"Coach, why can she enter Group A as soon as she arrives? In this case, we are all very dissatisfied." One of them was indignant and asked the dignified instructor.

"It’s his ability not to be dissatisfied with him going to that group. I will never arrange her casually, but I found this place by myself. If you have any dissatisfaction, you can ask him to challenge Europe. What do you say?" Uncle said angrily, gesturing that his eyes would not be wrong.
I looked at the face and said "so-called"
Face people see me as confident and not easy to question the coach’s opinion, but they don’t say anything after doing it.
"All right, that’s it, Europe. I’ll take you there." When I passed by, two of us said, "I think you should have found out that there are groups according to ability."
I nodded my head. As the name implies, groups are divided into different groups according to their ability. The more the training programs are different, the stricter they are in front, but it also means that the stronger they are, they will be regrouped every month. There is one person in one group, and everyone tries to make progress in the front group.
Chapter 16 Friends?
Chapter 16
Following the coach’s footsteps, some people shot me in the eye and finally came to a place.
The coach went in first, and those people saw that he also called and continued to practice.
I look at the people here. I didn’t see these people just now
"Stop, everyone. He’s Bing. Join your group A from today."
It dawned on me. Oh, it was Group A.
After the introduction, they were also surprised to look at me, maybe because of my appearance or something else.
"Cold, come and take her there to practice."
"good daddy"
I looked ahead, and it turned out that he was his son, and he was not bad looking.
"You are the ice. Come with me." He smiled and said.
I nodded and followed him.
He took out a piece of paper at his desk and said, "This is a training for you today. You can do it now."
So I came to this group A, where everyone worked hard and practiced there.
I haven’t talked to anyone since I came here, but I practiced there quietly.
I want to be strong and find the murderer quickly, so I train as planned every day. Besides, I continue after everyone else has rested.
With the belief that I want to be strong, I have been in the devil’s forest for a week. Because I was good at kung fu before, I can say that the people here are the strongest, but I am still not satisfied with the status quo.
On this day, everyone else went to rest and eat. The sun was about to set, and I was still practicing my gun there.
Because I practiced a lot, I showed up scarred. When the coach called me, I said I would practice for a while, but he didn’t say anything.
When I forgot to practice, suddenly a bullet missed. I shot at the front and bounced. I looked at a so-called sample. This must be another provocation. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.
A lot of people have come to see me this week, and I have turned them down. I think that’s when I was in trouble.
I kept shooting at the front card, but the bearer still didn’t intend to let me go. He still stopped me, but I didn’t succeed this time. I quickly sent another bullet straight into the center hole.
Taking off the blindfold and earmuffs, I turned around and saw three girls. One of them was holding a gun, the other was indifferent, and the other was worried.
I looked at them faintly and didn’t want to argue with them too much. I was about to go to another place when suddenly a bounce fell in front of me.
The girl with the gun said, "Hey, don’t drag us like that. We want to talk to you."
I simply said, "This way?"
"No, it’s not that we saw you practicing. You’ve already had a rest. You seem to be like this these days," said the girl with a worried face
"It’s none of your business"
"Do you have anything to come here? You can’t have no purpose, "said the cool girl.
"revenge" I said these two words quietly, but I was surprised myself how I could tell them what I wanted here.
They were all shocked. The girl with a worried face said, "Are you called an ice bar? I’m Mu Ying, the one with the gun is Bai Xinqi, and the other is Ouyang Xin. We are good friends and want to come here on our own. Our abilities here are very good, but you seem to be better than us. The thing is, we want to be friends with you, okay? "
"I don’t want to" although I said this, I was suddenly surprised to hear them say that they were friends. I once told Xiao Leng when I was naive.
Then I left, but I heard them shouting at me all the time.
Chapter 17 Grouping