Himself with the secret method has reached ten star holy one in the face of Zhang Tao trick is fragile? In fact, Zhang Tao makes this recruit a huge burden, and even with the help of nature on Sunday, the cold will still bite itself.

"Go!" No longer hesitating, the ice crystal thorn lotus is slowly floating, emitting a trace of silver-blue light. At this moment, it is like being frozen, and the lotus is slowly floating to You Ying, but he can’t move. It is futile to struggle.
"ah!" Finally, the resistance of the heart was inspired. You Ying hit the magic knife together in the body strength, and the color of the magic knife was as dark as night as dripping black ink.
Do everything in your power. You Ying chopped the lotus with one knife. Black and silver blue collided and intertwined, and everything around him fell into a strange silence.
You don’t know what your eyes see. The only thing you know is that the enchantment has reappeared in the hall. Obviously, this virtual shadow also feels destructive power. It seems that there has been a change around your hands.
"I didn’t expect that there would be such a big movement." The virtual shadow is also indecisive in his eyes. Of course, he knows that You Ying is a saint to suppress strength, so he will deliberately solve the enchantment. However, I didn’t expect that there would be such a stunning figure in Tianshi.
Just the peak Tianshi can be released, and the ten-star saints will try their best. It’s really a terrible thing to mix cold together that day, and the result is that others can’t calculate the power by common sense after estimating it.
Perhaps only the client You Ying knows what threat this lotus flower poses to him.
The venue was calm, Zhang Tao and You Ying disappeared, and so did the lotus flower that frightened everyone. Was it just a dream of Nan Ke? Is it their fear that monsters breed nightmares?
Chapter 455 Trading?
Zhang Tao’s hair returned to black in another vision of the temple of the universe, and her eyes calmly looked at the empty shadow in front of her eyes, while the shadow on the other side had disappeared 【!
Absolute temperature Although he tried to go, born to die’s soul instantly froze into ice powder and disappeared in the air. Zhang Tao seconds kill the ten-star saint! Although it is not perfect, it is enough to shock the whole Dongyue continent.
"Your skill is very interesting," said Virtual Shadow.
"You brought me here to save the temple of the universe, but are you interested in my martial arts?" Zhang Tao light asked the fact that there is no affection for this virtual shadow Zhang Tao! Although the other party is trying to protect the things in the palace from being taken away, it is so despicable to let everyone kill each other, and then no one will get the treasure in the end
In fact, it’s disgusting to hang out from the chastity archway while being a slut. Since you don’t want the treasure to be taken away, you don’t have to play with everyone once in a hundred years, even if you die.
"No, no, no, of course not. I want to make a deal with you." Virtual Shadow said with a smile.
"Deal? You’re an open-minded person, and I’m just like a worm, like a transaction? " Zhang Tao put his arms around his chest with a cool touch.
Make four kinds of heaven and earth cold fusion Zhang Tao body qi left a few although it hurts to talk, if you want to start work, you will even ask for it.
"I’m just left to look after the spiritual energy of the Honghuang Temple. You can call me Honghuang, but you can also call me a housekeeper," said Honghuang.
"So how do you want to trade?" Zhang Tao ourtenant asked the truth. I don’t believe it at all. Now Zhang Tao is not a simple and honest young man, but a mature man who has experienced vicissitudes.
The universe said, "Your strength is now stable. Even I can kill you."
"So what?" Zhang Tao asked, but this sentence gave Zhang Tao a message, that is, the enchantment settings in the temple of the universe are unilateral resistance, that is to say, if you don’t touch the enchantment, the enchantment will naturally not attack you.
That is to say, if Zhang Tao doesn’t take the initiative to attack the vast expanse, take Zhang Tao. There is a limit to changing the location at any time. Zhang Tao estimates that the limit will be restored naturally every time the vast expanse of the temple is opened in a hundred years or so.
"Are you willing to share the treasure with others with such strength? I might as well show you "the empty shadow of the universe waving his right hand". A huge image suddenly appeared in the sky, obviously telling Zhang Tao about the treasure of the palace of the universe.
"These are all things in the temple, but they are just the tip of the iceberg. The real treasure of the Honghuang Temple is not available to ordinary people. The Honghuang Temple has been around for several years, and only a few people have obtained extremely valuable treasures, but others don’t know about them." Honghuang said.
Zhang Tao smiled. "So what do you want me to do by telling me this?" Seeing so many natural materials and treasures to cherish the ore, even if Zhang Tao has a certain concentration, he can’t help but feel hot in his heart. It’s a rich family in the wild world.
"Talking to Cong people is easy. I need you to kill other people’s departments so that I can share half of the treasures with you. I can also decide to let you get one even if you don’t have the chance." In the wild, the deal even omitted the name of God.
"That can’t be done. You know, there are my old friend and my woman in it." Zhang Tao spread his hands.
The universe pondered for a moment and gnashed his teeth and said, "I can give them a treasure without you and someone with you. This is also the limit. You know, if you share it with them, don’t say that you can’t get half the treasure or even the treasure."
But the words of the universe only to find that Zhang Tao has been staring at his face with a hint of meaningful smile. Gradually, the spirit of this world has appeared a little panic. "What are you laughing at? Aren’t you satisfied with the conditions I gave you? "
Zhang Tao shook his head. "Do you think I’m an animal who kills people at random because of greed?"
"no! Of course not. I’m just making a deal with you. This is your future and your woman, isn’t it? " The universe hurriedly said
Zhang Tao sighed, "You don’t know me, and I don’t believe you. I have passed these tests, and naturally I can get the treasures inside. I don’t believe that I can’t find them if I want to trade them with you. It should be somewhere in the palace of the universe."
"What do you want to do? Do you want to pay attention to these treasures? " The universe virtual shadow a face of vigilance asked.
Zhang Tao spread his hands. "I didn’t know it was you who told me. Of course I would be curious."
"I’m warning you not to mess around or I’ll crash and burn with you." Virtual Shadow said with a face of anger.
Zhang Tao doesn’t care at all. I think you can let me go back, right? It takes a lot of energy for you to bring me into another world like this? "
"You will regret Zhang Tao." After the virtual shadow finished, Zhang Tao returned to the main hall. At this moment, the people in the main hall barely suppressed the injury. The treasure is more attractive to them, and it can also restore the physical injury in a short time.
When I saw Zhang Tao, the first person who came at me was naturally Wang. She was worried to death. I was really worried! Yu Duyun has been meditating in the corner, except for Wang, who can be close to everyone. You can see that Wang and Zhang Tao, who are extremely poor, are a couple!
I didn’t expect the palace to play such a trick, but it’s only natural that people of the sect should protect themselves. Everyone is very afraid of the poisonous cloud in the corner, because she killed the first day before she became the first person in Tianshi! Li Tian directly melts into a pool of poor liquid, which is nothing.
Oh! Now it’s time to call poison a saint, because she is already a saint. Seeing Zhang Tao back in the hall, her eyes are full of gentleness and relief.
This man’s every move does not affect her heart, and I don’t know when, but she knows that this feeling will last a lifetime.
Seeing the poison cloud’s eyes, Zhang Tao smiled and nodded, and the poison cloud also smiled, which was enough for him to do everything himself, and he needed to admit and affirm it.