"Of course it’s serious!" Yang night that this is a dream has got carried away "I said no? Xiao Xiao will follow me today! "

"Good" Cheng Bo muttered to himself that the gentleman had taken that kind of psychedelic pill before, but he had never been so angry as he is today. But where did he dare to stop talking? So the next step was to arrange for Qiu Guanguan’s novel "Horse!"
"Well, I’ll arrange it." The manager Ma nodded and agreed.
Xiaoxiao looked at the gentleman in front of her eyes and it was a little unbelievable, as if she had won millions of prizes. She knew that it was even harder to be a maid to be a gentleman in this family than a princess of a certain country.
All the beautiful servants around have cast envious and jealous eyes on Xiaoxiao.
Yang night near xiaoxiao gently said, "hey, you are my person. If anyone bullies you, just tell me that I will avenge you." Then Yang night suddenly kissed xiaoxiao’s face.
This xiaoxiao leng never dreamed that she would suddenly get the attention of the family gentleman. Although she has also heard that the family gentleman likes to eat some unhealthy pills, which often leads to unconsciousness, she just looked at the gentleman at close range. She felt that the gentleman’s eyes were very sincere, very clear and very sober … very lewd.
This Yang night also leng he thought * * *! What kind of strange dream is this? How do I feel so real kissing this Xiao Xiaoyi? Even I can smell her body. It’s a miracle that this dream can be so real!
This 10% uncle was also stunned. He knew that the young master’s drug strength was not too strong. He pushed the young master to the steps before the horse and said, "Young master, hurry up and leave. The master will be anxious for a while!"
Cheng Bo pushed Yang night over there and walked up the steps into the main building. The main manager here wiped a cold sweat, thinking that this time the gentleman must take a lot of medicine. Although the family almost knows that the gentleman has nothing to talk about, the rich brother likes to play some fresh and eat some imported pills, but there is no such thing as this time. One is to run away from home for many days and then choose a maid among the maids …
Although Qiu manager thinks so, he dare not have any mistakes. He sighed and waved to Xiaoxiao and said, "Come to the gentleman and choose the one to come with me for the advanced system."
Xiaoxiao all the servants, male and female, bowed their heads like knives and followed the high manager into the main building.
Friends, if you like, please smash tickets and leave messages to point out the shortcomings!
Factory leaders were frightened by Yang Ye’s identity.
◎ Yang Ye decided that Cheng Bo was an old pervert and he was going to be raped and killed.
Leave the factory and go to the home he doesn’t know with Cheng Bo.
I wanted to ask Chengbo where they were going several times along the way, but every time I turned to look at Chengbo, Chengbo must have turned to look at Yangye, and the ambiguous smile clearly expressed a meaning. You can’t run this time.
Komatsu, the driver of the car, actually returned the music, and this music is actually a song called "Chrysanthemum"! Yang night listening almost cried thinking.
Mom! I am still a virgin! Really * * *! I didn’t expect that my first sexual experience was not being a beautiful woman, but being fucked by an old man. How can I live? I …
After driving for a long time, Yang Ye thought that this old glass was not going to rape and kill me, was it? Finally, he couldn’t hold back, almost yelling and asking, "Where are we going?"
Cheng Bo turned and smiled and said, "Gentleman, are you bullying me crazy? Still always like to tease me. I won’t pawn you anymore. Let’s go home. "
"Go home? Whose family? " Yang Yeleng listened to Cheng Bo’s words. They must have known each other well before, right?
"Back to your own home, of course! Master doesn’t know how happy he is! " Cheng Bo smiled and turned to look at the front and said, "Na Ma is just ahead."
Yang Ye followed Cheng Bo’s eyes and looked forward to the car. I really saw a majestic and scary door not far away. Damn it! What is this? The French Arc de Triomphe? Whose door is so big? Isn’t that too exaggerated?
Slowly, the speed of the car gradually reached the scary-built gate. On both sides of the gate are walls that extend to both sides. Yang Ye stretched out his neck and looked at the root of the wall with no end in sight.
Holy shit, is this the border? Yang’s heart is pounding at night. Is this old glass going to sell me abroad as a duck?
The car is getting closer. Yang Night has already seen the figure walking back and forth near the luxurious gate. Come closer. Yang Night finally saw that those people were actually a professional black and blue system with several bruisers with guns in their hands.
When the car stopped, a big man bent down with a unique rifle and glanced at the car. The horse straightened up and waved.