"ah ah"

The field is close to Miss Qin, and the teenagers immediately cover their eyes and exclaim. This magical sword releases a radiant light, which is very terrible and intimidating. When the eyes touch it, it hurts immediately. Many teenagers immediately retreat behind after screaming.
What kind of sword is this? How can you have such terror and coercion? Many experts are looking at the elders or President Xiao with questions.
The elders of the refining alliance saw the sword in front of Miss Qin. This time, their eyes not only bulged out, but also were full of bloodshot. They really fell off and shivered and could not say a word again.
President Xiao seems to be lost in a dream, and his eyes are fixed on the radiant magic sword, and he is no longer willing to move it. Everyone is not a fool. From the face of all the elders of President Xiao, the sword refined by Miss Qin is no small matter, which definitely exceeds that of Miss Xiao and Ma Yun.
Several young players in the refining alliance stopped refining together, and they all stared at the magic sword in front of Miss Qin. They had never seen such a magic sword before, and today they were an eye-opener.
Ma Yun’s face darkened immediately, although he didn’t know what quality the sword refined by Miss Qin had reached. But he knows that his sword must be much worse?
Miss Xiao stared at Miss Qin’s magic sword, and her face changed greatly. She gasped, her lips trembled for a long time, but there was no sound.
"What the hell is this treasure? How can it shine?"
"It’s like an Excalibur."
"What’s the matter with President Xiao? Has he never seen this kind of sword? "
"God, this is incredible."
Everyone immediately talked about it, and there was a lot of noise in the moment. There is one thing that everyone can’t figure out. Miss Bai Qin has failed three times just now. How can she forge such a magical sword with those wastes? Did she become a fairy?
"It should be ok."
Just as everyone was full of praise for the sword refined by Miss Qin in front of them, I didn’t know what quality it had achieved. When the stadium gave out a charming drink, Liu Liner smiled and kicked off the tripod cover. A radiant golden sword flew out and emerged in front of everyone.
Everyone can’t help but be a little silly. Two swords come out one after another. A magical field is silent for a moment. Chapter three hundred and ninety-one Youth League Match (8)
"oh, my god"
"What is this sword? How to face and spirit fire? "
"It seems that the spirit fire is still a’ spirit fire’. No wonder it gives off light with great lethality."
Immediately after everyone was shocked, everyone chattered. When the elders heard the crowd screaming, their heads were groggy and they didn’t wake up, they turned their eyes to Lu Liner’s side. At the sight of the ever-flowing flashing spirit fire, it was like being stabbed with a knife and gave a shudder. Hold the chair with both hands immediately or I’m afraid I will faint on the spot.
President Xiao is almost the same. When he saw the sword face emerging beside Liu Liner, he even gave me a hint of fear. Fortunately, Xiao Guzhu held him back or I’m afraid I would make a fool of myself.
All the people in the field looked at President Xiao inexplicably. What exactly are the jewels refined by two big beauties? Actually scared President Xiao of the refining alliance?
"this, this"
Miss Xiao stared at the sword in front of Liu Liner and was so scared that she trembled and hesitated for a long time but still could not speak.
At this time, everyone’s eyes were on the sword beside the two beautiful women, and then they turned to President Xiao. Everyone’s eyes were full of expectation, hoping that President Xiao could answer their questions.
Seeing President Xiao like that, the teenagers next to him had already prepared the chair. President Xiao had been sitting on the chair with his hands gently stroking his chest and panting for a few minutes before he woke up a little. All eyes were almost staring at him, and he was a little embarrassed to smile. When he got up, the teenagers next to him immediately held him for fear that he would be unstable.
President Xiao was really a little weak, so he let the teenagers hold the body and cough for a while before looking up at the two beautiful girls. He was very excited and said, "Miss Qin’s refining is a treasure with a level of’ gods’ that is even more terrible than the level of’ power’."
President Xiao is so excited. After all, this kind of "God" jewel, Nanliang State, has lived for more than a hundred years and has never seen it. Now two little girls suddenly appear. Can you imagine the vibration in his heart? He took a few breaths in succession and took a rest. He continued, "The jewel refined by Miss Lu has a deity fire, but it is a jewel with a deity level higher than the deity level."
"oh, my god"
"so horrible"
"Wizards, ghosts and talents"
Hearing President Xiao’s words, there was a scream and applause immediately, and the people outside cheered loudly. After nine days of shock, the whole competition square was boiling, and everyone rushed to the front of the two girls to get a closer look.
Suddenly, there was a lot of excitement, and everyone was whispering.
It was not until the crowd gradually recovered calm that President Xiao explained to everyone with passion that "Miss Qin, although refined, is a treasure, but with her refined’ God’ level, she can jump two steps in a row, which is comparable to an ordinary treasure; Although the jewel refined by Miss Lu is a jewel, it can be compared with an extremely precious jewel. That is to say, this sword refined by Miss Lu has surpassed the jewels refined by her cousin Xiao Ni. "
"What about my sword?"
Before President Xiao’s words were finished, suddenly there was a big drink.
At this time, everyone at the venue gathered their eyes to listen to President Xiao’s explanation. As soon as his face showed surprise, he was startled by a big drink. Some people even shuddered. Everyone was a little angry and immediately turned to stare at the venue and shouted at people.
Unexpectedly, it was the abnormal teenager Tang Jun?
Tang Jun ignored the angry eyes "crash" and kicked the tripod cover. A radiant sword flew out immediately and was thrown in the middle by him directly.