It’s simple. We fell asleep together …

The sun is just noon when the cotton in the blue sky is like a cloud.
The wind at the top of the mountain weakened slightly, and Zhang’s eyebrows moved. He slowly opened his eyes and fell asleep. Seeing my little girl Zhang smiled and remembered the scenes at night, his heart felt quite happy.
Wu Yu was still asleep, and she curled up with Zhang Yang’s pillow, and his arm was still smiling sweetly, like a charming sleeping beauty.
Zhang didn’t move, but quietly slept. Wu Yu, with her cherry-like attractive red lips, slightly bent her long eyelashes and refined her nose.
In particular, Zhang Yang, a little red face, was tempted to take a bite. "This goblin is simply charming all beings! God is really kind to me and has given me such a lovely and beautiful little girl. "
Stay with Zhang Yang! Stunned! Dementia! Stunned!
"it’s over! The lethality is too great and fierce! No! " Zhang throat micro couldn’t help but swallow a sigh. He quickly told himself that he couldn’t.
But Zhang Yang can’t control his eyes. My little girl is too beautiful, too delicate and too attractive for him to stay!
The faint girl’s fragrance into Zhang Yang’s nose made him feel that this fragrance was much more than the delicate fragrance and wine when he was born. Of course, Zhang Yang knew whether it was psychological or not.
Although Wu Yu is still a little girl’s delicate body, she has already seen her beauty at first sight. The proud bimodal snow is greasy and soft, and Zhang Yang’s chest is slightly deformed, but it shows more natural beauty!
Zhang some just can’t hold his strong chest and feel the soft beauty of Wu Yu’s charming body as if he would melt the mountains.
The lotus root arm is slightly fat, slender, white and sultry.
Navel … Zhang Yang stayed!
His breathing is heavy, his blood gas is surging, his heart rate is fast, and he is like a teleport! A face is red, hot and itchy!
Suddenly, Zhang Yang remembered Wu Yu’s words "It’s a little too fast" when it was dark. He couldn’t help but think of another meaning of this sentence "It’s too fast now, then you can … damn it, calm down!"
Immediately, Zhang Yangxin cursed himself, "Asshole is not such a beautiful and lovely girl. Damn it!"
Scold is scolded. Why does Zhang Yang seem to be cheap and tell?
Zhang Yang tried his best to control his physiological reaction, fearing that his reaction would wake Wu Yu up. Zhang Yang exerted yin and cold yuan to put out the evil fire by abdominal pressure.
Zhang Yang is a child, but how can he feel better if he can suppress it? He is very doubtful whether he will leave sequelae in the future.
Although he felt uncomfortable, he endured "my little girl is only fifteen years old and still doesn’t understand a lot of things, and she doesn’t really like me. I can’t take advantage of others."
Of course, Zhang Yang, who is one year older than Wu Yu, doesn’t necessarily know everything. Li Dabao laughed at Zhang Yang’s words as "pretending to be old."
Zhang tightly closed his eyes and forcibly suppressed his senses. Wu Yu’s body did not dare to look at the person he liked. He was afraid of things that he could not control.
Zhang transferred his thoughts and thought about some things. "Where did Wu Yu’s black flame come from? And how did we end up here? "The Soul-eating Tactics" may not be complete, and the road to practice in the future will still not be calm. "
Zhang was thinking about suddenly feeling as if someone was himself. He slowly opened his eyes and saw Wu Yu still resting on his arm. A pair of beautiful big eyes blinked at himself.
Zhang startled Wu Yu when he opened his eyes! My little girl’s eyes closed instantly and curled up, and Zhang Yang kept trembling.
Wu Yu closed her eyes tightly, her eyelashes kept trembling and her face flushed. At this time, her heart was as confused as a hundred kittens scratching, but it was mostly messy.
She remembered the scenes at night, which were both ashamed and resentful and had a different mood.
Seeing Wu Yu seems to be very scared, and Zhang Yangxin is very guilty. "I must have scared her last night. Damn it!"
Zhang forcibly controlled himself and waited for a while. Wu Yu still closed his eyes and didn’t talk.
Two people are hugging each other. Zhang can feel Wu Yu’s heart beating fast, but also can feel my girl’s body burning.
Zhang Yang first broke the silence by saying, "Thank you. If you hadn’t saved me, I would have died."
"Where is the original pride Wu Yu? What are you afraid of him? He just saved my life. What’s so terrible about him? "Wu Yu’s brain constantly combed his thoughts and encouraged himself.
Her heart once again told herself, "Don’t change, don’t be afraid. He is a liar, a fool and a bad guy. I don’t believe him."
Wu Yu curled up, Zhang Yanghuai’s heart beat faster, and he continued to comb his mood and his atmosphere.
Wu Yulai is a more decisive person. When saving Zhang Yang at night, he was very direct and didn’t think much, but a series of things happened that made this inexperienced girl feel a little confused.
Wu Yu still doesn’t talk, Zhang Yang doesn’t talk well, and he doesn’t know what to do. He has to close his eyes and wait for Chapter 89 to say "Double major".
Chapter 89 said double major?
May be Wu Yu interlinked her eyes suddenly wide open, a pair of beautiful eyes staring at Zhang like a demonstration []
Then Wu Yu pretended to be calm and said, "You saved me and I’ll save your life. You’re a big liar and you’ll fool people. Do you think you’ve had a lot of love? Otherwise, how do you know so many ways to cut off? "
Wu Yu can’t get up. Zhang is naturally more willing to lie and hug the tender and creamy little beauty. His heart is wonderful, of course, and he can’t show it.
He showed nai look. "You said I was fooling people, so it’s not the truth. I’m only sixteen, okay? It’ s just that I’ ve experienced it for more than a dozen times from birth. Do you believe that I am a child? "
"Hum! You deliberately approached me, first hitting me in the foot and then pretending to protect me. So you knew Nangong Qi, and after you colluded, you were able to save me before you said that you were motivated? " Wu Yu jiao man Dao