Just at this time, the lounge door was knocked. At Peng Tian, Peng Tian nodded and went directly to the door. One person said something outside the door. Peng Tian nodded and walked back. He leaned over Mu Mingfeng’s ear and said softly, "The gentleman’s south glory is coming." He also took a look at Yang Ye.

Yang night, of course, know what it is but pretend to be very suspicious.
Mu Mingfeng got up and smiled and held out his hand at Yang Night. "Hehe, Mr. Yang, the so-called gentleman who knows the time, Junjie hopes that we can get along well. I won’t keep you if I have something to do."
Yang Ye gently holds Mu Ming’s wind hand. "Hehe, it’s more appropriate for Mr. Mu to say yes or no, but my father just passed away and I can’t let the Yang family destroy my hand."
"Young Master, don’t say that. I said that the day after tomorrow will be you and me!" Mu mingfeng has a strong grip.
"Well, I’ll go back and sort out what you want and give it to you, but we have to keep things secret so that Zhang Tianyu can’t know." Yang Ye said and looked at Mu Mingfeng suspiciously. "You … didn’t talk to Nan Ronghuan about things?"
"Of course not!" Mu Mingfeng laughed. "Of course, I want to find someone who is strong and intelligent, just like Master Yang!"
"Well, I’ll be leaving now." Yang night nodded and turned away.
Yang night away from time to time, Nanrong Magic has been led to another meeting, waiting for Mu Mingfeng to let Peng Tian send Yang night away from his followers and quickly arrived at Nanrong Magic.
"South rong gentleman! Ha, ha, ha. I didn’t expect you to come so soon. "Muming Feng stretched out his hand as he walked over.
Nan Rong is hallucinating and his expression is straightforward. "Mr. Mu, I want to talk to you alone."
Mumingfeng nodded and waved, and then several people in the hall bowed and went out. At this time, Peng Tian came in and the backhand door came to Mumingfeng’s side, and he nodded to Nanrong Magic.
See the living room is empty. Nanrong Fantasy War made a deep bow at Mu Mingfeng. "Mr. Mu, please leave our Nanrong family alone."
"Ha ha, don’t be like this, Nanrong. You just want to be with me, right?" Mu Mingfeng stretched out his hand to help Nan Ronghuan "Don’t say such a thing since we are close."
Nan Rong looked straight at Mu Mingfeng. "It’s lucky that Mr. Mu offended your hand two days ago."
Mu Mingfeng smiled and said that he had sat on the sofa. Hehe, I’m still curious about why you and Mr. Yang came to my Mu family.
South Magic also sat with a low expression showing fear and said, "Mr. Mu, you know that my father and Yang’s master Yang Zhenkui were seriously ill one after another and Yang Zhenkui died. Yang Ye and I suspected that someone in the five families secretly … visited Mu Family at night."
"Now?" Muming wind asked with a smile
Nan Rong Huan bowed again and said, "Master Mu, stop talking. I want you to let go of the Nanrong family. I can do something!"
"So I let you kill Yang Yexing?" Muming wind meaningfully asked with a smile
"What?" Nan Rong looked up at Mu Mingfeng with a fright. "This, this … I don’t know if I can go."
"Really?" Mu Mingfeng nodded and owed a suit. "But Nanrong Magic took the initiative to call me this afternoon and said that I would let him go. He is willing to destroy your Nanrong family."
"What? Yang night he incredibly …! " Nan Huan looked very surprised, but she cursed Mu Mingfeng in her heart. You are really poisonous. Play this game with me!
Muming wind twist a head Xiang Peng tianyi waved Peng Tian to walk in the previous step and took out a pocket device from his pocket to hold it in front of Nanrong Magic.
"This is a recording of Yang night talking to me," said Mu Mingfeng, who took a look at Peng Tian.
Peng Tian pressed the button on that gadget.
There’s a sound in the device
"Mu Mingfeng, I don’t want to grovel and beg for help. You can do whatever you want to keep Yang’s conditions."
"oh? Whatever? Including asking you to help me destroy your Yang family’s family friend Nanrong family? "
"Of course! At this time, everyone will take the hindmost. "
Mu Mingfeng smiled faintly. "But I left you a letter to get together with you. Do you know anything?"
Nan Rong shook his head in surprise and gratitude.
"Because I choose the right person, of course, I want to find someone with strength and intelligence, just like Master Nan Da!" Mu Mingfeng said with a bright eye.
South glory magic listen together "thank you! Thank you, Master Mu! " Talking with vicious eyes, "I didn’t expect that Yang night to be so cruel!"
"Well, we’re married to Nanrong Gentleman. I’d like to know where you and Yang Ye learned so much."
Nan Rong’s illusion paused and said quickly, "Well, Mr. Mu is a Zhang family. Zhang Wenyu taught us that once Zhang Wenyu, a young family’s Jinshi Islands, asked us if we wanted to learn severe skills, and then gave us a lesson. Yang Ye and I learned this kind of thing now." Said Nan Rong’s illusion, "I wonder why Zhang Wenyu didn’t learn so much skills. He seems to be bent on playing table tennis."
Mumingfeng nodded and looked up. Peng Tian looked at each other and exchanged a lot. There was an epiphany, truth and hatred.
"What’s that called?" Muming wind turned to look at Nan Rong’s magic question