"Sura, you, you talked?" Yang night happily walked over and stretched out his hand to touch it.

Sura was frightened and jumped, staring at Yang Ye’s hand nervously, but his voice became vague and growled again.
Yang night looked at Xi Shi and Zheng Dan and looked at their palms, thinking that this would not have something to do with my ability, would it?
Xi Shi and Zheng Dan were stunned for a while, and suddenly they were in high spirits together. At the same time, they walked over to Sura, clapping and coaxing, but Sura could not say a word anyway. They looked at Yang night with special grievances, as if to say that I didn’t recruit you. Why did you burn me …
Just as Yang night looked at Sura’s grievance and laughed, Qian Bo knocked at the door and entered the room. He looked a little nervous and looked at Xi Shi and Zheng Dan and asked Yang night again.
Yang night shook his head and said with a smile, "Go ahead, Qian Bo said they don’t know what it is."
Xi Shi and Zheng Dan looked at each other inexplicably and saw that Yang Ye and Qian Bo were considerate and pulled Sula into the set.
"Is there news?" Yang Ye asked Qian Bo Qian Bo Yang’s family worked hard for many years, and the real purpose of Yang Ye’s coming to the Jinshi Islands was that he knew that Yang Ye could rest assured and relax for a few days because many things were handled and confessed by Qian Bo.
Qian Bo walked into Yang Ye and whispered, "There’s news from the front desk. The brothers Cold Tianya and Cold Sunset have come."
"Oh?" Yang night glared at one eye "has come? Hehe, don’t say we are here if you don’t talk to the hotel there. "
"It’s already confessed." Qian Bo nodded and saw that Yang Ye’s face was not there. It said that he couldn’t help asking, "What shall we do with the gentleman’s face?"
"What should I do? Hehe, the cold brothers are here to spend money on vacation. Don’t you drive them away? " Yang Ye continued to smile and turned around to ask Qian Bo, "My father told me that the Jinshi Islands are the same as the Yang family’s half-life. So there must be guards or guards on the second and third islands of the mining and experimental stone mines?"
Qian Bo looked at Yang night slightly leng for a while and then gently shook his head "alas ….. gentleman Qian Bo to bothersome a few words again. It’s nothing to do with family affairs before you, especially after the master married Bai Niang …"
"Stop it! Qian Bo, let’s talk about serious ideological and moral education. After class, I’ll ask you to make up for it. "Yang Yexiao Xiao" Well, although it’s nothing, you should still find some reliable and clever students in the hotel to monitor the actions after a cold world and a cold sunset island. "
"Nothing? Young master, you can’t take it lightly. Don’t forget what we are doing in the Jinshi Islands! " Qian Bo a little nasty "you can’t take these seriously! Young’s family can have a present inheritance, but several generations have worked hard to fight for it. You don’t know, gentleman, as early as 160 years ago, the parking stall in front of the Palace Hotel in Daxing Village, Tuen Mun, Zhang Daji’s ancestors and brothers were ambitious. Who knew that Zhang was swept up 13 times a day on average in less than half a month, and six brothers died a year … "
"Good good Qian Bo now is not to say that this time" Yang night quickly to Qian Bo with the wave "you said goodbye to my past, you see I’m not completely changed now! Just tell me if there are any guards and how many people there are. "
Qian Boxiao looked down on the Yang family gentleman as his own child. He was naturally happy when he saw that Yang night was getting better and better. After laughing, he recovered. "Oh, there are guards on the second island and the third island, but I’m not sure about the actual number. There are about six or seven hundred people."
"There are so many people in the two islands?"
"Ha ha master hired these guards to take out any one to be a bodyguard of the head of state." Qian Boxiao smiled. "Master often said that people are more expensive than essence. For example, each of the large group companies in our Yang family flag …"
"Line line" Yang night crazy this Qian Bo bothersome problem eventually didn’t change "Qian Bo you help me to contact the guards on Island 2 and Island 3, and then give me a tool that can contact them at any time"
"Gentleman, what are you …" Qian Bo hesitated.
"Hehe, the brothers Qian Bo Leng are definitely on vacation, but others are not so honest." Yang Ye curled his mouth and looked out of the window. "Do you think the cold food brothers would go out in person if they really had any ideas?"
It’s true that the cold end of the world and the cold sunset have come, and they definitely came with other ideas. Of course, they can’t do anything in person. Because the cold end of the world and the cold sunset have just arrived at Island No.1, they have known that the Young family gentleman and the second young master have also arrived at the island in less than half an hour.
It’s normal that Yang’s family is half-alive, and there is such a large stone archipelago, including this No.1 island resort. How can the Leng family not have people here? How can there be no undercover? Besides, the cold brothers know that they want an island, so their every move will be monitored by the Yang family.
"Brother, why are you so serious? Let’s go on holiday!" Cold sunset sitting luxury suite sofa hands behind the pillow said with a smile
"vacation? Sunset! Have you forgotten what father asked us to do? " Cold Tianya nervous room walked back and forth "we island! Hmm! Coming! What should I do next? What should I do? "
"Are you still nervous?" The cold sunset changed its posture, lying on the sofa with one hand leaning on his head. "If you hadn’t run from Cong to greet Master Yang, we wouldn’t have been in so much trouble."
"Me? What’s wrong with me? Me? I didn’t want the Yang family to be suspicious of us! Sunset, is this your eldest brother’s wisdom? " Lengtianya argued
"Eldest brother! How many times have I told you! Don’t call people how ugly the sunset is. It would be more appropriate to call me Xiaoxi or Xixi. "The cold sunset frowned and complained at the cold horizon."
Cold Tianya glowered at his younger brother, then hung his head. He was used to the cold sunset. I don’t know if he made a mistake at the beginning. This cold sunset was particularly feminine when he was young, and it became more and more serious as he grew up. He not only liked men at home, but also often touched the handsome male servant’s ass. He rolled his eyes at the maid. His father didn’t like it, but the cold sunset was really clever and did things by hook or by crook. In recent years, the cold family has grown up a lot of intrigues, which is in line with his father’s cold personality, and the cold sunset trend
"Eldest brother, don’t worry. I told you everything was arranged." The cold sunset ignored the cold end of the world and glared at the sofa, leaning against the body and playing with my nails.
"Do you have a brain! Haven’t you heard that the young family gentleman and the second young master are also islands? Is it our intention to expose them? " Cold Tianya wouldn’t fight if he saw his brother was not male or female. If his father hadn’t always been partial to this bitch, his brother cold Tianya would have beaten him up.
"I think you are mindless. Hee hee Yang’s brothers are here. It’s better to make them pay attention to the two of us here, so we can steal the bill." Cold sunset said, taking out a tube of anti-cracking lipstick from his pocket, pouting and smearing it carefully, and then sipping his lips. Eldest brother smiled and said, "Besides, eldest brother, you also know that the two young masters and second young masters of Yang’s family, Yang Xugen, are still like children, especially the gentleman who has no IQ after hee hee. Ignore family affairs and have a bad relationship with Master Yang Zhenkui. Didn’t you run away from home for a while? Hehe, those two idiots couldn’t do anything to us even if I told them the plan! "
"Well … you make sense. I’ve seen the gentleman Yang Ye and Nan Rong Magic play together once before. That little guy really didn’t have any brains to play with us!" Lengtianya sneered thoughtfully and then shook his head. "Alas, it’s a pity that that beautiful young lady of Nanrong family got engaged to such an idiot!"
The cold sunset suddenly lifted its neck and dumped a hair. "Hum! What’s so good about women! I hate women the most! " "Don’t you think a man’s strong chest muscles are the most charming?"
Cold Tianya looked at his brother’s mouth slightly cramped and a cold sweat oozed from his forehead.
Jinshi Islands is located in the northwest of Sanyang and Boat-fruited Sterculia, the world’s four seas, with a total area of about 110,000 square kilometers. The smallest place on the No.1 Island of Jinshi Islands was turned into a holiday resort after the stone mine was exhausted due to its excellent geographical environment. However, because it is too close to the No.2 Island and No.3 Island, all vacationers who travel to No.1 holiday island must obtain special approval from the Yang family and pay a considerable amount of deposit to prevent anyone from trespassing on No.2 Island and No.3 Island..
But there are exceptions. For example, the Leng brothers don’t have to pay a deposit for this island holiday because they personally greeted Master Yang Zhenben. Actually, Yang has already given it a gold card for the four families. It is not enough for all the members of the four families to make a 95% discount on the island except for not paying a deposit … Hehe, it is impossible for every island vacationer to turn around without a million.
It is said that anyone who can spend a holiday on Nengdao must treat money like dirt in addition to his distinguished family background. Does that money treat him like a dirt man, Jinshi Islands Resort? I can’t even imagine that it’s a place where people with more money can afford to wipe their ass. There is no doubt that rich people and people without money vomit after drinking too much, but the things they spit out are definitely different. The world that Yang lived in before night is like this, or is it like this? Where is the powerless society? How can there be a great world?
Far away from the Jinshi Islands, except for Island No.1, Island No.2 and Island No.3 are closed to the outside world. Both islands have a group of young people who spend a lot of money to hire guards. Each of these people has extraordinary skills and has ex-military special forces soldiers. There are anti-terrorist elites before switching jobs; There are former film and television star stuntmen; Have a terrorist score before quitting the organization; There is a front teahouse to talk about it; A paparazzi reporter who resigned as a former entertainment publication; Pre-service professional boxing champion, wrestling champion, free fighting champion, fencing champion, synchronized swimming champion, floor exercise champion, yoga champion, Go champion … They formed an elite guard team to be responsible for the safety protection of Island 2 and Island 3.
Yang Yelian, the leader, is the general manager of this guard. This general manager is very strict and meticulous, and records the arrangements made by the Yang family gentleman. In addition to secretly monitoring the Leng brothers and their entourage, we must strengthen the guards on Island No.2 and Island No.3 these days. In addition, Yang Ye also arranged a special island No.2 for this general manager …
In order to avoid the cold brothers, it was found that Yang Ye had been staying in the room with Xi Shi and Zheng Dan, and Sula had been able to say a relatively complete sentence intermittently, which became the only pleasure for these three people to stay in the room.
Real Yang night has been waiting for the news of the little girl. He knows that this girl will never talk about it. Even if she is ready, she will ask Yang night to go to Island No.2, which is straightforward, simple, persistent, … The girl with big breasts is so dead set on liking the Mu family. What nonsense gentleman Mu Mingfeng? This made Yang Yefa restrain his hostility to Mu Mingfeng before he met him.