?"
Yi Xue said very naively, "Let’s go to dinner first. I must send someone to watch them before they arrive at 12 o’clock in the evening and early in the morning."
Take someone away and leave a girl who is familiar with the situation to wait there.
Time flies, and when it gets dark, people wait for us at ten o’clock.
We ate and drank in the hotel and had some wine. We had experience in flying. Ning Xi said, "It’s easy to lose sleep on the first flight and drink more wine. We went to bed on the plane and woke up the next day."
We’ve been drinking a lot.
I drank all of them with red faces and walked over to the airport. I also saw the girl at a glance, and Yi Xue and others who had been called to come over.
Waving his hand, he said, "Let’s get there as promised."
Yi Xue said with a look of nai, "It’s really a plane. I’m ready to sleep. Come on, let me introduce you. This is our president, Lin Xinheng, and this is the now famous Zeng Xiaofan."
I immediately reached out and said, "I’ve heard a lot about you." I almost burped. I really drank a lot.
Lin Xinheng, a gentleman with good facial features, walked over and said, "I’ve heard a lot about you and I’m famous. It’s better to meet you."
It is better to say that there is Yi Xue on this floor.
And they are still mostly girls, nearly 20 people, 17 first class, I’m afraid it’s not enough, and they all nodded in good faith
Ning Xi said, "It’s time to board the plane."
"okay, okay"
There are still many people who will go to the boarding gate immediately, and many awakened people will inevitably be involved. It is not difficult to see that this Monte Carlo trip is definitely a big gathering of awakened people.