Jiang Xiuwen, who came from the Ferris wheel, was considerate and sent a driver to pick them up.

Meng Yudong was already sleepy. When she got on the bus, she was already asleep.
Cheng Dongyang looked at his little face in his arms and Cheng Yuyang’s words rang out in his ear. What was he going to do with her? He knew what he was going to do. If he really marries Sitong, he can’t have another woman! Including this one, her!
He closed his eyes and unconsciously held her tighter.
When she got to the building, she slept like a log. He had to hold her upstairs and took the stairs to press the stairs. As soon as he went out, he saw his mother in front of the door.
His mother was waiting for him at the door in a fur coat, and he froze for a long time.
Xu wen hua’s face changed greatly when he appeared with Meng Yudong in his arms, but it was late now. She said calmly, "Open the door!"
Meng Yudong also woke up. As soon as she turned around, she saw xu wen hua find herself busy coming to Cheng Dongyang.
Cheng Dongyang let her go to the front door. xu wen hua gave her a cold look and walked in first. She walked in slowly.
"Dongdong, aren’t you sleepy? Go to sleep first! " Cheng Dongyang said to her
She nodded, and she was also somewhat afraid of xu wen hua and went to sleep in her room.
"Your grandfather waited for you for a long time. It’s not like you to leave the driver at home in Dongyang in the middle of the night." xu wen hua said to the unhappy couple.
Cheng Dongyang looked at his mother coldly and said, "Mom, is there anything we can talk about tomorrow? It’s late now, I’m going to sleep. "
"You go back with me and have breakfast with your grandparents early." Just come to xu wen hua and take away?
Cheng Dongyang’s eyes grew colder and colder. "Mom knows why Xiyang doesn’t want to stay at home for a day and stay in Beijing and don’t want to come back? It is because you always like to control everything that you have manipulated me for 30 years. Should it stop? Chapter 15 Girls should lead an honest and clean life.
"Dongyang, you really changed a Meng Yudong to let you do this to me?" Xu wen hua looked pale and shocked.
Cheng Dongyang is not in a good mood today. It is even more annoying to hear his mother say so. "Mom, can you let me spend a quiet night? I will go back one day. Would you please go back first? "
Xu wen hua is really itchy. That woman is just across the door from her. She can’t argue with her son, but she wants to take him away. She can’t let this woman take him away.
"Dongyang, what you just said really hurts people, do you know?" She walked to the front of the son and said earnestly, "Does Dongyang Mom care if she comes here tonight?"? You said your horse wants it. "
"Mom, don’t push me." Cheng Dongyang was blacker and interrupted his mother to speak. "You go home. Now I want to rest. I believe your driver is waiting for me to take you there."
Xu wen hua nodded and followed the son.
Into the ladder xu wen hua or unwilling to say "do you really want to go with that Meng Yudong so you put the silk tung in the ground? Didn’t you see how sad it was when you said you wouldn’t get married for a while at dinner today? "
Cheng Dongyang said with a cold face, "Mom, I know I will solve it."
"Dongyang’s parents are not forcing you to get married, but you have to think about it. You are the grandparent of Laocheng, and your grandparents are so old. You are thinking about four generations under one roof and you want to hug your great-grandson. Do you think about it?" Xu wen hua earnestly advised the son.
Cheng Dongyang didn’t speak. He doesn’t want to talk about this now. He doesn’t want to talk about it at all. Besides, he doesn’t even care about Dong Dong.
"Break up with her early and listen to mom once?" Xu wen hua son moved to persuade way
At this time, the ladder door opened and he sent his mother to the bus. When she took the driver’s car, he slowly replied, "I will."
Xu wen hua put his heart at ease and smiled at his son. "Will you come back early tomorrow?"
"Be careful, Mom" and he gave her the door to let the driver drive.
Meng Yudong’s room has long been sleepy, and she can hear clearly what is happening outside. She sent her mother to Cheng Dongyang and probably won’t come back. I didn’t expect that she heard the door ring again in a few minutes.
When he came back, her heart was shocked and she quickly closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.
Cheng Dongyang entered the room to see her eyes closed. He smiled. He was sure that this girl was definitely pretending to sleep.
He took off his coat, changed his clothes and got into bed to warm her arms. He put his hands around her neck and rubbed her chest. He didn’t believe that she could still sleep at this time.
Meng Yudong really can’t put it on. His chest hurts. She grabs his wrist. "Didn’t you go back with your mother?"
"I’m not a child. I have to go back as soon as my mother picks me up," Cheng Dongyang said, turning her over and letting her face herself. "What are you pretending to sleep?"
"If your grandparents come, you should go home to accompany them." Meng Yudong’s words are true, as if she wanted to have grandparents!
"Why do you want my mother to take care of my affairs?" Cheng Dongyang some unhappiness, she this is to drive him away?
"No," she’s not qualified. Forget it. She still said how wrong she was. "I’m sleepy. Let’s sleep!"