Su Baosheng’s expression quickly recovered after a short silence and tidied up his emotions. His eyes looked at Su Ling for an instant, and his tone seemed to be with a faint sneer.

Su Ling frowned. "Well, I really think so!"
Su Baosheng certainly didn’t expect Su Ling to make no secret of saying that her mind was gentle and her cheeks flashed some subtle changes again and then shook her head. "Girl, it’s too simple for you to think! If you guess that your mother is a descendant of the Phoenix family just because her surname is Feng, then there are countless people named Feng this day, so everyone is a descendant of the Phoenix family!
What’s more, I know your mother’s birth better than anyone else, and the whole house knows all about it. Anyone can be a descendant of the Phoenix family this day, but your mother is absolutely impossible! "
Su Baosheng’s tone is very positive and his expression is as positive as his words gradually become unquestionable. Su Ling’s eyes are fixed on Su Baosheng’s cheeks in an attempt to see the difference, but this time she is somewhat disappointed. I have to say that it is really difficult for people who have experienced the storm to get their emotions together!
"Dad, I don’t know what my mother is?" Su Ling Su Baosheng’s eyes were glued to his cheek. Now she suddenly had a feeling that things had developed towards Lang, but it happened that everything reversed sharply when the key was pressed again, which upset all her former guesses.
Talking to Su Baosheng now made her feel that she was about to stir up the clouds, but she was quickly covered by thicker clouds.
Now it seems that it is a luxury to see the moon through the clouds!
Su Baosheng sighed slightly and looked up at Su Ling again in a low tone. "What is your mother’s identity? I warned the mansion not to be allowed again! But I never thought it would be you again!
Your mother was so excited just now. It’s probably because of your words that she remembered the past when you were a girl and became so careless! "
Su Ling "…" She doesn’t even know the truth of the matter, but when the conversation turns, she doesn’t know the importance. Isn’t it a bit unfair for you to talk about the rhythm of lying with a gun? !
"You don’t want to think about what is the last thing a woman wants to be? Always remember that your mother is definitely not a descendant of the Phoenix family! I hope you don’t ask again about this matter, no matter what the outside world says, but you have to trust dad! Don’t listen to others, you know? "
Su Baosheng winked at Su Ling again and saw that she was black and white. Phoenix eyes looked at him. This moment, I couldn’t help but look away, and my eyes also slipped into the sleepy phoenix Rujun cheek. At that time, my heart was full of mixed feelings!
"Dad, I know that why don’t you go back early? I am here with my mother tonight! " Su Ling at this time, Ji has given up the opportunity to ask what the result is from Su Bao’s life. She has understood that the matter of the descendants of the Phoenix family is definitely that he and Feng Rujun both don’t want to!
If even the discussion on this matter is evasive, she will not believe the descendants and mother of the Phoenix family! Absolutely not!
"No, you go back to rest early! And girl, don’t forget your current identity. Anyway, you are already a royal princess. People will always gossip about your mother’s situation. Go back to Wangfu as soon as possible when you find a time! Don’t let your mother let you and the dust king have bad blood again. Your mother will be fine if you have a father in the house! " Su Baosheng looked at Su Ling carefully. Although his eyes were still hidden and cherished, Su Ling suddenly felt that he was not as important as his mother!
I can see clearly how much Grandpa Xiang loves his mother from the first day she crossed over! But if the two scales are balanced, she is intuitively convinced that Su Baosheng will definitely protect Feng Rujun, but it is a bit of an illusion for her!
Su Ling coughed a dry cough, then looked at Su Baosheng and looked at Feng Rujun, a soft couch, and lowered his ear and asked, "Dad, you love my mother so much that you will make me feel that I am not your own!"
Su Baosheng walked out of the wing with a smile when he was struck by lightning!
Everything is back to square one again!
Mother, dad, the two of them are definitely unable to ask the result at present!
When Su Ling turned away from the wing and briefly quieted the back room of the door, the soft couch Feng Rujun instantly opened her eyes.
However, the tearful eyes looked at Su Baosheng who stretched out his hand and tried to do it, but she was also surprised by Su Baosheng’s movement. The eyes of the two were opposite to that of Feng Rujun, and the tears flowed instantly.
"What should I do if I have a brother?"
Feng Rujun, Bai Xi, was seriously ill in the past few days, which made her emaciated. The back of her hand was blue and the blood vessels were clearly exposed. The skin was depressed and crying into Su Baosheng’s ears made him feel distressed.
I can’t help but lean forward and gently embrace Feng Rujun in my arms, but he reveals caution and caution everywhere. It’s not like couples who have been together for many years are half familiar.
"RuJun do you believe that I said ten years ago that I would protect you for weeks? Even if I have to fight for my life, I will keep my promise! Stop crying! " Su Baosheng patted Feng Rujun’s back and his eyelids drooped to cover up all his pain and love.
How many years have passed since he was young and frivolous? He can definitely protect their mother and daughter’s well-being by virtue of his present ability. But only now has he discovered that people have ulterior motives. After all, he underestimated the consequences of women’s jealousy!
"Elder brother don’t tell ling son don’t tell her! I’d rather she lived so happily all the time, and never let her bear the burden that I was once unbearable! Brother Sheng must not! "