But now is not the time to hate someone, the most important thing at present is to keep the bean sprouts safe and innocent, but now everyone else is in the other hand, let alone save the bean sprouts. If Yamazaki Feng is unhappy, he can call in for 30 or 50 days at any time, or he can kill him with a gun. The waves are even higher, let alone Yamazaki Feng, who is not sure of winning the waves alone (he has the determination to win! Not to mention a Japanese fighting queen, Matsushima Apricot!

The present situation is 100% unfavorable to the waves. He has calmed down and watched the development of the situation, and his mind quickly wants to find a countermeasure to deal with this difficulty.
Hou Yamazaki handed the glass in his hand to the black African when the waves were spinning and his brain was spinning.
The black African looked up and drank the red wine in his glass.
There is a great shock in the heart of the waves. If African blacks drink this glass of "Phoenix Tears", they must have a woman who can vent their animal desires. This black man is so strong and delicate that he can’t bear his destruction, and he will be ravaged, tortured and humiliated and die.
The waves stopped talking, and Yamazaki Feng stopped talking. Both of them stared at each other quietly. The depth of their eyes was full of cold and murderous, a burning fanaticism!
So they stared at each other’s eyes, and Li Mang flashed Yamazaki Maple and suddenly said, "When?"
This sentence asks the mindless waves, but I know that Yamazaki Feng is asking him when the two of us will compete.
"You book!" Wave words are as simple and elite as wave people!
She hasn’t spoken. Matsushima apricot is a very elegant gesture. A stool sits down and takes a closer look at the waves. Her eyes are cold and cruel, flashing with chilling light. Her eyes are still cold and almost expressionless. There is a contempt, coldness and indifference for the waves in the depths of her eyes.
Matsushima apricot suddenly said, "Do you recognize me?"
When she said this, the corners of her mouth turned to provoke the curvature of her lips, which showed her cold, decisive, sinister and tyrannical character.
The waves said, "Yes!"
Matsushima apricot said, "Are you the player selected by the Fulong Gang to compete with me?"
The waves said, "Exactly!"
Matsushima apricot frowned and said, "How many days before the game?"
The waves say "a week"
Matsushima apricot said, "That’s good!"
She turned her head and pointed to the waves and said to Yamazaki Feng, "He is me!" "
Her voice is cold and firm, as if she regarded the waves as dead people, and as if she didn’t decide whether to kill them in the eyes of the waves!
Yamazaki maple laughed. "Since Mr. Hai has an appointment with Miss Xing, I dare not steal the beauty. How about this? If Mr. Hai loses the match with Miss Xing, then …"
He said here corners of the mouth show a disdain smile "you also won’t fight with me! You don’t deserve it If Mr. Hai can beat Apricot, it will be us! "
Yamazaki Feng said that his eyes showed great pride here. "I want to beat you in the boxing ring and let the world know that Japanese martial arts will always be better than China martial arts!"
The corners of the mouth of the waves show a cruel smile and say "you will be disappointed!" "
Yamazaki Feng laughed. "Let’s not talk about this before we see the real chapter. I know that Mr. Hai has come and arranged a good show for Mr. Hai to enjoy!"
Yamazaki maple suddenly raised his hand and clapped his hands. With the palm of his hand, the whole wall was pushed horizontally-the door of Japanese building was pushed and pulled horizontally.
Now this movable wall is pushed by Yamazaki’s hand from the inside into another room, and the horse appears in front of the waves.
The desire in that room made the waves rush to the brain as soon as they saw the blood, and they almost shot on the spot!
But the waves are waiting for people! At once, I will be tough and control my emotions to calm down.
That room is large and spacious, with scarlet curtains hanging from the pink and white windowsills, and a splendid palace-style lamp hanging from the center of the living room.