Su Yingxue turned pale and fell softly.

The first lady seems crazy and rushes to protect her daughter. "Don’t let me forbid you to bully her like this. I forbid you to bully my daughter."
It’s a pity that no one paid attention to her. Xiao Huang looked at Anguo Hou, Su Peng, and the existing Su Peng can make decisions. Su Peng looked at the first wandering woman and looked at the collapsed Su Ying Snow. It is almost impossible to kill Su Ying Snow because she is his eldest brother. Secondly, he was afraid that his eldest brother would not agree, but he really couldn’t let Su Ying snow go. No matter who she was obeying orders, it really killed his porch.
"Send them to the prison of punishments."
On anguo Hou Su Pengding determined that Xiao Huang would stop saying much and immediately ordered Yan Ge to "send the corresponding witness evidence of these two criminals to Ruan Shang, the punishments department. You tell him that this is the world to let him handle the case. If he can’t do it well, be careful of his jobs."
Yan Ge respectfully brought life toward the door and called people to blink. Several people came in and pulled Su Yingxue, who collapsed to the ground, and his mother and others out. Su Yingxue was taken out for a moment and seemed to be awake. He screamed, "Su Wan, help me, help me. I was wrong. I dare not. I will never bother you again. Have you forgotten that I was like you before? Su Wan "
The big lady also woke up and looked at the first Su Wan plop plop kowtow. "Su Wan didn’t dare after you saved Cher. I promise to send her away immediately and let her leave Beijing and never set foot in Beijing again. Please."
Su Wan directly raised his eyebrows and said lazily, "This matter is not for me to handle and ask me to do anything. Your request is also for Xiao Dashi, not for me and not for me to let them go to the prison of punishments."
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Girls, touch your pockets to see if there are any tickets. If you don’t want to touch them, stretch your pockets and let Xiaoxiao help you touch them out. Chapter 8 Su Ying Snow is crazy. Father and daughter are together.
In the room, Su Wan said that the’ m and the first lady were conscious of Xiao Huang. "Xiao Shi, please let Cher go. She won’t calculate Su Wan again after she knows that she is wrong. She won’t find Su Wan in trouble again."
Xiao Huang looked at’m Su Qing coldly. "Sue’s adult, you’re still an official in the DPRK. The assistant minister of the history department can’t discipline your daughter’s murder and make a murder case. You have the face to plead. What you have to do now is to reflect on yourself and do it yourself, and then do such a thing again. I’m afraid no one will protect you."
Xiao Huang’s cruel words fell to the ground.’ m Su Qing was shocked and couldn’t say a word.
The first lady was also frightened for a while and dared not plead again until she wept bitterly.
Su Wan has been too lazy to pay attention to this matter. She got up and stretched lazily and said, "Well, I have nothing to do with it. Should I go?"
When she finished talking, she ignored the people in the room and walked out.
Mrs. Anguohou Jiang Hanyan saw that she had just left, and she killed her son and hurt her mother. But this self-destructive person actually had nothing, not only nothing, but from beginning to end, she looked relaxed and didn’t seem to take her son’s death seriously, which deeply stimulated Jiang Hanyan.
Jiang Hanyan seems to be crazy and descended towards Su Wan to catch Su Wan.
Sue wan let Nie Li rush behind her, but someone moved faster than her.
Xiao Huang raised my hand and flew out with a strong strength, which directly hit Jiang Han’s cigarette body and slammed her into the table behind her, and Jiang Han’s cigarette animal called one and then fainted.
She has been greatly stimulated since she came. Where can she stand such a heavy blow and fall to the ground without moving after being hit by Xiao Huang?
The people in the room cast a glance, and no one moved their minds. Who has the mind to worry about her?
Su Yue saw that her mother was knocked unconscious by Xiao Huang. Dad and grandmother were so indifferent that Su Yue couldn’t help crying. She cried and rushed to hold Jiang Hanyan and then called the doctor in the room to check for her.
While crying, she looked up at everyone in the room with hatred in her eyes, especially her own father.
"You bully my mother one by one. I hate you."
It’s a pity that no one paid attention to her. Su Wan walked straight out, but when she walked to the door, she suddenly stopped and looked back. The pear vortex was looming, and the delicate and charming appearance looked like a fresh and tender flower. This is a lovely and delicate little girl, but Su Peng looked at it and she felt cold all over.
If we despise this daughter, Su Peng knows one thing deeply at this moment. This daughter is really different. She is very good, and everything she says is true.
Don’t mess with her. No one will get a good chance.
Even if he provoked her, there would be no good chance.
Su Peng suddenly interrupted and was afraid to look Sue wan in the eye.
Sue wan didn’t care about him at all, so she didn’t dare to provoke her after the best.
"Dad, you should be careful. Who do you think Mrs. Hou hates besides me? Since she can take the opportunity to plant dirt on her own hands and frame me, will she also do something to your old man? "
Sue wan said with sparkling eyes and a bright smile.